sunset from behind the wire

sunset from behind the wire

Wednesday, September 27, 2017

Daily Mish-Mash


The process of building a new home is a far larger pain-in-the-ass than I ever expected that it would be. The general contractor called me with a change that needs to be made (the basement ceilings need to be raised from 9' to 10' because of terrain features and the excavation). So back to the County we go with the plans for a modification. Naturally it will cost me more. But it will be a nice hovel when it's complete.

It's elk season so all work has crawled to a stop until everyone gets his elk. While I understand that completely at one level - because elk season is REALLY important - it would be nice if they'd hurry up and shoot their elk so they can get back to work.  IF I HAD KNOWN , I would have stayed up there and would have shot elk for them while they worked... True there's no fun in that for them, but they'd have elk. Elk season is followed by deer season. Then there's duck season.

There were elk up on the property last weekend. I could have bagged two or three for the cause. 

And back to the matter at hand, there are more things that I've thought of that I wish to do with the property and they all cost more than I'd prefer to pay. My original budget for this was $X and I'm past double that for the project now with my new stuff including a 10,000 water tank for the well to fill, the greenhouse, the conservatory (separate build), etc. It's my own fault. It's like being a kid with a new toy. 

The contractor is happy.

The bank's appraisal came in low but considering that I'm putting 75% down, who cares? I asked them if they factored in the kitchen (Sub Zero/Wolf) that the kitchen consultant is planning, etc. etc. They didn't. Doesn't matter. 

I haven't even started on the 'mine ride' for the grandkids - essentially ore carts that run on a track around the property, pulled by a small locomotive. The engineering for that will have to wait until all this is done. I have a source for narrow gauge rail in Victorville, CA that I'd need to haul.

The picture (left) is a similar contraption (Calico and Odessa Railway) in use at the Calico Ghost Town in the California desert. It's an amusement park of sorts that is affiliated with Knotts Berry Farm.

The ride will cross a small gorge like the one pictured (right) two times in the circuit, so I need two of those bridges that look rickety but are actually strong. 

I don't know that the ride will ever be built, but it's in my head. And nothing good comes from things that are "in my head".

My hopes of retirement have been put on hold and I will remain at the salt mine. I think that I need to up my fees. I'll call my accountant at Gringotts this afternoon. They say that Goblins make the best CPA's. 

A Pause for the Cause?


There will be no pause!

Friends have damned me by faint praise for blogging (nearly) every day. However, I set it as a goal and being the obsessive guy that I am, if I tell myself that I'm going to do it, I do it - come hell or high water. It's like making my bed in the morning. I just do it. So here is yet another stream of drivel coming at you from Virtual Mirage. I do it because it's like eating potato chips - or the way my daughter, Kelly, eats flaming hot Cheetos.

Thought of the Day

"The Roman Republic fell, not because of the ambition of Caesar or Augustus, but because it had already long ceased to be in any real sense a republic at all. When the sturdy Roman plebeian, who lived by his own labor, who voted without reward according to his own convictions, and who with his fellows formed in war the terrible Roman legion, had been changed into an idle creature who craved nothing in life save the gratification of a thirst for vapid excitement, who was fed by the state, and directly or indirectly sold his vote to the highest bidder, then the end of the republic was at hand, and nothing could save it. The laws were the same as they had been, but the people behind the laws had changed, and so the laws counted for nothing." —President Theodore Roosevelt

Advice Sought

I'm looking to buy a new chainsaw. I'm partial to Husqvarna, but they want $450 for their 455 Rancher (they're mighty proud of that saw). It seems like too much. Do you in the blogosphere have any favored alternatives?

Even though... I really like salads of all sorts, I also like the photo/meme (right) because things like drive liberals nuts.

Most of the people who I work around are more conservative than I am, however I do encounter progs from time to time. Ticking off the progs becomes a sport that for me is better than watching an NFL game (these days) - Boycott the NFL's Sponsors.

I leave you with the challenge to irritate a prog today.

Joseph Robinette Biden -- Candidate?

From Politico- "But consider the following. He has opened two policy institutes, one at Penn focused on foreign policy, and the other at the University of Delaware with a domestic focus. He has a book coming out in November, and will accompany it with 19-city “American Promise” book tour. He has an “American Possibilities” political action committee. And to borrow the teasing headline from a July profile in the Washington Post, “Joe Biden Still Wants to be President.” If you want the presidency—and if you could enter the field as a front-runner for your party’s presidential nomination—you usually run for it."

Joe Biden felt that he could have beat Donald J. Trump like an unwanted stepchild in the last election, but because he didn't run, we will never know. He will be pushing 80 years of age - hard - during the next campaign. He's known for his misstatements (which were worse than Trump's but the press covered them up to the extent they could). But the corrupt, smug, elite mainstream media will be in his corner, championing him as the next LEADER OF THE FREE WORLD. Look how it worked for Hillary.

Run Joe, RUN!
It would be an interesting Democrat primary with Joe Biden running against Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders - battle of the octogenarians.