sunset from behind the wire

sunset from behind the wire

Saturday, February 17, 2018

The Stupid Progressive Rants

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I've mentioned this topic before on my blog. In Mexico, military style weapons are illegal.

The best source of high grade military weaponry to US citizens is Mexico. They are smuggled across the border the same as drugs are and are sold for top dollar. They are sourced in the Middle East, and from military stores in Central America (sold out the back door for cash by underpaid soldiers in banana republics with no 'end user certificate').

Democrats complain about too many guns. You'd think that they would want the border wall to be constructed to keep them out -- from the country where they are more illegal than they are in the USA... if you take my point. But the Dem's could not possibly care less.

The progressive firearms arguments make no sense unless you're a chowderhead. The murderous little scrote who killed the kids in the school shooting would have obtained a firearm illegally if he hadn't bought it legally, and he might have purchased a better grade of weapon.

Build the Wall (and lock Her up).