sunset from behind the wire

sunset from behind the wire

Saturday, August 31, 2019

Snaps from The Mogollon

Blue Ridge Reservoir is located about six miles as the crow flies from the White Wolf Mine. Here are a few pictures. It looks more like a river than a lake as it snakes through the high country.

Boats are limited to 10 HP. Or if you prefer, the canoe. It's all good. Fish varieties include rainbow, brown, brook trout, and largemouth bass. The lake is deep and it's a perfect place to run out the pop gear in search of a lunker. 

There are other lakes in the area, but Blue Ridge is the closest.

Sunset and moon rise sometimes occur at the same time. It makes for an interesting evening. On this particular evening, you could hear the wolves howl at the moon. They have a throatier and more robust howl than coyotes, which sort of have a bark-howl going on.

Some readers of this blog feel that there is no privacy in America, and they're right. However there are places in the nation where there are no cities, no stores, no law enforcement, and no pole cameras. Just saying. You have to look for them, but they're out there.

The Mail

Disaster Log

WSF - Good start, but you need to work on your marketing strategy. Perhaps your kitchen consultant could recommend someone?
The molded concrete countertops are cool. Really. So are the outrageously expensive Wolf range and oven, etc. I thought that the "save the planet fund" could be applied to a hot tub thing that I want to build in addition to killing steers for their steaks. The fact that you found my marketing strategy wanting disturbs me. I think that the next time I buy a car, I need you to tag along.
Jim - Apparently there are all sorts of diseases locked up in the glaciers and when those melt due to resumed global warming, we will all die when when the plagues are released. AOC said so. I saw her video. This will probably happen in twelve years.
I hadn't heard this. Breaking News! Honestly, my bull$hit filter engages when AOC speaks and all I hear is Wah-Wah-Wah. The only Democrat I tend to listen to is old Slow Joe Biden because his lies are so egregious and he's actually funny. He could do stand up comedy simply by being serious. Add his wife "vote for Joe because you could do worse", is rich beyond words. Then there is Bernie working on a speed bag. Or the Obama work-out video. Seriously, it's funny stuff. The communist part isn't funny, though.
LSP - We're clearly in a long-running War Against The Weather. Good thing we have nukes! But seriously, was there ever such a scam?
In the days of the Old West they would "salt" a mine by firing a shotgun loaded with a little gold as 'shot' into the stone on the walls. The War Against the Weather is on par with that. 
Charles Ponzi (founder of the Ponzi scam) would have been right at home with the War Against the Weather. P. T. Barnham (There's a sucker born every minute) would never believe that the US was stupid enough to earmark trillions, but he never met AOC. It's good that we have The Donald in the White House.
Fredd said- Fear is a great sales technique. It provides incentive for people to do all kinds of things they would not do under normal circumstances.

If you have a family and die, your loved ones will languish in the cold, snowy gutter and eat out of rat infested dumpsters for the rest of their lives. But this needn't be that dire future, Mr. Fumduk. All you need do is sign here on this dotted line, and this life insurance policy will make all of that bad stuff go away. Now, don't forget to make your premium payments, Mr. Fumduck.

Getting on in years? Getting up and down those stairs can result in a fall that will cause you agonizing pain lying on the floor until you perish. But wait! This Stair Lift system will extend your life forever, just a few lousy thousand bucks and this can all be yours, Mr. Dimplik.

AOC plus Three are getting pretty good at this fear stuff. It will take them far, just you wait and see, cuz there are millions of Fumduks and Dimpliks out there just chomping at the bit to cast their vote for these scalawags.
I've fallen, and I can't get up. -- "A fool and his money are soon parted".
LindaG - If I donate $1000, I want at least 2 bags of jerky, and it has to be home made. ;-)
You wrote "IF" I donate $1,000, not "WHEN" I donate $1,000, which is likely a typo. Yes, indeed, because I like your face, LindaG, I will send you two bags of home made jerky (home made by somebody) to you by Federal Express once the box of cash arrives and I determine that it isn't the same banknote, photocopied one thousand times on cheap paper. Your love gift to Virtual Mirage will make sure that some needy person has a much better Christmas...and the climate will favor you. The sun will shine more often and the pecan trees will bear more of their delicious fruit.

Friday, August 30, 2019


Pauline Markham (1847-1919) was known for her beauty, voice and stage presence.

She lived an interesting life as a singer, a burlesque dancer and a member of the Lydia Thompson troupe. Pauline supposedly had relations with several Northern Generals and Post Civil War Reconstructionists. She was also responsible for bringing Josephine "Sadie" Marcus to Tombstone, Arizona. Sadie eventually became Wyatt Earp’s common-law wife & was with him 46 years. 

Thomas Jonathan "Stonewall" Jackson (1824 – 1863), also known as "Old Blue Light", served as a Confederate general (1861–1863) during the American Civil War/War of Northern Aggression, and became one of the most renowned Confederate commanders of the war.  Who knows what he might have done if he hadn't been shot accidentally by Confederate pickets during the Chancelorsville Campaign (May 1863).

He is pictured above circa 1847 prior to departing with the American Army in the war with Mexico, where he served with distinction at Chapultepec.

He taught at the Virginia Military Institute for ten years, from 1851-1861 and was unpopular with his students because of his strictness. 

During the First Battle of Manassas (July 21, 1861) he distinguished himself while leading a brigade of infantry. Colonel Barnard Elliott Bee, Jr. told his skittish troops, "Look, there is Jackson and his Virginians, standing like a stone wall." 

Klara Hitler (née Pölzl; 1860 – 1907) Born in the Austrian village of Spital, Weitra, Waldviertel, Austria, Klara came from old peasant stock, was hard-working, energetic, pious, and conscientious.

In 1876, 16-year-old Klara was hired as a household servant by her relative, Alois Hitler, three years after his first marriage to Anna Glasl-Hörer. After the death of Alois's second wife Franziska Matzelsberger in 1884, Klara and Alois married on 7 January 1885 in a brief ceremony held early in the morning at Hitler's rented rooms on the top floor of the Pommer Hotel in Braunau am Inn.

Their first son, Gustav, was born four months later, on 17 May 1885. Ida followed on 23 September 1886. Both infants died of diphtheria during the winter of 1886–87. A third child, Otto, was born and died in 1887. A fourth son, Adolf, was born 20 April 1889. Adolf, decorated for gallantry in World War 1, went on to found the German National Socialst Worker's Party. Long after his death, in 2019, American Senator Bernie Sanders would come up with the American Democratic Socialist Worker's movement, in an effort to shine Hitler's spotlight on himself.

Thursday, August 29, 2019

The Disaster Log

Keeping You Up to Date

It's all part of the service here at Virtual Mirage

1965: Overpopulation has doomed the planet. We may have 30 years left but by 2000, we'll all starve.
               - Even Star Trek did a piece on overpopulation.

