sunset from behind the wire

sunset from behind the wire

Friday, November 30, 2018

Modern Life

China to Japan: You're my bitch - start acting like it!

China told Japan to do as China says, not as it does. The Chinese foreign ministry said Japan’s decision to convert its aircraft carrying destroyers into aircraft carriers could effectively change the warships’ use from self-defense to military expansion, rather than a simple boost to their combat capabilities.

Current Japanese helicopter carriers - there will be more.
The ministry also warned that if Japan was bent on a military build-up, it could risk putting the recent thaw in ties between the two nations back on ice. "Japan must not forget its infamous history of invading countries and regions in the Asia-Pacific region during the WWII," China's Global Times cited experts as saying in a report on the 29th.
“Making an aggressive move like this may drive the country to repeat its militaristic history.”

"By having the F-35B on its carriers, Japan will be asked to play a bigger role in the US' global military strategy to the extent that Japan might be able to deploy its troops around the world," Song Zhongping, a Chinese military analyst, told Global Times.
China’s reaction in tone and substance repeats longstanding Chinese objections to any military changes by Japan. Chinese propagandists always remind the world of Japanese conquests in World War II. 

The idea is preposterous that Japan would fail to challenge the modernization of Chinese armed forces and the commissioning of Chinese aircraft carriers in particular. Both countries need secure access to resources and to secure their territorial sea claims.

Ties between China and Japan had been restored following Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe’s visit to Beijing in October. They seem destined to deteriorate.

Cat Blog Friday Entry 

My reaction to the Japanese decision to build aircraft carriers in response to Chinese hegemony.

Now, from the 'man's corner':

Plastic Water Bottles

If environmentalists are to protest something, disposable plastic water (and beverage) bottles might be the first thing to boycott. When I was young, they didn't exist and people drank water from drinking fountains (and survived). There were also canteens (reusable metal (later plastic) water bottles. 

California declared a war on plastic drinking straws, but compared to plastic bottles, their contribution to the detritus mass that covers the landscape, floats in the ocean and degrades over decades or longer - is NOTHING.

Yet not a peep from the environmental left. Why is that?

Yes, of course, they pick on things that they don't use for boycotts, political action, etc. Hypocritical curs.

Glass breaks, glass degrades, glass sinks, and glass is more easily recyclable.