sunset from behind the wire

sunset from behind the wire

Saturday, April 27, 2019

Arizona's Back Roads

Somewhere between Walk and Don't Walk is Cleator, Arizona
Cleator is a ghost town in Yavapai County, Arizona, United States. It lies along the road that has replaced Murphy's Impossible Railroad between Cordes and Crown King. Cleator was established in 1864 as a placer gold mining site under the name Turkey Creek Mining District .Wikipedia
The only thing remaining in the town of Cleator, which boasts people and ghosts is the bar. People from the Phoenix Valley drive down Murphy's Impossible Railroad to get there on the weekend. Women expose their bare breasts and men hoist beer mugs in respect. 

I'm not encouraging you to drive to Cleator. The bar is crowded, and the bar food is in desperate need of a chef instead of whoever is turning out the finger food. I'm just pointing out to the blogging world that such a place exists right in the middle of nowhere, not far from Bumble Bee, AZ, where there are more horses than people.

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Cat News

The Great Culling

Feral Aussie Cat, photo courtesy Wikipedia
(Independent UK) The Australian government is airdropping poisonous sausages across thousands of hectares of land in an effort to kill millions of feral cats, according to reports.

It is just one of the tactics used by the government as part its plan to kill two million feral cats by 2020 in order to protect native species.

Cats are also trapped and shot by government officials. To date, 87% of the cats killed were shot by government hunters. The poisoning effort is expected to be more cost effective. The sausages are said by Australian experts to be irresistible to cats.

The cats die within 15 minutes after eating the sausages made with kangaroo meat, chicken fat, herbs, spices, catnip and the poison, 1080, the New York Times reported.

Planes distributing the poisoned treats drop 50 sausages every kilometre in areas where the cats roam free.