sunset from behind the wire

sunset from behind the wire

Friday, May 31, 2019

Considerations for the Coming Weekend

What Will Mexico Do?

We all know that they are able to stop the flow of illegal aliens (pushing through Mexico to the US) if they want to. The question has always been one of will.
"On June 10th, the United States will impose a 5% Tariff on all goods coming into our Country from Mexico, until such time as illegal migrants coming through Mexico, and into our Country, STOP. The Tariff will gradually increase until the Illegal Immigration problem is remedied, at which time the Tariffs will be removed." - President Trump 
The Communist Party's victory in the presidential elections in Mexico means that many of my friends who were in power there are not anymore, but the victory of the communists didn't mean that Mexico's problems are solved. Four years ago the exchange rate was 12 pesos to the dollar. Today it's twenty pesos to the dollar, and some forecasters predict that it could be one hundred pesos to the dollar by the end of President Lopez-Obrador's term in about five years. At that rate, the US can afford to tariff/tax Mexican goods at a 25% rate without seeing much in the way of price increases here, as they continue their economic death spiral. In fact, as Mexico declines, there could be a reduction in cost of Mexican goods despite a 25% tax. If the tax continues long enough, we'd see the emergence of other markets to supply US demands, or Mexican producers (largely agricultural) would need to accept the 25% hit. Or they stop the flow of Central Americans and others into the US.

Sure, Congress could fix the problem tomorrow, but they are too busy trying to impeach President Trump to do anything.

The Circle of Diversity and Safe Spaces

Your Cowboy Thought of the Day

Thoughts on European Union Politics

European Parliament Elections

They took place last Sunday and there are a few things that we can draw from them in terms of trending, and the way forward for the Euro-Elites that are pushing for a one-world government is...rocky.

First, the US showed a disturbing trend with the election of Donald Trump, which flew in the face of the developed deep state. It showed deep dissatisfaction within the borders of the United States, prompting a hard right turn. (In this context "right" indicates more personal freedom with greater emphasis on nationalism, and "left" indicates less personal freedom with a surrender of national identity, which is replaced by a "global identity") This emboldened movements such as BREXIT and other similar European initiatives.

Second, the Islamification of Europe has not been as popular with many Europeans as the globalists might have hoped that it would be. Since the core Tennant of Islam is 'convert or die', one might have expected a push back before now. (Charles Martel was right) They can stay in their savage lands and be savages, but it doesn't work so well when they move into civilized lands.

Third, is the undeniable fact that Germany is the key nation in the EU. There was a time when I would have thought that might work, but Germany is rotten and has been rotting from the inside out for a long time (see 'second' above). Without Germany, France and the exiting British, there is no EU and the wet dream of the globalists collapses.

National Populism Continues to Rise
National populists (which is the approved non-hostile term for describing them) advanced moderately and consolidated their previous gains substantially in the elections. Victor Orban’s Fidesz won 52 percent of the votes in Hungary. Poland’s Law and Justice party held off a multi-party attack from an organized left-wing coalition and won a majority that suggests it will win the forthcoming national elections. France’s National Rally — the latest name for the populist Right party led by Marine Le Pen — narrowly defeated the populist-centrist party of President Macron in France. (Populist-centrism may be a novel concept, and it may prove to be an unsuccessful one, but it’s the best description yet coined of Macron’s ambiguous politics.) ...In the United Kingdom, the populist Euroskeptic party, titled with stunning simplicity the Brexit party, went from its foundation five weeks ago to become the largest U.K. party in the European Parliament, with 32 percent of the national vote and 29 MEPs. But it hopes to be leaving Parliament soon.
Nationalism didn't experience a defeat anywhere in Europe with the possible exception of Denmark, where the People’s Party share of the vote was halved because the more respectable social democrats adopted their tough migration policy. But Nationalists fell well short of taking control of the European Parliament.

None of the Nationalists outside the U.K. want to leave the EU, merely to restrain it, because they are attached to the financial system as it exists and fear going it alone without France and Germany to feed (and ultimately rule) them.