sunset from behind the wire

sunset from behind the wire

Tuesday, February 19, 2019

The Long War

The long war began with the birth of prophet Mohammed (may his beard fall out - may a thousand lice infest his pubic area of each follower and multiply twice daily) and the expansion of Islam. They had trouble with El Cid, with Charles Martel and saw defeat when they invaded Europe, but as every blog reader knows, they've successfully invaded Europe and Islamic Africa is producing enough people that the movement north of their seed is inevitable given the lack of European resolve to resist. Resistance is not futile, but you need to have the will to do it.

I'm not sure why Europeans are so resistant to having children, but being an American, I don't know that it's fair of me to speculate... but when did that stop me? There is a selfishness to modern Europe. The value of 'me' exceeds the value of children. We see it in the US too in the me generation. It takes a lot of commitment to raise children. They need their parents' time and love and devotion. Where time is more precious for personal pursuits, where money is more precious to buy toys, and where love and devotion is a narcissistic imperative, the population suffers. And in the German nation, they thought that the importation of 1 million military age Muslim males would offset their lack of population. What could possibly go wrong?

It's not just the West. China's war with Islam is every bit as real, every bit as profound and they are as serious as a heart attack when it comes to restraining the spread. The Russians invited the Muslims to leave. In the British Isles, "Islamophobia" has been criminalized, and drawing a picture of Mohammed is somehow evil... don't ask me to explain it. The East sees a problem (including the Eastern European nations) and the West takes a different approach to what the Russians refer to as 'human lice'.

Artist's impression of Mohammed
Islam is more of a political movement than it is a religious one. Muslims would disagree, but there is an obvious political bent. There's also a lot of weird sicko-sexual things that one associates with the movement like sexual mutilation of girls and the self-explained need for Muslim men to rape any woman who doesn't cover her head and hair. It's a violent political movement, wrapped around faith.

The war against Islam by non-muslim people will continue long after my life had ended and woe to the people who ignore the threat.

Monday, February 18, 2019

Gift Giving is Important

For the man in your life who has everything, Boeing presents:

F-4 Phantom II Ejection Seat III
Item No. "667066010538"


Product Details

Get all fired up in the comfort of your own home or office. This artifact is a genuine ejection seat from a legendary McDonnell F-4 Phantom II fighter jet. The two-seat F-4 twinjet was one of the most versatile fighters ever built. It boasted top speeds more than twice the speed of sound and became the U.S. Navy's fastest, highest flying, and longest range fighter. Both the Navy Blue Angels and Air Force Thunderbirds flight demonstration teams flew the F-4 from 1969 to 1973. This Mk.7 rocket-assisted ejection seat, built by British manufacturer Martin-Baker Aircraft Co. Ltd., has been professionally cleaned and refurbished and riveted to a sturdy 3/16" rolled-steel base with a natural-looking hand-applied blackened-metal finish. 

A Custom Hangar plaque is affixed to the underside of the base, and a Certificate of Authenticity is included. Each piece is unique, and actual seat may vary slightly from photograph. Measures 22"W x 43"D x 57"H. Weighs approximately 200 lb. Made in USA. *NOTE: This artifact is sold as is with no guarantee that parts maintain original function. Not for flight use.*


If you were thinking of buying me something for my den, this would be a good choice.

Sunday, February 17, 2019


This is CNN

The word 'hogwash' comes to mind when I am sitting in an airport and inadvertently pay attention to the television playing CNN. I did see some panic over the possibility that elements of the Party may not follow the other Party lemmings into the sea over the Green New Deal. There are a lot of rich progs, and while the talk of a 70% income tax is something that they talk about in public, in private, it's another story. Many of them are rich enough that they can simply live somewhere else and "make their money" there, while living a token existence in Aspen, Malibu or Martha's Vineyard. They'd pay no tax in the US because they'd have no money here. Their fortunes naturally, tied up in trusts, bonds and stock elsewhere through nominee owners or straw corporations would be far from the devastation of the progressive tax code.

The CNN progs may be reading the tea leaves correctly, which is disquieting. They really want four more years of Trump. The President and their all-consuming hatred for him is the only thing keeping their meager ratings up and the company afloat.

