sunset from behind the wire

sunset from behind the wire

Wednesday, June 26, 2019


I have a guy - who is going to switch my entire blog out of Google. I'm sure that I could do it myself, but I have a guy. And he's boarding a plane from Shanghai at high noon for the Dallas Metroplex as I type (but he won't be staying at LSP's annex in Dallas). And eventually it will be fixed. Within a couple of weeks, I'm guessing.

GOOGLE has been giving me a lot of heartache. I can't comment on my own blog, delete spam, etc. There are a couple of other blogger-driven blogs that I can comment on such as WSF or LSP. I can't comment on LindaG or the Daily Timewaster. And I suspect skulduggery on the part of Google. Call me suspicious. If I hadn't been on blogger for a long time, I'd think that the glitch was with me.

President Trump is compiling a list (HERE) and (HERE). So I'm going on record that there appears to be skulduggery. I can't tell you whether or not Google is playing fast and loose with me, but it would fit the pattern that other people have experienced.

Mike_C's Complaint

Yesterday Mike_C replied to my blog post in this way:
Playwright and occasional movie critic Stella Duffy: Net worth somewhere around $16 million. White lesbian. Sorry, Mx Duffy, as a rich white person, you DON'T get to speak for persons of color. And lesbian with a wife? A committed lesbian relationship is so bourgeois that these days it's practically straight, only with more flannel shirts and worse haircuts. How DARE you presume to speak on behalf of the truly marginalized?
Mike - Mike - Mike, women who wear comfortable shoes (as opposed to 'lipstick lesbians, who wear Jimmy Choo shoes) have been sorely oppressed. Oh, sure, they drive their Bentleys from their homes in Pacific Pallisades to Whole Foods, and shop on Rodeo Drive (which is going to be renamed Obama Boulevard), but do they find R-E-S-P-E-C-T in the world of Deplorables, which includes YOU, Mike? No. They don't. Deplorables are not bound by race or national origin. They cling to the notion of gender inflexibility, and vote for the Orange Man. Deplorables don't feel that the Academy Awards are important, or the other statue awards that the Hollywood Elite hand out to each other while making disparaging statements about the great unwashed meat eaters in fly-over country who contribute to their extravagant lifestyles, orgies and indirectly -- causes.

As one of your betters, Mike_C, she feels empowered to speak for you, one of the marginalized. She's better than you and so is her carpet-eating wife. Face it, live with it, and embrace her love for you and the rest of the little people she speaks for. I suspect that she feels that a heavily armed mouth-breather such as myself is well beneath her contempt, and far beyond redemption.

Hump Day Review

A Hog's Complaint

(Link) Young liberal activist, David Hogg, complains that assassins are hunting him and that he survived seven attempts on his life. You can read the article, but I want to know who the incompetent would be killers are. They need to be sentenced to service in the Marine Corps where they can improve their skill sets at Edson Range (& building 31498) at Camp Pendleton.  (range named for Major General Merrit A. (Red Mike) Edson, USMC)

Of course, the reality is that Hogg and other progs complain that conservatives are hunting them. If that was actually the case, there would be far fewer progs, and the Democrat caucus would be thinner.  The problem with most progs is that they project themselves onto others. This is particularly true when it comes to private ownership of firearms. .02% of all firearms are used to commit crimes. It's statistically insignificant. Yet the rant continues to disarm honest, lawful Americans. Hogg tries to position himself as the point of that spear and as a martyr - because it pays the bills. And if you want to keep that money coming, you have to make an outrageous claim to stay 'relevant'. Or you have to propose some sort of goofy BS like the Green New Deal.

Concentration Camps

People have to scale the wall to get in but then...
In Sri Lanka

Gnanarathana Vero, the chief prelate of one of the largest Buddhist chapters in Sri Lanka, called for the stoning of Muslim doctors and for boycotts of all Muslim-owned restaurants, stores and enterprises. Gnanarathana’s Chapter includes 565 temples around the island. Sri Lanka hosts 6,000 Buddhist monasteries.

It seems as if the famed Buddhist tolerance for people has reached its saturation point when it comes to Mohammedans. 

Sri Lanka extended emergency rule for a third month. On 22 June, the government extended the law  that grants emergency powers to security forces for a third month . It was first enacted on 21 April in response to the multiple bombings of three hotels and three churches by Sri Lankan jihadists on Easter Sunday. 

I'm sure that if the Sri Lankan jihadists are deported, that NY Mayor (and presidential hopeful) Bill DiBlasio will call for them to be relocated in his city.

Sponging off Society

Politicians are proud to offer to pay for votes using other people's money.

If it passes, I'll join the filthy hoard by signing up for a couple classes in a JC and never showing up, and using my government loan to pay my mortgage and for a new car that I'd like to buy. Socialism baby - ride that train until there is no 'other people's money' - then Venezuela where currency is used as toilet paper because toilet paper is too expensive.

The only question is how many Americans are too stupid to understand that. Or is their greed so powerful that it overrides all else?

Time will tell. My generation of Deplorables is dying off and when we're gone it will be up to the next bunch - Millennials, Gen X and so forth. God help us.

It's a Movie about Toys

(linkCritic Slams 'Toy Story 4' For Sexism, Disableism, And Having 'No Black Leads'. There are African American actor's voices, but the toys that they portray are not black (ghetto) enough. Make of that what you will. Mr. Potato Head's parts fall off - which is an insult to disabled people...