sunset from behind the wire

sunset from behind the wire

Sunday, December 24, 2017

Tracking Santa

There was a segment on Fox News where the aviators who took gun camera footage of the UFO's shared their opinions that we were not alone... According to what they said, the Nimitz had been tracking unusual aircraft and their encounter was the only time that the ship had aircraft (2 in this case) aloft to confront the alien craft, reportedly looking like a 'big tic tac'. 

Then there was the Space X launch of a Falcon rocket that caused a lot of hubbub on the run up to Christmas that wasn't actually a Space X launch (see photo). Santa was working on his new and improved sleigh and needed to test it before tonight (the big night). Thank you Space X for providing cover for that.

Is Santa an alien? Does he warehouse the sleigh at Area 51 during the off season? We don't really know the answer do we? ("we" do, of course, but "we" don't share it)

elf or space alien?
So are they little green "elves" or are they space aliens? NORAD isn't confirming or denying, but President Trump was taking calls from the NORAD tracking system this afternoon. 

The naval aviators who took the gun camera footage of aliens that you've seen on the news affirm their own personal beliefs that 'we are not alone'. But Santa really answers that question for us.

Merry Christmas 2017 (and a Sunday Sermonette)

It's Christmas Eve and I hope that all of you are surrounded by those you love, because that is the Spirit of Christmas. It's the gift that surpasses all others.

As the Christ gave selflessly to us all, so do we give to others. That giving and good will are part of this Season makes the institution of Christmas even more profound.

Those who disparage Christmas, and we hear it every single year, can live their lives selfish and alone. There is no joy in that. But there it is.

While we sit safe and warm at home, there are others on the line, looking out for us in hospitals, in police cars, on fire trucks, and in the military where war could break out (in North Korea) at any moment. Every year I pick out a ship in the US Navy that I know to be deployed and send goodies that they enjoy including books and other gee-dunk that sailors appreciate. I'm a Navy guy, so that's how I roll. The Navy is forward deploying ships with reckless abandon these days and keeping crews on board without rotating them. It burns out the crews and their ships - for the sake of our continued wellbeing. It's easy to find a forward deployed ship and sailors who will find value in Grey Man novels by Old NFO, etc.

There's also the food bank. It's Christmas Eve. You can fight the crowds at Sam's Club or Costco to get a few flats of chili or corn and drop them off.  Up to you.

Then again, the food banks and settlement houses and other charitable organizations usually have empty shelves after Christmas. Nobody should be hungry in America. Not ever. I'm disturbed by the notion that it is the case...and sadly it is.

I know that some of you are on the naughty list. Fredd is and will pay for it by getting a chipped tooth from eating Aunt Sally's banana pudding. LSP is on the good list and won't get coal in his stocking. Juliette (in England) who follows this blog, has pneumonia and is down for the count over the holiday season...clearly a victim of the naughty list.  Adrienne, living in the cold of North Idaho will receive goodies from Costco...Santa can predict these things...she's clearly on the good list.

Naughty or nice, I wish you all a very Merry Christmas.