Liberal Icon Anthony Weiner

He's out of prison and my sense is that the Democrats need him in New York City to help patch things up after Amazon wisely dumped the Big Apple and its stupid politicians. His acute political skill may yet serve the Donkey party. 

Weiner, may team up with Eric Holder, who has announced his candidacy for President a month or so ago, may yet become the dream team of Weiner Holder. It's progressiveness personified. 

Will Weiner get back into Hillary Clinton's good graces? Will he and his ex-wife Huma Weiner get back together. The rumor runs that Hillary and Huma (lesbian partners) had their affair ruined by Anthony Weiner and his antics - and ownership of the computer that contained all of the missing Clinton e-mail (classified and otherwise). The FBI never did complete their investigation of the Weiner laptop did they? Well bless their hearts.

Spartacus has a New Friend

Will Spartacus Booker, who announced his candidacy for President in 2020, along with about 50 other Democrats, is trying to cultivate a friendship with famous prostitute Stormy Daniels. Could the team of Booker and Hooker eclipse the hopes of Weiner-Holder?

Some of you are likely saying to yourselves that this can't be true. While you say that, remind yourselves that Spartacus Booker also signed onto the Green New Deal what will eliminate air travel, cars, cows, while taxing everyone so much that nobody will work (but will still be paid as if they did).

Cyclical Human Folly

The Gods of the Copybook Headings, a poem by Rudyard Kipling, written shortly after the end of the First World War, and the Communist Revolution, comes back again and again to my recollection as does The City of Brass. There isn't much new under the Sun and all it takes is a little effort to understand why things usually go wrong. Given the vast volumes that detail in excruciating granularity the march of mankind's folly, we should be able to avoid it. Shouldn't we?

"...As it will be in the future, it was at the birth of Man
There are only four things certain since Social Progress began.
That the Dog returns to his Vomit and the Sow returns to her Mire,
And the burnt Fool's bandaged finger goes wabbling back to the Fire;

"And that after this is accomplished, and the brave new world begins
When all men are paid for existing and no man must pay for his sins,
As surely as Water will wet us, as surely as Fire will burn,
The Gods of the Copybook Headings with terror and slaughter return!"
                                            -- The Gods of the Copybook Headings, Kipling

The problem in the USA is that politicians figured out that they can use our tax money to buy votes for themselves from people who pay almost no taxes. Ok, it was also a problem in Ancient Rome, etc. etc. Conservatives built civilizations and "progressives" of their day destroyed them. Sort of like typhus, spread by rats, has become a problem in government buildings in downtown Los Angeles. When you embrace garbage, human detritus and decay, those sorts of diseases follow in your wake.

This sort of study should be required in every college and university, but naturally it isn't because the march of folly is encouraged. There is a difference between good and evil, and evil, by all indications, has a significant advantage.

Saturday, February 16, 2019

Happy to Oblige

Does Life Exist? (Your Weekend Sermonette)

The Universe

Some scientists have posited that the universe is a giant computer simulation. (here) They assert that it's all a virtual mirage, which is, coincidentally, the name of this blog.

Then along comes Cosmos, disagreeing (here).

And will we be dead in 12 years do to either global warming or the new ice age (global cooling)? Does that mean that the simulation is ending?

That scientists have the time and funding to gather together, to discuss this might impress you. They get together to discuss a lot of drivel at scientific conferences, but this is serious stuff! It's not just PhD's working on the next thing to publish...really.

If this whole universe is nothing but a computer simulation, where is the computer? I realize that's like asking how many angels can dance on the head of a pin.

At the White Wolf Mine (in the Arizona Highlands)

Meanwhile, in the middle of the simulation that we call life, I came home Friday to the hovel, and the ENTIRE pace was masked and draped (views of the kitchen and great room below).

In order to go to bed, I had to pull back drop cloths and plastic and stuff. I called and asked, "can't you do one room at a time?" Apparently not. The simulation sucks.

The good news was that the snow had almost completely melted. I like snow, and all, but am ready for Spring to spring into action here in on the Mogollon Rim. This is a time lapse of about fifteen minutes this morning:

Yeah, whoever is doing the simulating is beginning to tick me off. 

The black line in the concrete is a steel grate that serves as a drain and dumps moisture off, down the hill on the other side of the house. The driveway drain system is not complete. The snow has kept the work from being done - and I thought that... Never mind/vain hope/more snow is here. The photo makes it look like the drain goes up hill, and that's just the way I held the phone.

