sunset from behind the wire

sunset from behind the wire

Wednesday, February 6, 2019

The Look

A series of photos of a jaguar diving for food under water. Note the intensity and the sincerity displayed by the jaguar. Some would say that it looks like John C. eating at a Waffle House, or Old NFO taking on a steak. We know that Fredd looks something like that as he tears into his Aunt Sally's banquets. WSF getting cut off in traffic - definitely.

LSP's dog (Blue Avenger) looks a lot like that if you are eating a fried cherry pie near him and not sharing. He did savage a UPS driver as I recall (or was it a FedEx driver?) who entered his turf.

I had a girlfriend once, a long time ago that had the same look as the jaguar. Yeah. I know... Kipling said it, "The Female of the Species is Deadlier than the Male." Ex-girlfriends and wives frequently are said to have the look.

The only state in the US that has jaguar populations living in the wild is Arizona. They are said to roam up in the high country near where I live but I have yet to see sign of them. There are not a lot and though they have territories, they can also be nomadic. I can't imagine strangling one to death if it attacked me. (referring to the Colorado runner who allegedly strangled the cougar)

What makes you look like the jaguar (above)?


Elizabeth Warren

She thinks that she can be president, but I think that star is setting on one (former) Native American. Oh, she'll be there on the stage with the other 46 people who are seeking the Democrat Party nomination. Wild horses could not keep her from the pulpit as she spew her views. But racial appropriation has become an issue. And everyone now knows that she's a fake Indian.

It was a good run. People gave her jobs and she made a lot of money on the back of that Indian legend. But now she's a sideshow attraction and isn't ready for prime time.

She's many moons old, she's vile in so many ways, and the wants to be leader of the free world.

Karma's a Cold Mistress

And while I muse about how karma ran over Senator Warren's dogma, here in the early days of the Year of the Pig, isn't it interesting how some of the progressives are self-destructing?

All the fun that they thought they'd have advocating killing babies, which is very politically correct these days, seems to have run a little wrong.

I know, "my body-my choice", but I think that killing a baby as it's being born healthy and full term, for fun and profit, strikes most Americans as being wrong. Don't get me wrong, the research labs will be buying up all those dead baby bodies to experiment on and I'm sure that they'll pay top dollar. Getting paid for dead baby bodies is very progressive. Just ask Planned Parenthood.