sunset from behind the wire

sunset from behind the wire

Sunday, March 12, 2017

Sunday Sermonette

My Daughter, Emilie, queen of the selfie, is on vacation, hanging out in a suite overlooking Jacksonville Beach, Florida. She flew out with her friends for a wedding. Life is good but it's better if Dad pays the bills, isn't it?

I wrote, "send me a photo for the Sunday Sermonette". This is her entry.

Do you see the family resemblance? Neither do I. She got the better of the deal for sure and looks more like her mother, but she got her height from me. 

I'm back on the other coast, having returned from Mexico, living it up at the Hotel California. Soon I'll be taking the Ducati She-Devil out for a run...but where? Along the coast sounds good. The temp for the day is forecast at high 80's along the beaches. With the time changing (springing forward) this morning, I may be slower out of the gate than usual.

As with Mexico, just when you thought that the carnage was overwhelming, it gets worse. BUILD THAT WALL. Seriously, build the damned wall. I'll be back in Zombie Land next week, earning a crust of bread. I also have a gig in the Middle East, but sent others to that hell hole in my place. Sometimes it's better to pay others than to go yourself. Sometimes not. Consulting is like that. It's problem solving -- and you are only as good as your last game. Success brings more work and friends -- and failure is an orphan.

Hollywood is starting to tick me off (more than usual), and I'm not sure when I can be persuaded to see another feature film. Oh, I'll go back to the movies, but I was very disappointed by Logan (Wolverine 3), the last of the movies in the X-Men franchise. It was so laced with progressive politics in the writing and plot that I was close to walking out of the film twice, but soldiered on. Note that I paid $9.00 for the privilege of 'soldiering on' through the film. I realize that artists and film makers always have an agenda when they make a film, but it's out of bounds these days -- really. 

I no longer watch films that feature a host of actors that I used to like. Anything with Tom Hanks and Liam Neeson in the credits are a no-go. They're good actors, but their off-screen causes put me off. Neeson has made a princely living by glorifying gun violence in movies. Off screen he's a rabid anti-gun protester. It's tough to square the two. Hanks is a typical Hollywood liberal, but I'm tired of his off-screen rants. Tarentino, likewise, can't make a movie that I'd go see. There are more, and I could go through the list, but why?

Most of what Hollywood puts out these days are slasher movies of one sort or another, unimaginative Sci-Fi, racial movies, comic book themed movies (like Logan) or the tenth re-make of something that was good the first two times around but is tired now. The trailers for other films (took about half an hour to scroll through them) while I waited for Logan to start were likewise, not something that I'd pay $9.00 to sit through. One movie of the trailers is about "wonderful China" - or something like that. About the pristine nature of China. What a load of crap. It's one of the most polluted places on Earth. I've been all over China and while it's not as filthy as Bangladesh, it's nothing to be proud of. Naturally, the movie was financed by the People's Republic of China and American filmmakers whored themselves off to the project. 

It may be a function of age? It may be a function of film makers pandering to a different audience than the one that I represent? Or it may be that political correctness has shoved a lot of films into the same sort of box that represents miserable redundancy.

Healthcare - There's a lot of chatter about how the government owes people healthcare. I understand that government has the power to license and to set standards for education, but the state has intruded way to far into that business.

I understand that the government confiscates money from us and then offers Medicare (which it naturally runs at a loss). The government couldn't run a whorehouse at a profit much less manage healthcare.

Yes, ObamaCare established a tax-driven entitlement. Some would say that it's unconstitutional, but the courts went along with it. However, when the government owes us something, it means that they'll tax us heavily to get it to us. What a gift.

A smaller government is in all of our interest. If I want health insurance, I'll earn money and buy it. If I can't afford the diamond Cadillac plan, I'll settle for less -- as with all things in life. But when government intrudes the price spirals.


The FBI reaffirmed that truth again this past week. Just because you're paranoid, it doesn't mean that they're not out to get you.

Thanks for reminding me, FBI...but remember that OPR is watching you.

But who watches the watchers?

Quis custodiet ipsos custodes?