sunset from behind the wire

sunset from behind the wire

Sunday, January 6, 2019

Sunday Sermonette

Navy Stuff

The US Navy has introduced a new old concept into the fleet. It's the Littoral Combat Group, pairing a DDG and an LPD. Naturally, the Navy's newest fleet members, the Littoral Combat Ships were not included because they are worthless. 

Independence Class Littoral Combat Ship
Maybe we could sell the LCS to the Cambodians or something? I don't think that the Cambodians have enough money to operate the LCS. Ukraine has lost some ships to the Russians in the Black Sea recently. Maybe they would be a customer. This acquisition would enable them to lose more ships!

To the nay sayers, I offer one possibility that could help the Navy recoup its investment. Cover the LCS's with radar reflectors and make them look like aircraft carriers. They'd be a missile sponge for anything incoming. See, you haters, there is a mission for the 13 LCS's that we built. Decoys!

The sermonette is that everything has a use. Even something as apparently worthless as a LCS, can find a place for itself.

More here from the US Naval Institute, and from Commander Salamander.

Weekend at the Mine

Even though I'm in full move mode, two of my girls and their children (two grandsons/three granddaughters) came by from AZ and CA to 'help me'.

Olivia (youngest girl at center) suffered a bad sprain at home before coming. She got the cast on and headed for the High Country. Normally you'd think that would keep her from engaging in snowball fights, but her mother bagged her foot and she went out for a little bit to play with the big kids.