sunset from behind the wire

sunset from behind the wire

Sunday, August 30, 2009

Alms - please!

Times are hard and nobody has suffered more than the executives at AIG, General Motors and Citicorp. It's time to dig deep, reach out and find it in your heart to buoy up those who have been hurt worst by the financial recession.

You can make a difference!

Please consider sponsoring one of these unfortunates. Reach out now and understand that they don't really want a hand-up, they want a hand-out. Please support President Obama in his upcoming:

HR 4100 FUNDAMENTAL UNIVERSAL CURRENCY KINDNESS Act of 2009, designed to bail out executives who have fallen on hard times. A Change you can believe in...


  1. 3,700 dollars per day, ha!

    I worry that the makers of this video are trying to stoke the fires of class warfare, necessary for the socialist/communist takeover of America. Don't hate CEOs, try to be one. And if sub prime mortgages don't make sense, change the regulations on that.

    It is something I am sensitive to. We must keep the American Dream alive for our children.

  2. I keep trying to write the check, but my tears keep smearing the ink.

  3. Nickie - use the 1500 pages of the healthcare bill that will cost us $2 trillion to dry your eyes.

    Opus - The problem of excesses lays at the feet of the GOVERNMENT who underwrote every single excess that corporate America followed. It was the GOVERNMENT which demanded sub-prime mortgages, not the market.


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