sunset from behind the wire

sunset from behind the wire

Sunday, September 10, 2017

Global Warming/Cooling/Weather

I wanted to throw my cracker in the soup because I haven't commented on the bevy of disasters that autumn is bringing.
LEFT - a table of all hurricanes with landfall pressures <= 940 mb at time of U.S. landfall. Irma was 929 mb and Harvey was 938 mb. (lower is worse)
As we all now know, the situation with Hurricane Harvey was that it stalled and just kept sucking warm water/moist air from the gulf and dumping it inland, and the flooding was near-Biblical.

It's nice to keep the global warming or cooling in perspective. Hurricane weather is cyclical, by year and we've had some hurricane-free years lately, which bothered those who chose to blame President Trump. 

Al Gore has not made an appearance there in Texas, helping to evacuate people, nor am I aware that he donated any of the money he made from his weather scam to help desperate populations. Harambe never lived to see it... I haven't heard of Oprah, or any of the Hollywood elite showing up to clear trash in Houston either. Likewise Black Lives Matter and Occupy Houston aren't showing up to work in soup kitchens. At times of crisis you find out who actually matters.

Storms, tornadoes, floods, fires, etc. are always worse when it's your house that is flattened, flooded or burned to a cinder. OR when it's you who are threatened or evacuated. I don't know whether a generous heart to those who have been beat up by the storms/fires/floods will influence luck/karma but it doesn't really matter. I always say that we should do what we can, where we can, and how we can to make the lives of others better.

Fredd pointed out on his blog that everywhere has seasonal delights and threats. You have to keep food in the larder and the powder dry and trust that the bell doesn't toll for you. And if it does, that kind people are willing to help you as they are able.

Times and Seasons (Sunday Sermonette)

Truth has been made irrelevant in the halls of the capitol, on many college campuses and it's cheered on by the corrupt, lying, filthy, smug, egotistical, weird, deviant mainstream media. 

I had an interesting discussion with my eight year old grandson the other day about what he learned in school. He attends third grade at a charter school that is allegedly conservative.

One of many problems with historical education today is that it's all viewed without a lens on the norms of the time. Thus, acts, considered normal and reasonable in 1700 are said to be outrageous and immoral in 2017. The "War of Northern Aggression or War of the Rebellion", as it was viewed at the time is twisted from a war over state's rights and becomes a war over race-based slavery (an issue but far from the key issue). The expansion of European colonists across the nation (Manifest Destiny) is lensed as horrible people, slaughtering indigenous people for fun and profit. 

The progs will win if they can infect the youth with these misdirections and misunderstandings of people and events.

The progs will win if they can alter the culture of the nation through 'open borders' an unrestricted immigration.

And in many venues across the nation the progs are winning. Parents who aren't educated sufficiently to teach their own children proper values and history from the perspective of those who lived it, for good or ill, dump their children into schools that teach from twisted textbooks. They teach that gender is a construct, and glorify in the "new morality", which is just the old immorality.

It's not played out in every household. We all know that. Those who read this blog teach their children, lead by example, and know what's what. But that's not the norm.

Fast forward. Almost every large Chinese restaurant in America today has Fuginese (Chinese males from Fugin province) 'slaves' working in the back to pay off their indenture. Does anyone care? No, not really, because they aren't negroes. However slavery is slavery and it happens all over the world today. The light went on with Operation Pentameter and Operation Pentameter II. I have yet to hear outrage in the halls of academia or on the floor of Congress. The practice continues and so long as the food is good, people order the house special chicken, one from column A and one from column B.

There is a blind indifference that comes with being progressive - and an offensive odor one associates with outhouses.