sunset from behind the wire

sunset from behind the wire

Tuesday, September 19, 2017


I had packed for a flight to Mexico City tomorrow. The earthquake there today nixed that plan. (more on Fox News here) Between the Houston flood and the earthquake(s) in Mexico, mother nature is slamming my work. Everyone is in a panic there because of anticipated after-shocks.

If the Big One doesn't get you, the aftershocks, which can be just as powerful, can end your journey suddenly.

There's a lot of sand in the concrete in Mexico and the re-bar...well there may or may not be re-bar. And from what I'm hearing, there is a run on tequila as tender nerves are being soothed.

Do you know what all this means?

I'm going to be a bum tomorrow.

A Review of the News

Zonies - man bites snake/snake bites man

So there you are in Arizona, a party is underway, and somebody discovers a rattlesnake in your back yard. What should you do? (LINK) Picking it up and trying to grill it live, to amaze and delight your guests may not be the best choice. However, with enough beer and the endless encouragement of your family and friends, who are photographing you - maybe you should go for it?

And it's all going so well until you lose your grip on the snake and it sinks a dose of venom into your neck and chest.

The guy survived thanks to the marvels of modern medicine and prompt treatment so a Darwin Award will not be handed out. As to Darwin Awards, one must be the cause of one's own demise. In other words: "Killing a friend with a home-made hand grenade would not be eligible, but killing oneself while manufacturing a homemade chimney-cleaning device from a hand grenade would be eligible. To earn a Darwin Award, one must have killed oneself, or rendered oneself sterile (taken out of the gene pool); merely causing death to a third party is insufficient." So if he would have died, he could have received the coveted award.

The Bitter Old Crone

Hillary Clinton's book tour continues as she blames everyone but herself for being thrashed by President Trump in the 2016 presidential race.

I find it amazing that she is putting it out there that she's thinking of a run in 2020. Drilling down, it seems that as a woman, she felt it was her turn (because of plumbing). The formula seemed so simple: unbridled ambition combined with Satanic worship and complete corruption should have delivered the win.

She's planning to mount a legal challenge because of some sort of "trumped" up charges that she intends to level. Maybe in that way she can become president? Meanwhile, I'm certain that Slick Willy is enjoying her absence while she's on her tour.

Any Excuse

International talk-like-a-pirate day provides an excuse for people not like me to dress up in a silly costume, go to a party and drink. (pirate name generator) My feeling on the matter is that I'm enough of a pirate every day that if people want to dress like a pirate, they should dress like I do. But that's not good enough for them because my daily dress would not be considered 'festive'.

There is an old Navy rule that if the sun is over the yard arm, you can drink. Unless it's a morning cure drink, and then you can do it whenever you stop barfing (worshiping) at the porcelain god and you get yourself together enough to pour one.

If you do put on silly clothes and to to the bar to celebrate the day, I hope it's enough.

Enjoy the day.


It's all about the Euphrates

Control of both banks of the Euphrates River is an important territorial goal for the Syrian government and its allies because Syrian President Assad firmly opposes fragmentation of the Syrian state. He doesn't want to see any of it fitting into the dreams of the Kurdish Independence movement.

Over the weekend, I received reports that Syrian forces crossed the Euphrates River, but were forced back. The US and Russia agreed that the Euphrates River is the boundary between the operating area of the SDF and the Syrian government and allied forces. The Russians did not deny that their aircraft were over the east bank of the Euphrates River.

This proved to be a minor incident, militarily, but it portends a struggle for larger stakes politically. The Syrian government intends to assert sovereignty over all territories liberated from the Islamic State. The Russians back this Syrian position. This is the next phase – the post-Islamic State phase – of the civil war.

No, it's not being reported by the corrupt, lying, smug, nasty mainstream media as a victory for the Trump Administration, the Russians and our allies.

Fat Un's Long March

Kim’s strategic goal is to use the threat of missile attacks to neutralize the US in future crises. One way or another, by threat of attack or negotiations, Kim wants the US out of South Korea.

In recent published comments, the fat kid with the bad haircut suggested that North Korea has a second-strike doctrine. The difference with great power usage of that term is that North Korea intends a nuclear counterattack for the slightest, conventional US or South Korean violation of North Korean sovereignty. Any military confrontation, however serendipitous or slight, can lead to a North Korean nuclear counterattack in Kim’s usage. Put another way, the next Korean War will be a nuclear war.

The US will naturally factor that into its strategy as will South Korea and Japan. China sits on the sidelines with it's thumb (metaphorically) in a dark, nasty cave. More on that later.

North Korea apparently is producing these missiles in a sufficient quantity to use live launches to train the Hwasong missile unit. There will be lots more missile launches. 

According to a report carried by the website of China Central Television (CCTV), on 15 September, Cui Tiankai, the Chinese Ambassador to the United States, was interviewed by Chinese and foreign news media on the current situation on the Korean Peninsula.
Cui Tiankai said that “China's position on the nuclear issue on the Korean Peninsula is clear and consistent. China has always been committed to pushing forward the realization of non-nuclearization on the Korean Peninsula, has always made the maximum efforts to comprehensively and fully implement the relevant resolutions adopted by the United Nations Security Council, and has been committed to pushing forward peaceful negotiations to resolve the problem. “ 
Some American mandarins believe that China is trying to formulate a policy with regard to North Korea, but it's illusive.