sunset from behind the wire

sunset from behind the wire

Sunday, August 12, 2018

Fire (Sermonette Part 2)

An evening view of the Holy Jim Fire as seen from Lake Elsinore, California.

In my role as good Samaritan and decent human being, I'm pitching in with others to help with the clean up effort today/in a few minutes. A lot of people in the path of the fire were old/poor and from what I've heard, they were overwhelmed. No kidding, right? So I'm showing up as a "grip"with a shovel and a broom in weather that promises to reach 93 degrees. 

There have been looters in the impacted area so yes, I'll be armed, but you'd expect that wouldn't you? Since I'm going in with the Sheriff's Department as part of their community effort, I doubt that I'll have an opportunity to exercise my right of self-defense. 

Usually these sorts of efforts are "Chinese fire drills" (with apologies to my Chinese readers). But I'll be there, wearing work clothes (as opposed to my standard summer wardrobe of shorts, t-shirt and sandals) and doing my part. If I find that I am able to do any good, I'll return tomorrow.

Will Trump Run in 2020? (Sunday Sermonette)

Before you presume that to be the case, consider that he might not run. There are a few reasons why he may not and they have to do with personal matters.

When President Trump was simply Donald Trump, everyone loved him. Life for him was easy and fun and a suitable conclusion to a life lived according to his own choice. He had family, friends, health, money...he had it all. And he was disturbed by where he saw the country headed. Horrible trade policy that hemorrhaged money, disastrous foreign policy and treaties, eight years of ObamaNation and Hillary Clinton, the corrupt, cackling crone sharpening her knives to make the situation in America worse. So he ran, and America elected him. And he's turned the economy around, the military is growing stronger, ISIS has been crushed, North Korea is no longer launching missiles over Japan, China's economy is in decline because of MAGA, the border with Mexico will have a wall by 2020, the Supreme Court will be in capable hands, taxes reduced to allow business to prosper and possibly 5% growth in GDP. 

He'll be 74 in 2020, in good health, and could have good years of his life outside of government with a wife, who is a lot more comfortable as a private citizen than she is in government. He'd have a lot less stress and he'd be in a very small club as a former US of the greatest presidents. If he runs in 2020, he won't be out of office until he's 78, and with the toll that those years would take on him, what sort of time would he have remaining? Four years are less precious when you're young than they are when you're 74.

I had dinner on Friday night with a personal friend of President Trump, and a frequent guest at the White House. He said that the president may not run for re-election in 2020. He knows that he needs to make a decision after the mid-term elections, and my friend says that it's 50/50.

If not President Trump, who? Who might run on the Republican side to maintain his legacy? 

We all know that there are a chorus of 80 year old Democrats who want the job: Corrupt Hillary Clinton, Communist Bernie Sanders, John (Wooden Head) Kerry, Slow Joe Biden and maybe Nancy Pelosi. There are also younger democrats, most of whom are grievance candidates, collectivists and a bit freakish. Their current platform is to radically raise taxes and give free stuff to anyone who votes for them. It's s simple plan to set haves-nots against haves in the hopes of winning that way rather than working toward a rising tide that floats ALL boats.