sunset from behind the wire

sunset from behind the wire

Friday, February 22, 2019


You'll be hearing more about Gibiru here on Virtual Mirage. Unfortunately Gibiru is not for everyone. People who want to track your searches have no use for Gibiru. 

For the rest of us, Gibiru is something to consider using. We are concerned about how much data we give away when we surf the web.

Google, the world’s biggest search engine has a terrible record when it comes to protecting user privacy. It routinely builds detailed, personalized profiles of the sites users visit, the search terms they use, and even where they go on Google Maps. And this data is then sold on to advertisers without users providing any kind of consent.

At the same time, Google is happy to open up Gmail accounts so app developers can spy on users, has a suspiciously close relationship with governments of all types, and has a chequered record on data leaks. So finding an alternative is a rational course of action.

The first thing to understand about Gibiru search is that it qualifies as a “private search engine.” This style of search tool has become much more popular in recent years as Google’s sins have accumulated, and have then been made public. The idea behind most of them is to offer ways to search the web without giving away personal data (or at least having the chance to consent to any data usage).

The Gibiru search engine bills itself as “uncensored anonymous search”. Why do these terms matter?

When users search for terms using Gibiru search, the content of their searches is not logged or linked to an IP address. So there’s no scope for profiling individual web users.

Gibiru doesn’t sell any information to third parties. They aren’t in the data selling game.

Gibiru couples their search engine with their own Virtual Private Network (VPN). This allows users to search completely anonymously, using IP addresses supplied by the VPN, not their own. This VPN can be installed as an add-on to browsers like Opera and Firefox easily, providing automatic in-browser protection.

When you submit a Gibiru search, you’ll see “all results” and “uncensored” options. The uncensored option lets you see all results that won’t appear in Google searches – and you may be surprised by how many pages are included.

This anti-censorship tool extends to current news, giving users an unprecedented ability to search all up to date news sources – not just ones approved by Google.

Gibiru search with a key competitor, it’s worth summarizing its key security features:

Full 256-Bit HTTPS encryption
No tracking cookies
No data selling of any kind
No logs
Can be combined with a separate VPN/Proxy app to ensure that the websites you visit don’t detect your IP address.