1970: The New Ice Age is upon us, we will freeze to death as we starve (see 1965). Earth Day is established.

1980: Acid rain will wipe out crops and we will starve before overpopulation and the ice age kills us. (case study HERE, h/t blogger John D)

1990: The ozone layer is gone. We'll all die of cancer or be forced to live underground in bunkers.

1995: Global warming is melting the glaciers. Kevin Costner stars in WaterWorld, illustrating a bleak future. Polar bears will be dead by 2010.

2006: Global warming is melting the polar caps. In six years they will be gone. Has been politico, Al Gore produces his hoax film, An Inconvenient Truth, and becomes a millionaire - again -  from donations made by socially conscious people. He then sells his green company to an oil company, making even more. Donating money to various causes is touted as the answer to the world's weather.

2010: Climate change will destroy the planet, we have 12 years left to live! The global warming hoax started to be set aside because the Earth wasn't warming.

2018: Climate change will still destroy the planet unless we pay several trillion dollars (China is exempt) and we still have 12 years left to live.

2019: Stop having children. They won't live to adulthood. It's climate change, you see. We can stop the advance of the disaster by spending US national treasure and distributing it worldwide, killing all cows (except India) and doing away with cars, ships and airplanes (except those used by the elite). It's ok if China keeps its cars, planes and ships, and keeps using coal to generate power. President Trump goes to the G-7 Summit in Paris and passes on attending the climate segment. Maybe he took a nap or played golf instead.

The only sure way to save the planet and its inhabitants is to send cash - small bills ok - to Virtual Mirage. I'm sure that you'll feel better once you box up that unwanted US currency (ok to use large U-Haul boxes) and send it off to us. Heal the planet, donate now. I'll buy a steer, kill it and eat the steaks in your honor. A $1,000 donation gets you a free bag of jerky to celebrate killing a cow.

Social Justice at its Finest

Sometimes you need to Unburden and Share

That's why I have a blog. Dragoon811 must have felt much the same way:

I'm sure that the social justice warrior would put a sticker on the yarn, decrying the use of petroleum products (even though they were wearing nylon). And don't get me started on cotton. Wearing cotton is racist because black people used to pick cotton 120 years ago (as did poor white people). So with PC bans on wool, acrylic fiber (oil) and cotton, we're left with all wearing politically correct hemp weaves...

Wednesday, August 28, 2019

What If?

What If

Take a moment, turn on the way-back machine and consider what things might have been like had Hillary Clinton won the US Presidential election. Things are going well now. It's not a smoothly purring machine only because the lying, smug, filthy, sly, elite media have been running a relentless campaign of disinformation, designed to remove President Trump and the Republic and replace it with something more favorable to the globalists and clearly, to the Red Chinese. 

Yes, I realize that the infinitely craven Hillary Clinton is not nearly as 'progressive' as the current group of communists, freaks and misfits that make up the twenty or so (soon to be reduced in number to a more manageable ten) Democrat contenders. One thing is certain - the Lolita Express would still be making the fantasy island run and Jeffrey Epstein would be alive and prospering. Former President Bill Clinton would be "The First Man". Miserably incompetent Chelsea Clinton would be running for Hillary's New York State seat in the US Senate, in an attempt to cement the dynasty.

Taxes would be higher and we'd be redistributing American money around the world to "combat climate change", even if it is a hoax. Nobody would dare challenge the fact that the People's Republic of China is the world's largest polluter. It would be politically incorrect to do that. And there would be no trade protection as the nations wealth bled off and the malaise of no manufacturing in the US became worse. There would be no US Steel and the USA wouldn't be the largest oil producing nation on the planet as it is today.  We'd almost certainly be in Syria, losing the flower of American youth to endless intervention in unwindable foreign civil wars. 

Thank you President Trump, for defeating the witch and working so diligently to make America great again.

More Thoughts on China

The US has always been an existential threat to every communist system. The free market works and even in China there is a free market economy, manipulated to Chinese benefit by the Central Government/CCP. By manipulating currency values constantly to changing economic conditions it's been able to keep profitability up but with the current round of tariffs, that's not going to be possible anymore. 

The Tiananmen Square protests, commonly known in mainland China as the June Fourth Incident were student-led demonstrations held in Tiananmen Square, calling for democratic elections, a free press, freedom of religion, freedom of assembly - and essentially a Bill of Rights. The PRC crushed the demonstration with the People's Liberation Army and they tore down the statue of liberty that had been erected. Now as the communists try to bring Hong Kong to heel, they're finding that the situation is even worse for them.

The Belt Road Initiative, created by president-for-life Xi has stalled. The Chinese economy is showing signs of serious stress cracks as the US market is being denied to them. They've been labeled a currency manipulator by the US Treasury and a drug-running nation on par with Colombia, with a US market targeted. Intellectual property theft from the rest of the world has been rampant and their lying as a tool of statecraft has been called out finally. Even the Chinese spy that drove Senator Feinstein (D-CA) around has been outed and ousted from his day job. The thoroughly corrupt FBI has been revealed for what it is, and the Washington swamp is slowly being drained.

The way forward for China won't be what they had hoped it would be - but there is still Slow Joe Biden with his hand out for Chinese money or Beto (Irish Bob) O'Rorque or Bernie Sanders, a fellow communist, who could take the White House and then things would go back to business as usual and they could feed from the US like a lamprey eel, as the've been doing.

The Little Prince

My grandson, Michael Bryan (right), had his first bath last night. He's a cute little nubbin in the same way that all babies are cute - and even cuter when they're yours. What sort of world awaits him? I guess it's the one that we've made for him isn't it?

My daughter, Emilie, is threatening to take the train to Flagstaff with little Mikey, and I can pick them up there. We need to wait until he's old enough to travel. It would be fun to have them for a week or so at the White Wolf Mine. Maybe make a run to the Grand Canyon in addition to the countryside closer to home?

The circle of life goes on, and we're all part of it. The photo (left) is of my daughter, Emilie, and I more than a few years ago, at the Huntington Beach Pier, in Southern California. Yes, my hair was white even then. My daughter, Kelly, snapped the picture. I used to ride bicycles with my four daughters along the beach on Saturdays. It was an interesting sight, as we stretched along the wide concrete sidewalk, competing with joggers, rollerbladers, and new-age hipsters. Kelly used to run into rollerbladers, but I think that she was about six years old so they got mad but not that mad. And there was Dad to back her up.

The stop for snacks was always an important part of the bike rides. Ice cream figured prominently in the plan.

