sunset from behind the wire

sunset from behind the wire

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

The US Nuclear Weapons Posture

Nuclear capable countries

The United States Nuclear Arsenal is aging. It's time to make more bombs!

I know that's not what President Barack Hussein Obama (our Dear Leader) wants to see. He feels that we should scrap a large percentage of our nuclear arsenal based on comments made this week. It is folly to do that.

Rather than simply parrot other more qualified people than myself, I refer you to the Federation of American Scientists and the US Defense Science Board (CLICK HERE). I'll summarize their recommendations.

Recommendations for nuclear weapons policy and forces include:

1. Leaders should declare “unequivocally and frequently” that nukes are still needed.
2. Establish a Red Team to look for nuclear enemies.
3. Establish a Deterrence Team to figure out how to better deter current and future adversaries.
4. The missile defense under construction is inadequate to deal with countermeasures and needs to be upgraded.
5. Accelerate development of “a credible Nuclear Leg of the Strike Triad.”
6. Figure out what to do with nuclear forces beyond the SORT treaty, but hedge (it is now called “remain reversible”) against negative developments in Russian and China.
7. Modernize the command and control system.
8. The Nuclear Weapons Council should establish a policy that no single warhead type makes up more than 20 percent of the deployed stockpile (i.e., the stockpile should consist of at least five different warhead types).
9. RRW-1, as the first Reliable Replacement Warhead prototype is called, should be a full weapons program.

Recommendations for the nuclear weapons production complex include:

1. Produce “a predetermined number of RRW-class warheads” per year by 2012.
2. Create a National Nuclear Weapons Agency to support Complex 2030.
3. Retain all three nuclear weapons labs.
4. The Secretary of Defense should figure out which is easier: sustain the current quantities and diversity of nuclear weapons or build new ones.
5. Create an Assistant Secretary of Defense for Strategic Weapons with a Deputy Assistant Secretary of Defense for Nuclear Weapons.
6. Get congressional approval to appoint the Deputy Secretary of Defense as the Nuclear Weapons Council and make the commander of STRATCOM a member of the Nuclear Weapons Council.

To those liberals who think I've slipped a cog on my wheel by suggesting that we modernize our nuclear weapons, I am not necessarily suggesting that we make more weapons. I am suggesting that we institute a program to construct Reliable Replacement Warheads (RRW's). We have treaties with the Russians on absolute number of warheads allowable and I think we're fine with that amount. Many of them are smaller warheads (theater nuclear weapons) used for nuclear demolitions (the so-called suitcase/backpack weapons), nuclear artillery rounds and so forth. Hydrogen bombs have a shelf life. The tritium in the weapons needs to be refreshed and serviced on a periodic (classified) basis. We can extend the life of existing nuclear weapons through a program of modernization.

The current president of the United States does not have America's best interests at heart. His agenda and that of his closest advisor remains suspect in the minds of many Americans. It's not that I have personal rancor toward Dear Leader, however, his nuclear disarmament motives are suspect. I won't outline those motives here because they have been clearly outlined elsewhere on this blog.


  1. I am always amazed that the left thinks it's dangerous that WE have nuclear weapons. Not only have those weapons stopped the cycle of world wars, which really dates back well before the official WWI, but we have never shown an inclination to use them except in the most extreme circumstances and not against anyone who isn't a direct threat to us. So why does that make our arsenal dangerous?

    And how can they then turn around and not see the danger in countries like Iran having the bomb?

  2. Agreed. The stability of ageing warheads is a serious issue that I'm afraid many don't understand. Moreover, as the urgency to do something hightens, we cannot afford to let those on the left use this as an opportunity to simply dismantle them.

  3. It's time for a new generation of Obama "green" bombs. They'll be solar-powered, and armed with biodegradable shrapnel-like corn products.

  4. Nickie- Could we simply drop Van Jones on Iran and call it even?

  5. I agree. The deterrent value of our arsenal has stopped a huge expansionist project in its tracks. More recently it has stopped or substantially slowed proliferation efforts by some would-be dangerous people. The leftwigs have diverted our focus (one of their favorite maneuvers) from modernization to anti-proliferation. The latter only works if we are the only ones who could provide build information. At this point in world events, being able to deter an enemy from thoughts of aggression is about the only option we have. We do have some pretty slick stuff with "dial-a-yield" and very accurate delivery methods, but they should be kept up to date with technology. This makes sense if for no other reason than that of reliability. Yes, we should build more. We need to spread them among the delivery methods as you mentioned, and maintain and upgrade that stockpile, not only for tactical use, but strategically as well.

    We should also update our doctrine regarding their use. By now the secrets of the 1950s and 1960s has long been promulgated to the world. We need to ensure our battle and deployment plans are updated so that rogue states can't be sure exactly what would constitute provocation.

  6. Obama is obsessed with leaving a legacy behind with his name all over it. He wants to be responsible for weakening this country.

  7. My wife always asks me why do they bother going to the moon anyway. Um yea ..hello hun the more you push something the more you learn. I was not the smartest kid in my class but I tried on my own and learned from that.

    Can anyone tell me are we as a country tyring to learn new weapons technology when it comes to Nuclear Bombs etc? Or is it just Iran/Pakistan/India and all the other boys...

    Lately I feel we just want to relax and invite everyone over for some coolaid.


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