sunset from behind the wire

sunset from behind the wire

Friday, October 25, 2019

Science Friday

Editorial Thank You to Ed B. - It appears that with deft maneuvering with Chrome that I am able to comment on my own blog again.

Friday is a slow blogging day usually. And I'm hurting all over after having chopped/sawed and split/mauled two cords of wood. I need to get a twenty ton ram (gas powered) log splitter next year. That changes the whole dynamic. I'm also trying to decide whether to get more exotic with wood racks or to just pound in a couple steel fence posts and set the wood on lengths of 3" PVC (a favored style here in the Arizona highlands). I constructed a fancy and esthetically pleasing wood rack for half a cord on the covered deck/outdoor living area, but there's no need to store it all there.

I'm hoping to have a mild winter after last year's record breaking snow and cold. But my hopes rarely translate into anything beyond mere 'hope'. Today I'm assembling steel storage racks down the hill in the mine area.

So I thought that I'd link some articles that I've read recently and have found interesting. Submitted for your approval. 

Big Squid
(link) A team of divers filmed a rare glimpse of a huge transparent egg sac containing hundreds of thousands of baby squid.

The stunning underwater video was filmed by Ronald Raasch, 48, as he was diving with two other team-members from the research vessel REV Ocean in the cold waters outside Ørsta, Norway.

On October 5, the team of divers was swimming back to shore after visiting a WWII shipwreck about 200 metres from the coast, when they had a once-in-a-lifetime encounter with a mysterious object.

Floating 17 metres below the surface and 15 metres above the ocean floor, was a giant transparent orb which the divers quickly identified as a 10-armed squid’s egg sac.
(link) Physicists from MIT have now provided the first known example of a fractal arrangement in a quantum material. 
The patterns were seen in an unexpected distribution of magnetic units called 'domains', which develop in a compound called neodymium nickel oxide - a rare earth metal with extraordinary properties.

(link) I never knew how Irish linen was made. This video explains the process. Flax and linen farming was one of County Donegal's biggest home industries for centuries. Think of the trial and error that must have been involved in taking flax and turning it into linen.

Should I buy a Pet Wolf?

There is a wolf sales outlet (People breed them) near Tucson, AZ. I'm not ready for a wolf yet, primarily because I still travel, but in my dotage it might be nice to have a wolf. Wolves are -- wolves, and bring their own wolf problems, but if a dog isn't as big and tough as a wolf here, I don't know that they'd survive unless you locked them down day and night.

Cars and trucks hit elk along SR 87 all of the time. Often they result in fatalities. The road crews never haul off the roadkill and I didn't understand but now I know why. The predators strip a dead elk to the bones within three days. Between cats, lions, coyotes, wolves and the buzzards doing the final clean up it's like piraña live in the forest. You don't see people with those little yappy dogs around here and there is a good reason for it. They are simply too low on the food chain. So if I am to have K-9 companionship, I've narrowed it down to a wolf. It's too cold up here in the winter for short hair dogs like pit bulls to be comfortable and it never gets THAT warm.

So I'm mulling it over. Yes, Juliette, I know that you have a pet wolf in bucolic, tame, England. But here, I don't know it there's an option.


WSF - Romney does have his moments. He stepped in and salvaged the Salt Lake City Winter Olympics. I held my nose and voted against the Lightbringer and would do so again. Maybe. 

Who I will gleefully vote for again is President Trump. I hope his health holds up for another great four years.

Sate Department? They, along with all civil servants, should recognize they are employees, not "stakeholders". Stakeholders! What a crock!
Many of the State Department people are graduates of Satan's Vatican. They feel that it confers an elite status on them and calling them 'employees' when they are in that self-aggrandizing position insults them and their alma mater.
Fredd said - I, too, voted for Willard Romney. He's taken a turn in his career, and not for the better, IMO. I think we can count on Willard to vote to impeach Uncle Donald, if it comes to that. But I can't imagine another 19 senators will vote for impeachment as well. 

Gay state department diplomats? For certain, Richard Grenell (Amb. to Germany) is openly gay and he seems truly committed to the president and the Trump agenda. What attracts gays to serve in this capacity, just curious. 
I don't know. The work that they do is neither dangerous or arduous and there are a lot of social perks to being an FSO. They pay is not spectacular, so they're not getting the really outstanding Harvard types. If you're gay and an underachiever, and graduated from the right school, you can join the nest. MOST of them hate President Trump.
As far as Deep State deniers, there is another name for them: leftists, who hate our country as founded. These Deep Staters and the deniers need to be outed, every nasty one of them, fired and left to fend for themselves rather than suck on the federal teat and then bite the hand that feeds them.

Scum, all of'em (I would wish a pox on them and theirs, but that goes without saying).
President Trump (starting with SECSTATE Tillerson) started downsizing the State Department. I participated in some of those early moves as a contractor/hatchetman.  The purge apparently continues. The question of "tell me what you do here?" caused some of them some consternation. A few cried. Slide a paper across the desk, "Write down your schedule for the next ten days" caused some to ask, "Are you kidding?" Some wise ass in Mexico City told me that it was classified. We got through that hurdle with blinding speed and found that he didn't do anything that actually required a security clearance above "Confidential". A pox would help clear out the dead weight. I have a history of working cooperatively with the State Dept. When Heinz needed somebody to behead people (figuratively), John Kerry hired my small firm to handle the discrete nature of the biz. They didn't care about politics. They just wanted things handled right.
Jim - Now I'll have to start referring to Romney as Pierre from here on out. I like that better than Mittens as some have been calling him. Noe Delecto-Danger seems like an inspired pairing for some office. Which one would be best remains to be seen.
I'm not so much into demeaning Mitt Romney as I am disappointed in him. He'll remain a senator from Utah until he doesn't want the job anymore. Just one more deep state type who will work as a closet liberal in much the same way as he operated when he was governor of Massachusetts.