The Mail

Ed - Police response is getting better.
They are getting there much sooner after the shooting has stopped.
As for China, it will take some heavy motivation to "accept a level of austerity, stop trafficking narcotics to the US and stop stealing intellectual property."
I wonder if tariffs are enough. I expect an outbreak of military activity before that.
As I have mentioned, I'm on the board of the local fire district. I spoke with the Fire Chief yesterday, about increasing the paramedic capacity in the wild land areas that surround us. He said that the Search and Rescue unit of the Sheriff's Department can deploy locally within 2.5 and 3 hours, but other than that, the people who are camping and enjoying the forest are on their own. He agreed. Code 3 police response time to where I live is over an hour. The problem is funding the equipment, but I've shouldered that problem and it remains to be seen whether or not I can deliver. As to China, they don't want a shooting war with the US. And we don't need to do that to create severe hardship and privation in the Worker's Paradise.
Jim - I also get annoyed by those who set themselves up as experts due time spent with the police or in the military but otherwise had little to do with firearms. The "full semiautomatic" general comes to mind. At the range I work, I'll occasionally get someone who claims prior service, but has to be shown how to lock the bolt back on an AR.
Or field strip a must have the patience of Job to be a range master. Black guns matter. They just do.
Jules - The only people you might offend are those stroking cats and dreaming of rainbows. If they don’t like it they can go to a safe space! Ta-dah! 
As for safe spaces, I’m thinking of training my wolfit into a therapy dog - of sorts- more like a “get a grip wolf” I shall don my emergency clown nose and arrive with Tyrannosaurus Tex at universities and force people to get a grip with insanity and real wolf teeth. We will then trash the safe space or leave clown type booby traps that will scare the s**t out of anyone wanting to colour in kitties and cry. I think it has great potential and will be a progressive step forward. 
When you announced that you had adopted a wolf pup, I knew that nothing good would come of that. Crying havoc and letting slip the dog of war is now a real option for you. If you had two wolves, you could let slip the dogs of war, and promote the creation of litters of little wolves, that would terrorize Nottingham as in the days of yore. As the leader of the pack, you really need an authentic Robin Hood outfit.
Beans - The recent seizure of enough Fentanyl to kill 7 billion people by Mexican authorities in a Chinese shipment of other products raises a double whammy against Red China.

1st whammy is proof that this huge shipment was from Red China, to be routed through Mexico into the US for distribution.

2nd whammy is that the Mexican Government is actually going against their masters in Red China and against the socialist leanings of the current El Presidente and his people.

Looks like Trump's gamesmanship is forcing everyone's hands.
Yes, that is interesting isn't it? The Chinese People's Ministry of State Security, which had a hand in the fentanyl shipment, was dismayed. They are engaging heavily in 'war by other means' in the US. It took President Trump to respond. The feckless and impotent metrosexual Obama and his masculine wife did nothing to concern the Long March. But things have changed and the worm has turned.
LSP - I fail to see how anyone could be offended by this balanced and restrained post.
The nuance in the Hillary infographic was especially winsome!
Unicorn steaks are delicious and their tears are sweet as honey.
LindaG - I am sure someone could be offended by your... condescension? But they can suck lemons.
Or limes, if they prefer.
Truth be told, LindaG, I could really give a rat's ass if people are offended, but there are artful ways to put things. I moved to a home in the mountains, far from civilized man, because I was tired of the PC bull$hit that went on. There is not much that goes on in 'the world' that reaches the White Wolf Mine. There are people here, but very few, and they value their privacy and their individual freedom or they'd live some place like San Francisco or Portland where human detritus is heavy.
WSF - You were trained at great taxpayer expense to be a ninja jerk, don't quit on us now. We count on you.

China? An example of the belief helping countries to achieve higher standards of living will result in peace and prosperity for all is wrong, IMO. They want the prosperity, but not the peace.

It's true that the government made an investment in making me a heartless prick. However, I was more or less like that before. The Marine Corps (God love them, they claim to guard the streets of Heaven) makes their people conform, but in my little corner of the machine, there was a lot of individuality. And, frankly, we were better off on our own, free from pesky rules of engagement that the machine wanted to place on us. One of the big problems with the way things are today is that the individual effectiveness of small units is being curtailed, and 'effective' is now viewed as 'cruel'. War is f-ing cruel. Ordinance-on-target destroys people's lives, and as much as we want to discriminate between the just and the unjust, the common people are crushed too. Killing people off by peaceful means is the dream of people who stroke cats and dream of rainbows, to quote LSP (above). 

The decreasing standard of living and examples of places like Hong Kong are giving the workers an idea that things don't have to be the way they are in China. And the oligarchs who run the place are not at all amused.

Raven, cat advocate - Cats are beautiful, soft , athletic ,have deep complex eyes and 20 switchblades concealed about them at all times. Perfect elegant little killers. I like them. The rainbow/unicorn contingent simply does not understand the true nature of cats. THEY might be dreaming of rainbows, but the cat? Not so much. If they could internalize the dreams of the cat on their lap, they would run screaming, to the nearest safe room with coloring books.

I used to occasionally hunt with my cat- squirrels in the barn, the cat, and an air rifle-she was extremely interested in the proceedings- the cat would alert, the squirrel would be shot, and any wounded survivors set upon with alacrity. No prisoners.

Humans, dogs, cats- all on the sharp side of the predator-prey divide. Might be why we get along?

Clinton's. Before we discuss the Clinton's, I want to assure you all I am in fine health , not suicidal, and all my vehicles are well maintained, with particular care regarding the brake lines. That is all.
Domestic cats are also willing to punch above their own weight. The wild variety is a little more careful, but cats are apex predators by nature. They tolerate humans if the humans perform to their expectations. There is no unrequited love such as is proffered by a dog, no adoration. Only a small quantity of forbearance. 
As to the question of the Clintons, how is your dexterity? For example, could you shoot yourself in the back of your head six times in your suicide attempt?
Fredd said - Yes, life was good in China when they didn't have to spend a dime on research and development. All of that was supplied by the guys who invented the stuff they were producing. The Chinese don't believe in the concept of intellectual property: if it exists, to hell who came up with it, they will reverse engineer it and produce it for a profit. Or steal the blueprints, whatever works.

Those days may be coming to an end. We will all see.
I think that the days of wholesale cheating may be coming to a close, but the theft of intellectual property is such a stock in trade with the communist Chinese  (of Japanese property, Korean property, European property as well as US property), that I don't see how it could end. Maybe it won't be so blatant. They don't seem to want to steal African intellectual property and that is racist.
Woodsterman - You've never been mean to me.
You gave me a cool wood box that you made. I still have it and cherish it. I spared you. ;^)
Kle - AFAICT, no freedom (for any but the rich and powerful) existed anywhere in the world, until guns became affordable and easy to use.

