sunset from behind the wire

sunset from behind the wire

Monday, January 1, 2018

Quite Small

Particle Physics - the study of very small things and the mathematics that predicts them and how they make up everything is a hobby of mine and I'm not very good at it. The Standard Model lacks a graviton and possibly other particles, but the discovery of the Higgs boson at CERN laboratories in Geneva, Switzerland in 2012 is included and it's one of the fundamental achievements in advancing the realm of Physics in the last 100 years.

These are the legos of the universe. Everything is made of them. Are there smaller particles? Strings but we're still working on these. And while we're not going to discuss string theory here if an electron (very very small) was the size of the Earth, a string would be a mote of dust) Neutrinos are so small and have such little mass that most of those generated in the core of the Sun rip through the planet Earth without encountering other mass and keep on going.

When I was in high school this chart didn't exist and some of the current periodic table didn't exist either. Never the less, everything we see, touch, taste or feel is made up of the particles in this chart. The starlight that pours from the heavens is comprised of them.

As a high school and college chemistry student, I was taught that electron shells were stable, and they are - sometimes. But now we know that sometimes the electrons that help make up everything (including electricity) are in "this dimension" and sometimes they are not. Of the ten theoretical dimensions that exist, three (X, Y, Z axis) are familiar to us. The others are not and comprise 'weird science'. 

Why do I even mention this in the blog? It's easier to use simple math: Angle of the dangle is equal to the heat of the meat, etc. However I encourage you to dig deeper and think about how the universe really works. If for no other reason, it can be interesting.

That's it, just sharing an interest at Planck Length.
The Planck length is the scale at which classical ideas about gravity and space-time cease to be valid, and quantum effects dominate. 
We'll go back to notions of good and bad government, power and petty machinations on the morrow.  But I'll still keep my hobby, thank you.

Airing Grievances

It's time to air a few grievances for the New Year.

#1 - I woke up and turned on the TV to the Tournament of Roses Parade - A splendid glorification of capitalism and privilege in Pasadena California where the weather was warm, the skies were clear and noticed that it was sponsored in part by OBAMACARE. (Covered California is ObamaCare in California) They've raked in so much money that the publicly funded national healthcare program is now sponsoring a privately funded parade? While it's true that there are many many places to drain the swamp in California, one needs to start with its version of ObamaCare.

The love of free cheese, free healthcare, free ObamaPhones and other 'free stuff', runs deep in segments of the population. The inner cities overwhelmingly voted for Barack and his successor, Hillary (lock-her-up). Nowhere did they come nearer to the socialist ideal of the government controlling an entire segment of the economy than they did with healthcare. With the repealed individual mandate, the Covered California scam will implode on its own - but not before it plasters the state with advertisements for ObamaCare.

#2 - I'm tired of people (mostly irrelevant billionaire socialists in the Hollywood orbit) criticize President Trump for going to the Winter White House at Mira Lago. Suck it up and get over yourselves, snowflakes. 

The argument runs that since he owns Mira Lago, President Trump advertises his property every time he goes there to hang out in his downtime. They also are angry that he has the best golf starting times...what part of HE OWNS IT don't they get?

Even corrupt, sly, wicked news organizations concede that being president will cost Donald Trump half of his net wealth. It's amazing that they turn such a blind eye toward the pay-to-play era of Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama.  Maybe Uranium One will bring the justice to Hillary Clinton (lock her up) that the nation needs to begin healing...

#3 - The Federal Bureau of Investigation revealed itself to be completely corrupted at the very highest levels. Graphics attribution:

Appointed by James Comey, McCabe led the FBI investigation that determined Hillary Clinton should not be prosecuted for her mishandling of classified emails. McCabe’s wife had reportedly received $700,000 for her unsuccessful Virginia senate campaign from close Clinton ally Virginia Governor Terry McAuliffe. (McAuliffe was also said to be under FBI investigation regarding campaign contributions from a Chinese businessman. He has not been charged and has denied any wrongdoing.)

News reports say McCabe will retire in early March when he’s eligible for his full pension.

Would a field FBI agent who is investigation an ongoing criminal enterprise (Clinton Foundation) be penalized if his wife received $700K in (laundered) funds from that organization - and he recommended dismissal of all charges?