Locals said that they had been praying for more snow. I need to get LSP into action, counter-praying for warm weather and global warming. My new philosophy is "give the progs the warmth they desire". The coming ice age may dash the hopes, dreams and yearning of the Hollywood elite (our betters, who pretend to be actual people for a living). 

I am leaving the White Wolf Mine to the painters, soon, for a week, so that they can complete their task, and I can generate income to pay for the continued construction. As you might have read (earlier post), the original painting company who did the primer coat, walked off the job and I went after his bond. These new guys seem diligent, even though it's only a simulation of diligence. The simulated construction work here at the shack will continue for some time, I fear. The simulators could fix it and just make it done...but no.

If you ask yourself why part of the LL fleet of vehicles is not in the garage, it's full of STUFF waiting to go into the house when the painting is complete. (simulated stuff)


The Solar Energy Solution

I realize that the people who drift past this blog have been waiting for a solution to the energy needs of the United States (rest of the world be damned - yes, that includes England, Juliette. Find your own energy solution)

Using generally accepted numbers, solar panels convert about 10% +/- of the available energy from sunlight.

The United States uses about 4 petawatt-hours per year (4,000 trillion watts). In order to get that sort of coverage, we'd need to bulldoze and flatten a number of states. Better to stick with the states that are flat now to save money. Kansas, Oklahoma, Texas, The Dakotas, Nebraska and the flat part of Tennessee. If we covered them completely in solar panels, we'd be moving in the right direction, providing that none of them were ever covered by snow (global warming should help - unless I'm right and we're headed for an ice age). None of that surface area would account for increased need in the future.

For you math majors, you need to factor in clouds, maintenance, taking things offline, terrorist attacks on the grid that take part of it down from time to time and meteor strikes that could smash a big piece of the giant black piece of glass. Contingencies mean that we need a bigger space.

In order to save the crop-producing states, it might be better just to depopulate and level Africa and cover it with solar collectors. They work better at the equator because the sunlight striking the surface on a clear day generates more electricity. We need an area about the size of Australia covered in NOTHING BUT black glass - for the US only, given current needs.

Naturally, the progs will think that would be a great idea, but there is always the law of unintended consequences as a continent sized chunk of mirrored glass and the change in albedo would clearly impact global cooling. I know, if it's at the equator, the glaciers would get to it last.


To save the Democrat Party we need to outlaw white bed sheets.

Friday, February 15, 2019

Time to Get Green!

The day of love and restaurants with 'special menus' for the lovers crowding in to celebrate St. Valentine's Day - has past. The chocolate boxes are empty, the flowers are wilting, the dipped berries are causing loose stools, and the bottles of bubbly have been the name of love. I didn't have time to indulge, but I trust that you all did. Now, you're likely feeling some shame as the whole holiday is conspicuous consumption of vital natural resources. In the future there will be none of this frivolity under the Green New Deal.

No more jetting off to the Bahamas to impress the super model that you've just begun to date. No more jets at all. You can teleconference if you want a virtual presence. The power will come from the wind and if it's not windy where you are - no teleconference. It wasn't important anyway.

I know, we're flogging this subject to death on the blogs just as Amazon was lashed from New York City on a rail, taking their 25,000 jobs with them. "We don't need your kind," was the cry from the progressive left. And Amazon listened.

Seattle doesn't want them. New York doesn't want them, because Bezos' ownership of the left wing rag, Washington Post isn't progressive enough. They destroy trees to create that newspaper. Sure, most of the trees have been recycled a dozen times, but none of that matters.

Every day thousands of innocent plants are killed and consumed by greedy vegetarians (h/t Jules) and that needs to end as well. Soylent Green, a non-vegetable product is really all you need to eat in the brave new world. Drink down your Soylent Green and feel the love of a wounded planet as you join the ranks of the enlightened. (Soylent Green does not contain any beef either)

You know, I think that it's delightful that the Democrat Party has embraced this as their platform. All of the cool contenders for the Democrat nominee have signed on. No more business that's not government business, has become their hue and cry as they work hard to establish a socialist paradise for all of the donkeys who are disposed to vote for them. No more airplanes, no more automobiles, no more cows, yada-yada-yada.

It's telling me that we'll have a landslide in 2020.