Certainly, women had little hope of being treated as more than chattel slaves before handguns Equalized them.

IDK why the Democrats are so anti-Woman.
"God made mankind and Samuel Colt made them equal." Historically, the yew bow was a great equalizer between noble knights and commoners in Europe. Ask the French (if indeed they still study history, which is politically incorrect these days) about Agincourt, Cressy, and Potiers. Then came artillery and 'hand guns', the matchlock and the flintlock and the percussion lock, and then fixed ammunition.
As to why they hate firearms - people who are armed and can defend themselves are a threat to totalitarians. 

CNN Apologized to Stalin and Mao After Comparing them to Trump

A Few Thoughts


Sometimes I have to delete what I write, because on reflection, it makes me look like a jerk, which I can certainly be. So this is my second run at the issue.

I have a problem with people who feel that there are safe spaces and work hard to disarm the people who would defeat a maniac with a firearm, or butcher knife, or axe, etc. Usually these people have never had to face a person wielding a knife or a gun. They are kind people who stroke their cat as they sit by the fire and dream of unicorns and rainbows. Unfortunately these people, while almost universally well meaning, are part of the problem. 

Unfortunately the only person who will stop a man with a gun is another man with a gun, and when seconds count, the police are minutes away - hours away where I live.

There, that didn't offend anyone, did it?

Deplorable Defined

A Tale of Two States

Chinese Trade Woes
Chinese manufacturers are currently expecting the central government to continue to depreciate the value of the RMB (Chinese Currency) below 7:1 to counteract the impact of tariffs. Yes, China is a currency manipulator as the US Treasury Department asserted. Chinese manufacturers are hoping to find new markets to replace the lucrative US market, but there are only so many places that will buy what the Chinese make at prices that the Chinese expect to receive. 

If China is denied access to US markets though tariffs, the good days will be over and the promises of President Xi and the oligarchs who run China will be broken. Some Chinese believe that they will find markets in India and Pakistan...really, they are saying that. Bottom line, factories in China will close and the political climate will become increasingly brittle inside the Worker's Paradise.

Americans who are panicking over this don't understand that China built itself on the backs of US consumers and destructive trade arrangements that were made before President Trump took office. A fair deal is possible with China, but it won't be the deal they had. And China will need to accept a level of austerity, stop trafficking narcotics to the US and stop stealing intellectual property.

Tuesday, August 27, 2019

Twofer Tuesday (and the mail)


The march of Congressional Democrats to impeach President Trump hit another roadblock. A fеdеrаl judgе hаѕ rеjесtеd a rеquеѕt frоm Hоuѕе Dеmосrаtѕ tо obtain testimony from former White House counsel, Don McGahn and to have  material frоm special соunѕеl Robert Muеllеr’ѕ report dесіdеd bу thе ѕаmе judgе.
D.C. Dіѕtrісt Chief Judgе Bеrуl Howell wrоtе іn аn оріnіоn last week that thе соnnесtіоnѕ bеtwееn the twо саѕеѕ аѕ presented bу thе Hоuѕе Judісіаrу Cоmmіttее “аrе tоо ѕuреrfісіаl аnd аttеnuаtеd” to meet thе rеquіrеmеnt fоr dеѕіgnаtіng thе саѕеѕ as related, which wоuld hаvе allowed thеm to bе dесіdеd by the same judge.
Thе dесіѕіоn mаrkѕ a blоw fоr Hоuѕе Dеmосrаtѕ, who argued thаt thе саѕеѕ ѕhоuld bе dееmеd rеlаtеd bесаuѕе “bоth ѕееk kеу еvіdеnсе fоr the Judiciary Cоmmіttее’ѕ investigation іntо whether to rесоmmеnd аrtісlеѕ оf іmреасhmеnt аgаіnѕt Prеѕіdеnt Donald J. Trump fоr potentially сrіmіnаl оbѕtruсtіvе conduct.”

Thus, Congressional subpoenas are being ignored by persons that they would like to parade before the House committees that are working diligently to remove President Trump -- possibly because they have nothing better to do in The People's House.

Is President Trump tired of winning? I think not. And when Supreme Court Justice Ruth Ginsberg shuffles off her mortal coil, he will appoint a replacement. Now THAT will really be interesting.

Favorite Quotes

(From the TV Show - Peaky Blinders - Netflix and BBC 1)

I am curious, what was your father’s profession? 

(Thomas Shelby)
Well he told fortunes, and he stole horses. Often he would tell a man that his horse would be stolen, and they would marvel at his powers when it was.

Mail Call

Regarding the A-10 Warthog

Larry - You would probably be able to get it down on a carrier without totaling it, but you'd need a crane to get it off again even if there was no damage. They're just not made to be catapulted off a carrier. There'd need to be a lot of redesign of the landing gear, at least.

Bill B - Love the A-10. Would be a great plane to fly cover with C-130's in combat to suppress ground fire.
Clearly, you'd need to figure out a modified (folding) wing design, add more robust landing gear and possibly some additional retrofit, but we traveled back and forth to the Moon in the 1960-70's (some forty years ago) and rode around on its surface with dune buggies. If we can engineer that, we should be able to make the Warthog navy-capable. Of course, the USMC is in love with the F-35B, which is an interesting toy with a unit cost (and maintenance expense) nearly 10X the cost of a Warthog.
Raven - A-10's should be rebuilt, retired, and turned over to the CMP for distribution to the public, along with stores and ordnance. This is THE ideal militia aircraft. There are few devices operable by one man, capable of such effective destruction. Bonus points because (American) commies and socialist trash could never learn to fly one. Things like density altitude , weight and balance, and performance envelopes are a long dead language to them.
GENIUS - yes, the Arizona Free Militia (with Senator McSally, a former Warthog driver and squadron CO) could use them. Now, there is no Arizona Free Militia that I'm aware of, I just pulled the name out of the air -- the very same air that an A-10 flies through. It may strain the concept of "Keep and Bear Arms", but you're onto something. Talk about liberal heads exploding...
RHT447 - thanks for the video link

Ed - There are a lot of aircraft that the USAF flies that aren't glamorous. What don't these guys not like about flying a plane that can both deliver and survive such large amounts of destruction?
The Warthog unit cost was $18.8 million each when they were in active production. The "Invisible" F-35, that they want to replace it with, which is wholly unsuited for close support, currently costs between $94 million (F-35A) and $122 million (F-35B). Now, if you were a Beltway bandit with an insatiable appetite for cash, which one would you have the retired USAF generals on your payroll advocate for? 
Regarding the Democrat Recession

