sunset from behind the wire

sunset from behind the wire

Friday, February 15, 2019

Time to Get Green!

The day of love and restaurants with 'special menus' for the lovers crowding in to celebrate St. Valentine's Day - has past. The chocolate boxes are empty, the flowers are wilting, the dipped berries are causing loose stools, and the bottles of bubbly have been the name of love. I didn't have time to indulge, but I trust that you all did. Now, you're likely feeling some shame as the whole holiday is conspicuous consumption of vital natural resources. In the future there will be none of this frivolity under the Green New Deal.

No more jetting off to the Bahamas to impress the super model that you've just begun to date. No more jets at all. You can teleconference if you want a virtual presence. The power will come from the wind and if it's not windy where you are - no teleconference. It wasn't important anyway.

I know, we're flogging this subject to death on the blogs just as Amazon was lashed from New York City on a rail, taking their 25,000 jobs with them. "We don't need your kind," was the cry from the progressive left. And Amazon listened.

Seattle doesn't want them. New York doesn't want them, because Bezos' ownership of the left wing rag, Washington Post isn't progressive enough. They destroy trees to create that newspaper. Sure, most of the trees have been recycled a dozen times, but none of that matters.

Every day thousands of innocent plants are killed and consumed by greedy vegetarians (h/t Jules) and that needs to end as well. Soylent Green, a non-vegetable product is really all you need to eat in the brave new world. Drink down your Soylent Green and feel the love of a wounded planet as you join the ranks of the enlightened. (Soylent Green does not contain any beef either)

You know, I think that it's delightful that the Democrat Party has embraced this as their platform. All of the cool contenders for the Democrat nominee have signed on. No more business that's not government business, has become their hue and cry as they work hard to establish a socialist paradise for all of the donkeys who are disposed to vote for them. No more airplanes, no more automobiles, no more cows, yada-yada-yada.

It's telling me that we'll have a landslide in 2020.