sunset from behind the wire

sunset from behind the wire

Sunday, May 5, 2019


On Sunday

I found myself listening to The Eagles album, Hell Freezes Over. I attended that concert at the Pond in Anaheim, CA. Great concert, superb album. The think that I like about The Eagles and most great music, is its authenticity. I think that's what draws people to a lot of Western music. Losing your dog, your girl and your truck is something that we all experience at some point in our lives (even if only by metaphor). Many popular songs have a lot to do with loss and redemption. We all feel for that.

Americans like Authenticity

I think that was the appeal that President Trump brought to the political scene. He had a sense of authenticity. You might not like the persona of a real estate developer from Brooklyn. Many didn't and some still don't, but he was genuine and his love for America was true. He cleaned out the Republican opposition because of that genuine appeal. He beat Hillary Clinton because she was not genuine, unless we're talking about genuinely evil. 

President Bill Clinton has a genuine nature that doesn't appear to be studied when you meet him. I've never met one person who met President Clinton in the flesh who didn't come away liking him, even if they disagreed with him.

President George W. Bush is another genuine person, and he remains so. Yes, he was a globalist and part of the Bush Dynasty, but to meet George W., everyone I know came away with a feeling for his sincerity. The same was true of President Reagan. 

We can argue Obama's sincerity but he beat out Hillary (and Biden) because he was able to portray himself in a genuine way, with a desire for hope and change. Yes, he was an incompetent president, but that authenticity that he brought to the stage won him two elections.

The Democrat field, lining up for 2020, and growing daily to 22 or 23 as of this writing, lacks authenticity with the exception of the two people in the lead. Biden and Sanders, the two old white men come across as being authentic. I agree that at this point, a lot of it is name recognition, but there is a sense that they believe what they're saying. The rest of the field is looking for a gimmick to propel them into a position where they might challenge the front runners. 

In order to beat Donald Trump, the donkeys will need to field somebody who is genuine - authentic. Because the BS detectors out there can tell a fraud a mile away.

What If?

...I became a Walmart greeter?

Yeah, I know, I don't think that I'd work out. I'm a bit too blunt.

Sunday Sermonette

First, the Sermonette

Second, a Comparison

I know, ours look like first grade squiggles, but the space aliens had a lot of time to work on graphics as they crossed the void in order to graffiti some cornfield in fly-over country.

The End of Women's Sports?

If you're a guy and want to set a world record, tell everyone that you're a woman, call Ripleys or whoever records these things (PT Barnham is dead) and go for it. 
A male weightlifter, who "identifies" as a woman, smashed four women's world records in a single day, igniting a backlash from female Olympic champions. That's not the sort of inclusive sportsmanship that most of us would expect from Olympic champions. Mary Gregory is on her way to sweep her weight class at the Olympic Games unless some guys from other countries also identify as women.
Why the backlash? A woman set several world's records... You think that women would be happy to see a woman who can compete with men on a level playing field... Remember that gender and race are just constructs. You are what you think you are when you wake up on any given day.

For the record, I'd make a hideous woman. I'll stay male, heterosexual and white. There's just so much privilege that comes with that choice.

Is it The Environment?

Or is it just a scam?

Failing candidate, and fake Mexican, Irish Bob (Beto) O'Rorque, is trying to snatch headlines from Slow Joe Biden by promising to spend $5 trillion of your tax dollars on saving the planet during the coming ten years to armageddon. Beto says that the clock is counting down to our demise.

The scare tactics used by the left and their (political) scientist cronies in the climate change movement are amusing to most of this blog's readers. Every ten or so years or so there is another environmental crisis that is bound to end in global warming, global cooling, over-population or under population. It’s a magical number chosen for very specific psychological reasons that have nothing to do with climate models or actual science.

One of the first warnings came from Harvard biologist (and communist) George Wald. He recognized changes in the way many animals were acting and shifting from their habitats and estimated that “civilization will end within 15 or 30 years (twenty years ago) unless immediate action is taken against problems facing mankind.” The first Earth Day was organized and unveiled to the world in 1970. The day after the first Earth Day, the New York Times editorial warned, “Man must stop pollution and conserve his resources, not merely to enhance existence but to save the race from intolerable deterioration and possible extinction.”

There have been a lot of them. Once Y2K proved to be a dud of a worldwide catastrophe, the left of the day started latching onto more decade-long doom and gloom predictions, culminating in the infamous Al Gore predictions of the mid-00s. Ten years, and we’re done. But the ice caps have not melted and polar bears thrive. Yet the Left still peddles this crap because there are a lot of weak minded people who will donate to them.  

All you need to do is give up your plastic straws, and the planet will be safe.

The climate on Earth has been changing since the crust cooled. There isn't much that man can do about that. It's a complex thing. We can pick up trash and treat the planet kindly. We can avoid polluting. But I don't know that our impact on the climate is significant. Technology is heading in a direction that is going to make fossil fuel burning obsolete. It isn’t because of doomsday predictions . It’s because logic tells us the fuels on this planet cannot last forever. Real science tells us we need potable water and clean air. Our wallets tell us gas is expensive and nobody likes filling up a gas guzzler. But perhaps most importantly, renewable energy plus carbon-friendly nuclear energy will be better once they become more efficient and less expensive.

However, Irish Bob O'Rorque will save you if only you are willing to send him all of your money. He needs to team up with AOC and do some sort of traveling tent revival meetings, to focus on the mooches who want a crisis and want to feel as if they can fix it.

Final thoughts for this Cinco de Mayo