sunset from behind the wire

sunset from behind the wire

Saturday, September 15, 2018

California Single Payer

Let me start off by stating that I'm not going to post quotes and links on this blog for this subject. There's no reason for me to do this because I don't care who believes and who does not. The research is out there and it's essentially the dream that was ObamaCare, now soon to be implemented in California.

Even the buffoons and mountebanks in the California legislature understand that it's completely unaffordable. They plan to legislate that all healthcare (exceptions for certain licensed doctors and clinics that service the rich) is single payer - and the system is called "Covered California", the same as it was when it was a component of the old ObamaCare. They will produce schedules of what they are willing to pay for any given procedure, not unlike Medicare. Doctors will leave CA. Some who can't find work may move to the Golden State.

California will pay for it (in part) by suspending the pensions of anyone who earned a pension primarily in California and moved out of state: teachers, lower level administrators (exceptions for party faithful and their families), all municipal and state workers, which would specifically target law enforcement, fire fighters, and groups who are low propensity Democrat voters. They will also eliminate healthcare to the "old" - meaning that if you're over 65 or 70, unless you are a protected class, healthcare ends. This serves to dump the poor and aged on neighboring states to worry about. The risk pool in California will be kept cleaner than it would otherwise be. That won't come close to paying for it, but those two measures are built into the California program as currently being debated.

There are other 'high risk people' such as NRA members who could be excluded from the program all together.

Jim Curtis' book, CALEXIT, has scenarios posited toward this sort of thing. 

California expects millions of lawsuits. They will jam up the court system and will ignore Supreme Court Decisions. Nobody expects that the Federal government (filled by deep state mavens) would send in troops to enforce the Constitution. After all, they successfully implemented a "sanctuary state", flaunting US law.

There are a significant number of voters in America who feel that the Constitution needs to be re-written as a socialist manifesto. California expects help from outside as they work to tear down the system and replace it with a new one. (change and rearrange) Feel free to sing along. It's a real toe-tapper.