sunset from behind the wire

sunset from behind the wire

Thursday, March 28, 2019

Finally, PROOF!

Ancient Alien theorists ask - 

Ancient Alien theorists ask whether this skull, found in a remote location on Arizona's Mogollon Rim, could be the remains of a visitor from outer space. Could it be the first reliable evidence of intelligent life from beyond the Solar System?

Resting atop a pile of rocks at the White Wolf Mine, the decapitated remains serve as a trophy to the intrepid hunter who found the possible landing site of the spacecraft, and the grizzly skull.

It's not a blurred photo of Bigfoot. It's not a smeared photo of a flying saucer taken by a drunk hippie on a rural road. It's a skull with other than human DNA.

Was this individual offered as a form of ritual sacrifice to the White Wolf? If so, yes, it is accepted in the spirit in which it was given?

Commentary Sniglets

Juicy Smolett

It's not white privilege, it's privilege. The poor have been being pushed around by the rich since there was that distinction between poor and rich. Rich nations with vast resources and an intelligent population have prospered and have exploited the poorer neighbors. To expect that it is not so is to deny reality and history. Ambitious, talented people who are born into circumstances of poverty can rise above that in America. Oprah Winfrey and Dr. Ben Carson are examples of that. It doesn't mean that you need to like Oprah or Dr. Carson. They did it. That's what is great about America.

Lindsay Graham

Senator Lindsey Graham (R-SC) is promoting his anti-firearms legislation. He was the late Sen. McCain's bestest buddy, so who can be surprised that this would be his hue and cry? He's now conducting hearings on Senate Bill 7, the Extreme Risk Protection Order and Violence Prevention Act of 2019—otherwise known as a national “red flag” gun confiscation bill. 

Why do we need federal legislation to confiscate firearms? If there is a local problem with a local person who creates a situation involving firearms, allow that local problem to be dealt with appropriately at that local level. What Graham, RINO's and donkeys suggest is that a rumor mill that this or that person is 'unsound' should be sufficient probable cause to have their firearms seized by the federal government. 

Statues of Trump

I assert that for every statue of a Confederate General that is pulled down that we erect a statue of Donald J. Trump, in recognition of making America great again. And of course, those statues should be gold.

The Green New Deal

Isn't it funny that none of the donkeys want to own the Green New Deal now? They must have looked at the polling and found that if they pounce on that one, even the donkey faithful would savage them. Apparently none of them think that we're really all gonna die in twelve years if we don't spend 100 trillion dollars (more money than there is on the planet) to go full socialist/communist and eliminate cars and cows.

Nobody wants to follow AOC down that rabbit hole. (hahaha)

Slow Joe for President

Joe Biden, who is not yet a candidate, though he picked a person who identifies as black-female as a VP running mate, hit the campaign tour regimen by apologizing for being white and male and Catholic. Obama made a big tour after election worldwide by apologizing for being American. Since Biden was Obama's VP, I guess it makes sense that he'd begin by apologizing as he courts people who have a grievance. 

Slow Joe doesn't say what he'd replace western culture with. Africa, where slavery and oppression of women is still practiced, is not a good model and neither is Islam. Joe hasn't become a Muslim yet, but I'm sure that he would in exchange for a vote. He hasn't exactly said, "make America into Africa or Saudi Arabia" yet...but for a vote, why not? The reality is that the grievance culture is a culture of MANY grievances, many confused people who don't know what they want and are flummoxed by the concept of cause and effect. They want socialism but they don't really want Venezuela. They want total control, but they really don't want North Korea. 

Besides being white, male, rich and elite, Biden has a lot of skeletons in his political closet. This tour may be his chance to air the filthy laundry. Is he going to run on the Obama legacy (completely wiped out by Donald Trump)? Run Joe, run.

The Corrupt Lying Media

There has been a large sucking sound emanating from the glittering headquarters offices of the corrupt, lying, sly, smug, foolish elite media. What will they report on now that the Russia hoax has been exposed...and the corrupt FISA warrants will be made public... and everyone knows that the totality of their broadcast content over the past two and a half years has been BS?

Their ratings continue in a death spiral and I can't help but wonder what the stockholders are thinking.

Sure, there is the global warming hoax, now called "climate change" - an ill defined 'cause' for grievance people to cling to. There is black anger stoked by the Smolett matter, also turned out to be a hoax. Or maybe there's another hoax out there that they can find and play 24/7 like the anti-Trump (hoax) broadcasting that they've done?  I'd suggest actual reporting of facts rather than trying to make the news, but that doesn't seem to appeal to them, does it?