sunset from behind the wire

sunset from behind the wire

Thursday, December 6, 2018

Daily Thoughts

Coming Attractions

I normally don't tout upcoming blog posts, but there is one coming up December 7 that I'd like you to  think about and possibly comment on.

The December 7 blog reflects only briefly on the past, and is focused on the future and the only legitimate threat that we face in the Pacific. I expect that you haven't heard about it because the media is focused on fake scandals, their hatred of the President, and on stories of racial, gender, religious and other divisions. Yes, they are all so precious - bless their hearts.


I watched some of the George H W Bush funeral while getting ready to attend the final day of the Van's Triple Crown of Surfing contest at Sunset Beach. The choir crooned out the Battle Hymn of the Republic, but didn't sing Dixie. I would have thought that Dixie or The Bonnie Blue Flag would have been appropriate for a Texan. Or maybe just the Yellow Rose of Texas?


This blog explores the improbable from time to time, but in situations such as the topic today - it may be more plausible than you think at first blush.

Robert Mueller
In a field of the lame, sick and lazy such as Old Slow Joe Biden, Poke-a-haunt-us, The Ancient Communist, Spartacus, the Creepy Porn Lawyer, and Crooked Hillary, who says it's still Her turn, the Donkeys may turn elsewhere to draft a candidate. I'm going to suggest that it may be Robert Mueller, Special Counsel, former FBI Director and Democratic Party operative.

Hillary may contend that she has earned the presidency. She'll point to the bodies she's left in her wake and the Clinton Foundation, which received hundreds of million dollars in contributions from foreign potentates while she was Secretary of State. Are those qualifications to lead? Hillary thinks so. But there hasn't been anyone who has carried the Democrat Party's torch the way that Robert (Bob) Mueller has over the past two years. 

Mueller has a witch (Hillary) to target and he avoids that like the plague while plunging forward in different directions in the hopes of twisting the innocent to either tell the story he wants to hear or face personal financial and professional ruin.

In a world where some pigs are more equal than others, Mueller rises head and shoulders above fellow attorneys Creepy Porn Lawyer and Crooked Hillary. If he joined with Spartacus for VP, he might be unbeatable.