Jim - Another recession, someday, is inevitable. They have happened in the past and will happen again. This wishing for one simply because "orange man bad" is simply nuts, but that doesn't seem to stop them. Some of them need to talk to some of their older relatives and ask about this thing called the Great Depression. FDR's leftist policies didn't help them either.
Exactly. The economy swings in two directions (bear and bull markets) and the current situation is one where things regarding trade, where we were looted by the Chinese and "globalists" is being remedied to their profound dismay. So we're doing well. We're exporting oil, we're expanding new markets for both supply and demand (outside of the Chinese network to some extent), unemployment is so low that it's essentially non-existent on a national scale. MAGA - and it dismays the donkeys so much.
WSF - A stray thought. Globalists think like the people who give money to the stoplight beggars and drive away feeling good about themselves. That is all well and good but they also want to give away my money, and I'm a selfish bastard.
Fredd, advocate for crack whores responds to WSF - What, Fool?!!?? And leave those poor, down trodden crack whores who depend on your money to sustain their chosen lifestyles to their own devices? How mean spirited! How low can anybody stoop? So, just forget about all of that selfish bastard behavior of yours and dig into your pocket (dig real DEEP, Fool, and I mean DEEEEEEEP!), these crack whores are depending on you.
WSF is a selfish, heartless bastard for not wanting his income redistributed to crack whores and Fredd called him on it. In a larger sense, WSF is also Islamophobic for not wanting Islam to take over the nation, but I, personally, think that he'd make a really good Mullah. He'd need to get a few more wives, but the potential is there in Colorado, close at hand.
A SImple Man - The economy is in reality just an exercise in public relations. Talk it up or talk it down and the result is predictable. Our President talks it up. The (dis)loyal oppositon is talking it down. People can lose cars, jobs, homes, everything just so a filthy commie can get in power and control the populace with gifts from Uncle Sugar and they know once hooked no one will vote against him. It's like voting against Santa Claus.
There are two types of government money - that which has been earned (contractually) and contributed to that is paid out in the form of a pension. You can lump Social Security and MediCare into that if you will, but both of those programs have been stretched to the limit, money robbed by Congress, etc. The other is "welfare" that is delivered, unearned - by Santa and his elves. The unearned government money pours out in the billions/trillions and it buys votes. 
LSP - The Dems are flailing. Satan is displeased with his toys.
See "IMPEACH!" above. Yes indeed, and the lawyers, trained at Satan's Vatican work tirelessly to find a way to remove President Trump and replace him with a globalist (illuminati) type of socialist that will wreck the USA once and for all. Obama was a useful dupe, Hillary would have been a worthy successor, alas.
It's those deplorables, clinging to God and guns in fly-over country who wrecked the scheme in 2016. The map says it all. If only the elites could figure a way to wipe out the middle of the country and still get them to work and pay taxes, there would be an order to things. They really need to eliminate the electoral college.
Social Justice on the Net

Old NFO - Yeah, that last one is the 'new' attack parameter for the left. Some folks have been banned for stuff posted FIVE years ago... And people are combing through old posts of a number of conservative authors even as we speak... MeWe is suddenly looking better and better.
The progressive Left lost a lot of ground but they do control most of the big search engines and social media. In time a balance will be formed, but for now, we're their enemies and they react accordingly.

Monday, August 26, 2019

Monday Madness

Democrat Dreams

They really hate President Trump. They hate him almost as much as the Neocon Republicans (the intelligencia, the old guard) hate him. And the roaring economy takes the wind out of their sails. 

So they've put their dreams into the present campaign of "the coming recession". The Russia hoax backfired, their great hope - Mueller and the Clinton Investigation Team - fizzled badly, the whole racism thing is falling flat, the Global Warming Hoax likewise is something that has come and gone (except on the Democrat stump) So why not predict economic disaster, the same way they did when President Trump took office? What a great idea!
Larry Kudlow, Director of the National Economic Council, responded in this way, “Consumers, first of all, they’re working. The employment numbers are terrific. Second of all, they are working at much higher wages. Third of all, they’re spending. And fourth of all, interestingly, they are saving, even while their spending … I think we’re in pretty good shape and I want to just say you know, we should not be afraid of optimism. I don’t know what it is, everybody wants to talk about pessimism, recession … There’s no recession on the horizon.”
Old Europe and China were made wealthy on the backs of unfair trade deals with the US, approved by weak and naive American leaders. The change in trade status may indeed prompt belt tightening by those now denied their filthy profits. Sorry. But that's places like Germany, France and China.

And the Democrats pining for economic collapse is not unlike attempting to set your own house on fire. The man on the street looks at that and asks, "WHAT?" Yes, if only you lost your job and your house, you'd have to vote for us and the promise of 'free stuff'. Of course it's a lie because nothing is free and collectivism has been a failed strategy everywhere it's been implemented.

The old Obama rant that "you can't drill your way out of it." has been shown to be a false representation of what Trump has demonstrated. You can drill your way out of it and the US is expanding its energy sector to be the most robust in the world. We no longer import oil and gas, we export. Of course the Green New Deal would put brakes on that.

The Democrat hopes rest on their continued domination of the media and the lack of documentation necessary to vote in elections. Economically, their plans are communist train wrecks based on greed and income redistribution, rewarding apparatchiks at the expense of everyone else. They keep bringing up the climate change hoax. I wish that they'd shift focus to fighting pollution and punishing China for being the prime dumper in the ocean, but don't hold your breath.

New trade deals with the UK, and closer relations with post-BREXIT Britain will benefit the US and will likely lead to greater prosperity in America. Yes, it's true that the globalists oppose this violently, but President Trump will continue to pursue an America First policy.

What's Not to Love?

If the Air Force doesn't want it, they should give it to the Army (the thought keeps the USAF up at night, sweating) for close support, or to the Marine Corps -- I'm sure that we can put a tail hook on it. Peace through superior firepower!

Greenland and Puerto Rico

Old NFO is correct. The US doesn't want to own Greenland. It's not as bad as Puerto Rico though (unless you're taking climate into account). We need to let Puerto Rico go. Maybe the Chinese could be persuaded to buy it? (Not at market value) We could improve and expand our Naval docks, warehouses and dry-docks or something with the cash.

The Trump gambit worked, though, shining a bright light on Greenland.

The Face of Social Justice in America

Sunday, August 25, 2019

Sunday Sermonette - Extra


Ed on his blog, NOT OF THIS WORLD comments on the current trade war with China. It's worth a read. The Chinese are concerned about what the US intends to do next in regard tariffs. And when you break it down (and I won't here) into granular components, a 25% increase to China means a reciprocal 2% increase in US costs. Some sectors are impacted more directly, but it hurts China considerably more than the US and they know this. Add in a pinched economy in China, Hong Kong woes and a resurgent US military under the Trump Doctrine (thing are not war-ready in the US but it's getting better). China also realizes that it looks as if there will be another 4 years of The Donald. 

