sunset from behind the wire

sunset from behind the wire

Saturday, January 19, 2019

Hillary Clinton

She's not a felon because nobody has the guts to take on the Clintons, who are reputed to have a very deep book on political foes. And if you're in their way and gentle coercion and blackmail won't work, they have you killed. It's a long list.

Disgraced former Attorney General, Loretta Lynch and disgraced former FBI Director, James Comey, are but two of her former co-workers in the Obama Administration who have covered her back. And they are unlikely to do otherwise because the Clintons have a reputation to uphold. Deviate from that practice at your peril.

So...maybe it's time to revisit the sale of Uranium One to the Rosatom State Nuclear Energy Corporation? At any other moment in my life the sale of uranium to Russia would have been headlines and people would have been incarcerated---forever (lock Her up). Not so in this situation where Russia colluded with the Clinton Foundation. It was not Donald Trump who colluded with the Russians, but Hillary Clinton, and friends.

Hillary Clinton ran the Obama Administration's State Department like her personal ATM, raking in hundreds of millions of dollars in (bribes) contributions to the Clinton Foundation - in conflict of interest. Nobody has been prosecuted, nothing happened to any of the Clinton cronies or to the grand dam, herself.

The former head of Rosatom made four hidden donations to the Clinton Foundation totaling $2.35 million. They needed Hillary's approval in order to acquire Uranium One and pay-to-play is the name of the game.

Bill Clinton received $500K for a speech in Moscow, paid for by a Kremlin-backed bank. (they're all Kremlin-backed, but you take the point) He wanted his cut. Who can blame him? The Clintons were and remain above the law.

The Clinton Foundation received $145 million from foreign investors involved in the uranium transfer. Clinton mega-donor, Frank Holmes lied about selling Uranium One before Clinton approved the Russian transfer.

A lot of people made a lot of money selling Uranium One to the Russians. But Donald Trump wasn't one of them.

And yet the Congress and the press is silent on this. The FBI claims to be running an investigation, but I suggest to you that they're simply waiting for the statute of limitations to expire. The FBI is clearly NOT the agency that should be investigating this. Their reputation for fair, honest investigation is in the tank - clearly on matters involving the Clintons. Can the US Department of Justice be trusted? Can they?

Mash Up

New Role for the US Space Force

Taking a technological leap forward, President Trump will announce a new missile defense program, which will be managed by the newly minted US Space Force. (more here).
Any expansion of the scope and cost of missile defenses would compete with other defense priorities, including the billions of extra dollars the Trump administration has committed to spending on a new generation of nuclear weapons. An expansion also would have important implications for American diplomacy, given long-standing Russian hostility to even the most rudimentary U.S. missile defenses and China’s worry that longer-range U.S. missile defenses in Asia could undermine Chinese national security. 
Asked about the implications for Trump’s efforts to improve relations with Russia and strike better trade relations with China, the administration official said that the U.S. defense capabilities are purely defensive and that the U.S. has been very upfront with Moscow and Beijing about its missile defense posture.
Russia trotted out its new hypersonic cruise missile. Hypersonic weapons are not new. The US has been testing them for a long time. And when the Russian missile being tested splashed in deep water the SSN Jimmy Carter was there to pick them up and bring them home to pick them apart. (covered previously on this blog) 

American interests are being protected by President Trump and his administration and even though our traditional enemies are unhappy with it, who cares?

One More Thing to Boycott 

At first, feminist demanded women be equal to men, and this meant to no longer be treated like ladies, held in high regard, and to be free to sleep with Harvey Weinstein in return for lucrative careers. 

Today, the slatterns suddenly pretended to develop the puritanical and delicate sensitivities of Victorian matrons, without, you know, actually promoting or having the virtues, self control, iron discipline, or dignity of real Victorian matrons.

And the demand to be held in high regard, with the awe and respect the pagan Romans paid the Vestal Virgins, is nowadays the loudest coming from the lips of the modern Valeria Messilina, the Roman Empress who outperformed professional strumpets and slattern at their own career.

If women want their men to treat them like a princess, they need to begin by forswearing the wearing of vagina-shaped berets on their heads...madame comrade.

The Women's March is coming. Let's see how dignified they are. Let's see their poise. Let's see who they represent. Do they represent American women, or do they represent something far more sinister?

Tony Poe

(LINK) I was commenting about AN-2's on OLDAFSARGE's Blog and Laos and Cambodia came up...well, I brought it up. I wrote of Tony Poshepny's funeral in San Francisco and was thinking that it was ten years ago, but he died in 2003. So fifteen years. One of my best friends would be killed in the War on Terror within the year. What happens to the time. I think that it's true for all of us - we see things pass and realize that they're gone for good. A lot of people didn't like Tony Poe, but I got on with him, and with the crew that he liked. The man was not politically correct. His hand was mangled from a botched assassination attempt by USGOV. The CIA sent in second stringers to take him out. Even at that, they almost succeeded. Old times, not necessarily good times.