sunset from behind the wire

sunset from behind the wire

Thursday, January 10, 2019

Random Thoughts

The world is changing. It always changes. Even the climate is in flux - will we have another ice age or will the planet become a cinder? The Europe that I knew as a boy and as a young man has vanished. Look at the historical archive films of European nations in the 1900's. Then visit today. In downtown London, you're in the minority on the street if you're not a Muslim. The place has a definite hint of third world charm. Stockholm looks more like Johannesburg, South Africa than a Scandinavian country. France and Germany opened the gates to the hoard and the hoard arrived and brought with them every nasty problem they sought to flee from.

You need only look to the "border crisis" in the US, which is not really a crisis so much as it is a political fight over whether allowing illegal aliens to vote will be acceptable. The Democrat Party knows that its future requires an inexhaustible supply of compliant illegal voters surging into the US.

Then there is the Great Game - and the Asian Subcontinent.

According to Dawn, Pakistan and Saudi Arabia are likely to sign memoranda of understanding (MoUs) for more than $10 billion in Saudi investment in Pakistan this month. Pakistan will also sign similar MoUs with China, the United Arab Emirates and Malaysia over the next two months. I'm grateful that the US has President Trump calling the shots, or we would be dumping more billions into that bottomless pit of  corruption as well. China hopes to turn Pakistan into a vassal state with cheap labor and a road to the Indian Ocean (or the Far South China Sea?). Will they succeed?

There is a push and pull over Pakistan these days. The investments mean that the Arab Islamic states are attempting to reclaim Pakistan as an Islamic state, more than as an Asian state. Pakistan has the largest Muslim army in the world and remains, with Egypt, a guarantor of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. Expect to see Pakistani Army deployments (possibly to Yemen) as a form of repayment for these loans.