Hong Kong

You'll read about it in the press soon. China is going to try and buy off the protesters. Interesting concept that will likely backfire. The young people in Hong Kong are finding it difficult to get well paying jobs (as with young people everywhere), and the PRC will offer them jobs in the Worker's Paradise. More specifically in Shenzhen, adjacent to Hong Kong. To keep the situation in Shenzhen under control, they're going to loosen travel regulations for the people there and allow them more freedom, more privilege. 

They have written off sending in the People's Liberation Army and believe that Hong Kong will descend into chaos because democracy doesn't work. They will sit back with 'popcorn' and watch. 

That's the latest.

Denmark and Greenland

Go to the Early Edition of the Sunday Sermonette and read "Reader in Denmark". His comments are insightful. I'll quote him in part:
Greenland is an economic black hole. It has no monitary value at all. Sure, there are untapped natural resources in Greenland. It's just too expensive to exploit them. The population of Greenland is tiny. The country is huge. The indigenous population is, overall, not very well educated. Infrastructure is limited, by Western standards. The local government is mostly left wing, and corrupt. The effect of this corruption is in large part of no immediate consequence - it's small time, everyday, petty corruption. BUT: 
There is a growing independence movement in Greenland. This should cause worry among intelligent people. Not that independence is wrong. Not at all. It's just that independence for Greenland would, in short order, result in drastically reduced standard of living, followed by continuous political upheaval. The corrupt government would easily be fooled, or bought, by outside powers. Throw in an aggressive Chinese interest, an adventurous Russian "expedition" to the huge uninhabited parts of Eastern Greenland, and you could have a real mess on your hands in no time. Trump knows this. 
I think that THIS was Trump's point, in making his offer to buy Greenland. It was not a serious offer. He does not want Greenland *. He wanted to stir up some shit, and make Denmark and Greenland wake up to the realities. I think he succeeded! In making such a blatant, crude and impolite offer, he made everyone involved in Greenland think "what if...?". What if the US bought Greenland? Not going to happen -Denmark will not sell. But what if Greenland got fed up with being owned by Denmark? Why SHOULD Greenland be owned by Denmark? WHO, then, will own Greenland? THAT, my friends, is the issue. And Trump made everyone crap their pants, and think about the status quo, and HOW TO KEEP IT.
/ A reader in Denmark
First, thank you, Reader, for taking the time to break it down. The way it happened is much as you set forth. 

Meeting: "The Chinese and Russians want to exploit Greenland, and Denmark doesn't have the capacity to stop them. What should we do?"

President Trump: "Maybe we should just buy Greenland?"

Then the press and the hot Prime Minister, Mette Frederiksen, stepped into it and I think that you're right. Greenland may hold a referendum on their political future. Where it goes from there is anyone's guess. Usually nations or islands (think Puerto Rico) find that they're better off under a US economic and military umbrella, but it's not a foregone conclusion. The bottom line is that Greenland has strategic value in more ways than one and there are other things that the US is aware of that makes it even more valuable. It will end up falling to Chinese exploitation if allowed, and the Russians would like to be a player, but it's not the USSR anymore. 

As Reader points out, Denmark as a component of NATO has muscle, but Denmark alone does not. I have friends in Danish Aerospace and other elements of Danish Defense Infrastructure. What they have is good, but it's a small nation.

Saturday, August 24, 2019

Sunday Sermonette - Early Edition

The Sweet Hustle: No, the $100K story came from Fox News, not Babylon Bee. It's attributed at the top of the article. The problem with Babylon Bee (if indeed there is a problem) is that the satire does pass for "News" in this world where CNN and MSNBC is pure Democrat propaganda, designed to create a socialist/collectivist government in the US. The Bee strikes a lot closer to the truth than MSNBC does. Our fellow blogger, Larry, points out the headline in USA Today: $700K for an apartment? The cost to solve the homeless crisis is soaring in Los Angeles. And yes, I'm sure that illegal aliens will given preference for luxury accommodation. The insanity continues.

Hong Kong:  The dissatisfaction of at least half of the population that lead literally millions to take to the streets is a profound thorn in the claw of the Chinese Dragon. I get phone calls every day on the matter and, quite frankly, the PRC and their cats paws in Hong Kong government, botched the situation in just about every way possible and they have a large problem on their hands. A person I've known for some years is flying to Arizona from Hong Kong to speak with me about the situation. But there's not much that I can do. I've offered my advice. The problem could have been handled to the satisfaction of all early on, but the genie is out of the bottle now.

Clandestine weapons smuggling into Hong Kong by intelligence services from East Asian countries has already happened. A PRC official asked me, "how that can happen?" I said, "if drugs can be smuggled, so can weapons." And for the moment, weapons are tight. But that could change if the tactics change to moving armed troops in.

Contrary to popular belief in China, the US isn't involved in giving advice and aid to the insurrection, but if the People's Liberation Army moves in and starts killing people, that will change.

Last Friday evening, protesters formed a 28-mile human chain across 39 train stations in a show of unity that was inspired by an example seen in 1980 during the collapse of the Soviet Union. The oligarchs in Beijing will get the message. 

Monopoly - Socialist Edition

It has hit the shelves and there's a lot of outrage from the socialists because the goal is not to win - "winning is for capitalists". Here's the tutorial from YouTube.

I doubt that I'll be playing the game anytime soon, but you can buy the game for your friends who are Democrats. They'll love it. 

A friend of mine (who supports Bernie) lamented that in the local store there are only TRUMP! hats for sale. I told him that if the merchant had Bernie hats, he'd be obliged to give them away 'free'.

Now the Sermonette: Nobody Cares

The current rant runs something along these lines: Muslim - I don't feel safe in America.

There really isn't anything keeping them in the United States if that's become a problem. And that goes for all of the Hollywood Celebs who will promise (yet again) to leave if President Trump is re-elected. 

By all means, leave. And if you intend to stay, work to build up the country that you or your ancestors fled to for safety and freedom.


I have friends in Denmark, and the mood there is (and was) anti-Trump. They are angry at the president for a host of things including demands that they pay their contractual obligation to NATO. Many Danes are 'cheap' and they're presently unhappy because Denmark had put out some money in preparation for President Trump's state visit. That was canceled because of the flap over Greenland. President Trump will go to Poland instead. The Poles love America and they love President Trump.

The Danes need to get over themselves. They really do. It's a beautiful country but visiting Denmark will cost something on the order of three times the cost of visiting New York City. My advice is that you visit 'virtually, on your computer' if you are set on a trip there. 

