sunset from behind the wire

sunset from behind the wire

Monday, July 8, 2019

Summer Politics

Political Posturing and Womyn's Issues

As each grievance group tries position itself to stand front and center with the 'progressive left', there are a few trends emerging and the womyn are trying to kick it into gear. The next rallying cry is "end the stigma" on abortion. Since women killing their babies for shits and giggles is difficult to chat about, the left wants to end discussion about abortion. They do this on most hot-button issues. It's politically incorrect to discuss it, so let's change the subject to something that they feel that womyn can get behind.

The next big push will be "Equal pay for women." If you've been following the news, a group of lesbians won a soccer game in France against hapless competition which no one watched. Having won, they want to be paid the same as male World Cup champions who play before billions of viewers. Furthermore, they have demands that will capture the imagination of the twenty-or-so Democrats, each of whom wants to be leader of the Free World. (1) The womyn don't want male referees; (2) They don't want male sporting events to be broadcast at the same time as their matches; (3) They don't want anyone criticizing their poor sportsmanship; (4) They hate the National Anthem and what America stands for and Trump and all criticism is sexist; (5) They want you to respect women's soccer; (6) They each want $400 million for their play in a sport that only a few million viewers worldwide watch. 

My solution would be to end gender designation for sports teams all together. If you're good enough to play on the team, you make the team. If not, play on the weekend with your lesbian friends at the local soccer pitch. After all, isn't race and gender just a construct? Let the best players compete.

But that's not how it will go down. So in the alternative, I have a slogan for USA Womyn's Soccer: "Our Bulls are more Bullish than yours."

Democrat Civil War

Speaker Nancy (Nasty) Pelosi (D-CA) is working hard to slander AOC, the face of the "Progressive Party", and to stamp out the influence of the moronic AOC and her coterie of Congressional freaks and misfits. Yes, it's true. Hell froze over. Pelosi is now the voice for moderate Congressional Democrats. However, she's not winning the battle because the corrupt, sly, smug, lying mainstream media is pushing the radical agenda that plays well in trendy bars in New York, San Francisco, Austin and so forth - but not with America.

No issue is too outlandish, too freaky, too absurd, too crazy for the progressive wing of the Donkey Party to embrace. One of the latest is the conflation of immigrant detention centers, which illegal aliens can leave and go back over the fence whenever they want to, with Nazi concentration camps. Somewhat moderate Donkeys are concerned that this will cost them votes. But the progs don't care because they've done the math and have decided that Jewish votes don't matter to them.

Reparations to black people (though nobody can decide how much negro blood you need to be considered to be 'black enough') is another rallying cry that Pelosi is trying to squash. A recent study found that actual reparations -- as if there was such a thing -- would cost $17 trillion. It works out to $442.71 for each black person. The radical left wants to promise the $17 trillion but not deliver in the finest traditions of politicians throughout history.

It's Good News

All in all, it's good news for President Trump. He is the pro-American candidate and the Democrats are identifying as anti-American candidates.

The better-than-expected June jobs report confirms the economy remains strong, dampening ceaseless speculation (and left-wing hope) about a pending recession. Meanwhile, relentless hounding of the president by his political foes has had zero impact on his popularity among Republicans. If anything, the unimaginable vitriol has further hardened his support, and is causing the defection of their precious black voters (almost 40% now support President Trump).

It says something that the corrupt, lying, churlish, pugnacious, sly press was rhapsodic about the Gay Pride Parade in New York but could not find anything good to say about a parade celebrating our nation’s military on Independence Day.

President Trump and the Republican National Committee have raised $105 million for his reelection bid, far surpassing the amounts raised by any predecessor or by any Democrat hoping to unseat him. The majority of the money comes from small donors -- a claim that Bernie likes to boast of, except that he's earned a small fraction of the money that has come in to support and re-elect the President.

Hong Kong Protests and other Observations

Hong Kong Protests

Yesterday, Sunday, 7 July, Hong Kong protestors demonstrated with the purpose of informing Chinese tourists about their grievances and demands. They marched to the high-speed railroad station in Kowloon that connects to the Chinese high-speed rail system at Guangzhou in southern China.

Organizers said about 230,000 turned out for Sunday’s protests. The Hong Kong police said the turnout was 56,000 at its peak. It's up to you, dear reader, to decide where the truth is. And since the past protests numbered over a million, it's not inconceivable that Hong Kong could see numbers like that again

The local media in Hong Kong is much the same as CNN and MSNBC are in the US. That is to say that they are not interested in telling the truth and remaining relevant. Hong Kong residents know that Chinese media published limited news coverage of the Hong Kong protests. A BBC reporter said the Chinese leadership wants to prevent the spread of self-help activism to other Chinese cities. 

Arrests have begun. News services reported that the Hong Kong police have started arresting protestors. At least 70 people have been arrested thus far. These arrests are the first of many to come. The police are said to be tracking and hunting hundreds of protestors, and waves of city-wide arrests are expected by local journalists. 

A legislator on Taiwan has proposed enacting an asylum law for Hong Kong activists. That will go over well with PRC leadership in Beijing.

The protestors have created an escalatory spiral, expanding their demands after the government made substantial concessions and creating new reasons for large street demonstrations. 

The campaign for more rights will end with Hong Kong residents possessing fewer rights. Tyranny shows its ugly face. America had that problem with Great Britain in the 1770's.  Unless Hong Kong "breaks away from the PRC". Nobody thinks that they have the capacity to do this, and there is no nation with sufficient strength to do that to China with an inclination to help. The leadership in Beijing considers this to be a cancer that needs to be excised as soon as it can manage it (out of the international spotlight). It's unlikely that the oligarchs who run the People's Republic of China will unleash the People's Liberation Army to bayonet protesters in the street. They'll handle it differently.

What Will Happen to Slick Willy?

Whether the indicted Mr. Epstein ends up in prison, or not, the question of Mr. Clinton and others is far more interesting. Among the rich and powerful in America, there were a lot of male passengers on Epstein's private jet. And "Fantasy Island" was a powerful magnet, drawing them there.