sunset from behind the wire

sunset from behind the wire

Monday, September 17, 2018

Ghost Town

There are many scattered across the "Old West". A lot of gold was pulled from Goldfield, Nevada. It is the county seat of Esmeralda County, Nevada. It is a census-designated place, with a resident population of 268 at the 2010 census, down from 440 in 2000. Goldfield is located between Las Vegas and Carson City, along U.S. Route 95.

Indian Springs, NV is on the way if you're driving north from Las Vegas on Hwy 95. It's home to Creech Air Force Base, home to the US Air Force combat drone program. They won't let you on base to look around unless you have credentials. BUT since they moved in, there are a lot more Air Force guys and gals, many with decent off-road rigs, exploring up in the Goldfield area. It's bee good for the Esmerelda County economy.

A Navy's Desert War

This is what it looks like:

A Point of Clarification (if you please)?

Spartacus and friend conspire
Christine Blasey Ford, the alleged victim of Brett Kavanaugh from high school in 1982 (but she doesn't recall the year clearly) just happens to be a radical leftist/communist college professor in California, who donates regularly to the Democrat Party and Democrat causes. She is a vocal Hillary supporter and she claims that the women's march "didn't go far enough".

She remained silent for 35 years while Judge Kavanaugh was confirmed by the Senate and went through background investigation after background investigation.

But it's not a set up?

Death - and Life

Body Count

There are different ways to look at it, aren't there? Some would argue that there is a war of sorts brewing on whether or not it's acceptable to murder a child in utero (where there has been no rape/incest or threat to the life of the mother).

Yes, I realize that there is a division of opinion on this blog. Virtual Mirage readers are not a bunch of progressive lemmings. 

However, the scope of the activity sometimes escapes you and I merely wanted this to serve as a reminder that the progressives continue their march and their demand to kill on whim, right up to the moment of birth - because Planned Parenthood and its affiliates are all over the "right" to a third trimester abortion when the infant is viable and can be born normally and live a life. Who is to say whether that person's life is more valuable than any other? Apparently the law says so. Bravo. The numbers speak for themselves.


Some of the LL grandsons visited Disneyland  on Sunday, and were drawn to the pirate related things in the park. I explained to my daughter that their DNA, which includes genuine maritime pirates from the 17th Century is calling to them. If you watched the three boys play, you'd swear that they were planning to swarm over the deck of an enemy frigate by swinging from the rigging, cutlass in hand. But I think that's true of every normal boy isn't it?

One of the greatest joys in life is children and grandchildren. Ok, there can also be heartache because life - is life. 

I spend what time I can with the grandkids because as I age, I begin to view time differently than the young pirates. A bit more sand slips from the hourglass every day and you have to decide what is important. I'm proud of my daughter's decisions to put family first, to have children and to be good and worthy mothers. Because the only real value in life is family.