Friday, August 23, 2019

A Sweet Hustle

Jobs - $100K per year per family member. No qualifications required

Yes, it's true. You can earn (through benefits) $100K per year and all you have to do is arrive in Seattle/King County and announce yourself as 'homeless'. You may also need to invest in a tent and camping gear, but you can also live in your motorhome and be 'homeless'. It's a sweet hustle.
(Fox News) ...In Seattle, arguably the country's most liberal city, homelessness remains one of the most divisive topics. Over the past five years, the city has seen an explosion in homelessness, crime, substance abuse and addiction. Residents say they struggle to balance compassion with growing resentment. 
In all, the city spends $1 billion a year fighting homelessness. That's $100,000 for every homeless man, woman and child in King County (so that's $400K for a homeless family of four) and yet the needle has mostly been moving in the wrong direction. Residents say there is a deep disconnect between them and those in charge and say elected officials are tone-deaf and offer up simple solutions to a complex problem.
Democrats are confused and dismayed because the more money they spend on the homeless, the more people show up to accept the hundred grand worth of 'free stuff'.  Democrats are easily confused, so launched a $10 million study to find out why spending more and more money doesn't return Seattle's homeless to the mainstream. Almost all of these chronic homeless people automatically also receive full unemployment benefits, even if they've never been employed. It's really a better deal than what San Fransisco offers, and unless San Fran ups its game, they may see the homeless packing their stuff into the trunks of their Bentleys and heading north.

And what it really does, is detract from the needs of people who genuinely need help. The homeless scam becomes a smokescreen and an excuse for enabling. It justifies lumping drug addicts and chronically lazy people with the disabled and the insane, who are in need of help.

While you're there, you can also join Antifa because there's a lot of liberal money that pours into their coffers. Because the police stand back and let you loot, you can augment your $100K per year. Since it's no longer a crime in Seattle, you can also go grocery shopping by boosting food from stores too.

It's The Season

Graphic h/t Daily Timewaster
Yes, we all know that presents are the Reason for the Season and that given that you have 124 shopping days to Christmas - you need to start buying now. Before it's too late! Before all of the landfill is gone from the shelves. If you're thinking of buying something for me, just send gold (insure the package).

I was in Flagstaff, AZ yesterday. I go into various towns for supplies and yesterday, it was Flagstaff. I saw Christmas decorations up and a furniture and lighting store had Christmas music playing. The insanity gets earlier every year and maybe next year, they'll start right after Independence Day. 

The Mail:

On Stopping Antifa

Don in Oregon - Chief Outlaw is a young diversity hire from Oakland CA who was hired over a bunch of older more experienced local cops. In her current job less than a year.
Portland must have cast the net far and wide to find anyone that stupid. Yes Rep. Hank Johnson (D-GA) feared that the Island of Guam might capsize and it's that level of stupid. I wonder if she's offspring of his?
On Cults

Jules - The clown cult is growing. The donning of the clown nose in awkward situations is having an impact. I’ve just put a bid on a dodgy singing ice cream van on eBay which can be used as the company clown car.
Corporate transportation is important, just the way that image is. Combining the two is pure genius. Bring Tex-the-Wolf with you in case somebody takes exception to a flower that squirts water or a pie in the face.
Jim - Does the democratic party count as a cult?
I'd love to see the Arizona Highlands riot. I could bring popcorn or ammo or maybe both.
The Democrat Party is one of the most destructive cults in history. What's the body count up to now between Planned Parenthood and the Clintons? 
You'd be welcome to attend the Arizona Highlands Antifa Riot as a spectator or as somebody who would step in and suppress illegal activity. Sound suppression is not necessary because there aren't many people to hear it.
BeansGreenland. Everyone is making fun about Trump wanting to buy Greenland, but no one is reporting that Com China is trying to backhandedly take over the island.

Trump is right, and we don't want the ChiComs in control of that island. It's too late for South and Central America, as the ChiComs have too much control already financially down there. And he who holds the pursestrings controls the country.
You're on the money with that comment. I think that the discussion of strategic rare earth discoveries in Greenland and the immediate Chinese interest is what prompted the President to say, "Why don't we buy it?" His Secret Service code name is Mogul and he's a real estate guy. After all, we bought Alaska, and "Louisiana". Why not Greenland if we can maximize the place?
DRJIM - I'd research it more, but I'm too busy with the Church of Japanese Sports Cars, and my Temple of the Thermionic Valves
There are also those who worship at the Temple of the Living Elvis (Vegas) and donate vast sums to the building of MORE places of worship in Sin City. Better to invest in Japanese racing cars.
Old NFO - Many consider the Freemasons a cult, and the Catlick church HATES Masons, to the point of excommunicating anyone who joins. Add in Weathermen/Weather Underground, Farrakhan's bunch, Black September, Black Panthers, et al... There are plenty out there. Jim Jones, the Moonies, anyone?
I don't know why the Catholics hate Masons, but I've heard that. They won't excommunicate Democrat lawmakers who vote to slaughter unborn - and born children but go after Freemasons? Weird.  
Jim Jones was sort of a poster child for cultish behavior. There was also a Y2K group that was waiting for a space ship to pick them up. They all bought the same clothes and 'drank the kool aid' in the hopes that their spirits would be whisked away to the planet Vulcan or some such. 
LSP - HRH Charles, Prince of Wales would likely join Juliette's clown church. You know that he'd want some sort of special title. I think that Bozo is appropriate.

WSF - Portland PD needs more officers and fewer revenue generators with speed guns. Leadership based on something other than political correctness wold help, IMO.

Several relatives live there and are disgusted. They do say Antifa avoids the Longshoreman Hall.
Perhaps Antifa is smarter than I give them credit for. I've heard that besides handing out revenue coupons (traffic citations), the only thing that Portland PD does is deliver ice to parties. I'm not sure which kind of ice that they're talking is Portland.
Cube - You'll never get street creds from liberals/progressives/the Donkey Cult with a hard science degree. Better that you go to some sort of foo-foo, very expensive, liberal Ivy League University and (I hate to use the word 'earn') obtain a degree in Social Justice.

People Who Matter

I made the mistake of turning on the TV. Yes, it was Fox News, so perhaps I can be forgiven. A progressive woman was upset about the move that Washington bureaucrats, working at the Department of the Interior, Bureau of Land Management were being forced to make to Grand Junction, Colorado. Her whine was that 'there's nobody there'. What she meant to say is that Grand Junction is in fly-over country, where deplorable people who like the President and who cling to God and guns live.

She should take some hope. There are patches of blue in Colorado, or she can journey south into New Mexico (deep blue) and make friends there. But she might find that even though those people voted for Hillary (possibly an IQ deficit, or an addiction to welfare), they don't have much in common with the coastal elites.

Thursday, August 22, 2019

Cults, Antifa and the Mail


We have a lot to cover today on the blog, and while I want to delve, I also want to cover what I want to cover. Google allowed me to comment on my own blog twice before the anti-LL software crashed that ability. Even Google isn't infallible. The same problem exists not that existed before and I simply find it challenging to find the time to deal with it. 

How to Fight Antifa?

PORTLAND, OR—In a press release earlier this week, Portland police chief Danielle Outlaw (her actual name), appearing somber and exhausted, said she just wishes there were some kind of group with the firepower and authority to fight back against Antifa.

A lot of different folks on the net are satirizing this, but it's satirical enough on its face. And no, I'm not a racist.

The Portland Police Department is a stain on all badges in the nation. 

I've invited Antifa (here on this blog, but I don't know if they can read) to visit the remote Arizona Highlands and riot. There is no cell phone coverage here for the most part, convenient, and they may not get their story out, but the ranks would be thinned, I assure you. Maybe they'd want to go someplace more populated like Prescott and riot there? In any event, it's an open invitation and the Portland Police can come along to see how it's done here.
In a candid moment, Chief Outlaw (seriously, her actual name) said there was just nothing the police could do, as they'd need to have some kind of organized, armed force specifically created to protect and serve the people.
Mail Call - In specific - a response to Mike_C:

Mike_C - Maybe someone who has more experience about this can comment, but this struck me as curious. Some (mostly Irish) friends have an adopted daughter from China. She is very pretty. It turns out they have "classes" of same-aged girls who were apparently adopted at the same time, and the adopting families keep in touch. Recently they had a reunion, and the group photograph of the girls (all teenagers now) was remarkable in that each had a pretty face, was slender, and for Chinese, long limbed. Now out of a dozen-plus random Chinese, you'd expect at least a few stocky short-legged ones, and a few moon-faced (regardless of fat or not fat) ones. All these girls were remarkably attractive.

*Has anyone else noticed this, or had a similar experience?*
Mike, they're Manchu, not Han. A large number of orphan girls who make their way to be adopted are Manchu, tall, attractive people for the most part. Han in the Worker's Paradise tend to look down on Manchurian people (or look up because they tend to be tall and long legged).
Okay, Mike you deplorable conspiracy theorist, you say, adopting families tend to be well off (it is NOT cheap to adopt a Chinese baby), so the girls will have nice clothes/grooming and tend to not be fat because that's the socioeconomic correlate, but this was beyond that. These were all remarkably pretty girls. Which makes me wonder about whether there is something additional going on, almost a sort of physical propaganda as it were. (As another example, the "hot IDF girl" photos highly prevalent in the gunblogosphere and the conservativeblogosphere are NOT by accident. There is definitely at least one "American propaganda" unit -- though they don't call it that of course -- within the IDF. I know this because a friend's son was assigned to one when he enlisted in the IDF.) For those who have not had their coffee or stimulant of choice, obviously the goal is to set up a condition in the viewer's mind where "Israel" in general and "IDF" in particular automatically triggers the association with "pretty girl". Men are not particularly wired to leap to the defense of "Israel" or the "IDF" but we sure as hell are wired to do so for a pretty girl.
It's racism, not conspiracy theory when it comes to Chinese adoptions, but in Israel, they work hard to put the story out because it's a matter of national survival. "How do you know, LL?" Thanks for asking, Mike_C. When I was in China once - and I think it was Beijing - early in my sojourns to China before it was heavily 'opened up to the West' and people would stop me in the street and ask to touch my nose, asking in Chinese accented Russian if I was Russian. I stayed at the State Guest House (which is a complex of hotel-type structures for distinguished foreign visitors - and they can keep an eye on you) usually, but once, I didn't. It was a 5 star hotel and I was with a buddy, who spoke fluent Chinese but looked a lot like me - white hair, athletic body, etc. It was he who pointed this out.
Mike_C - Swap Greenland for Puerto Rico.
First off, that's racist. Shame on you. However, swapping a strategic island with productive, hard working people for another strategic island with slovenly, poverty riven, corrupt people who are all on the dole would seem to be worth considering. (Note, I didn't identify which island was which, because that would be racist) I don't have anything against the Danes either except that it's an expensive place to visit and they imported a lot of people from countries with a lot of they're in the mood to burden themselves with unproductive, military age classes and charge tourists more to cover for their disastrous mistake.

Some cults have made a bad name for themselves and others are broadly accepted by society. The largest cult (by definition) is, of course, the US Intelligence Community and the US Military. Secret indoctrination, code words and signs, and on and on. It's not a religious cult, but it fits every definition including charismatic leadership (there is a picture of the President, Vice President and either the Director of Central Intelligence, or some general officer). You follow the orders of this charismatic leader even if you die doing it.

Then there are religious cults and the definitions vary broadly depending on where YOU stand.
  • The brave new age of postmillennium terror awakened March 20, 1995 and its harbinger was Aum Supreme Truth: a Japan-based global web of wired, technically expert New Age zealots armed with biologial weapons, driven by an apocalyptic vision of unprecedented destruction. They released nerve gas in a Tokyo Subway, injuring 6,000 and killing 12. 
  • Wahhabists used hijacked airliners on September 11, 2001 to destroy the World Trade Center and damage the Pentagon. The US responded by attacking Afghanistan even though the cult finds its home in Saudi Arabia (floating on oil) at the highest levels of society. Yeah, I know. We had to attack somebody. Why not the Afghans?
Falun Gong Symbol
  • Falun Gong is considered a cult by the communist government in China and you need to make up your own mind about the movement, but it's apparently not considered to be a dangerous cult in the US and makes its home in New York City (The Big Apple). When traveling in China, I was repeatedly asked to make a statement about Falun Gong. I didn't. Frankly, I don't care, but that's just because I'm a cold-hearted foreign devil. No, they're not Nazis, but they do have a big wide streak of zealotry. The PRC really does not like them.
  • The Roman Empire thought of Christianity as a cult and killed its members in horrible ways to try and stop the message. Everyone knows that Zeus runs the show.
  • Our fellow blogger, Juliette, toyed with the notion of starting a "Clown Church" in Nottingham, England, where corny jokes, pies in the face and garish clown make up (not as bad as "IT") augmented a core doctrine of donations to the chief clown (Juliette). Cult in the planning stages? You be the judge. It's said that Juliette does keep an emergency clown nose with her at all times in case she needs to put it on. 
My point about cults is that they have a culture that tends to be individual to the practitioners. Some cults let you leave if you want to. Some have a history (Scientologists) have a track record of hunting you down. Some cultures shun you if you agreed and then changed your mind. I've heard some people call Islam a cult. Does any nation that runs on a theocratic basis (God's mouthpiece is the Imam, for example) qualify, or does it need to be a "small group" of obsessed people? Host a "Draw Mohammed Party" and see how people react?

Let me know your thoughts.