sunset from behind the wire

sunset from behind the wire

Sunday, November 8, 2009

Barack Obama - The Lion King (Scar)

The Lion King is an animated feature produced by Walt Disney Feature Animation in 1994. It was released on Broadway as a play and I saw the play in New York three months ago with my daughter, Emilie, who wanted to see it as part of a high school graduation present.
The play takes place in the Pride Lands where a lion rules over ll other animals as king. But all is not well. The King, Mufasa, has a brother, Scar, who would be king. Scar gains the loyalty of the hyenas by claiming that if he becomes king, they'll "never go hungry again". Scar tells the hyenas to kill Mufasa and Simba (the king's son and heir) thus establishing his plan of regicide. The hyenas carry out the orders of Scar and the plan is fulfilled.

The hyenas, who are parasitic scavengers destroy the land and years later when a now mature Simba returns to the Pride Lands, he finds that everything has been destroyed and eaten. The once lush Pride Lands are now desolate.
Disney picked a recurring theme in history to use as the pattern we see played out in The Lion King.

Barack Hussein Obama promised those who would eat the bread of other men that he would give them the spoils if they voted for his vision of "hope and change". As with the situations we've seen in other countries, retold in written and oral history, that state of affairs can not be sustained. As Margaret Thatcher so aptly put it, "the problem with socialism is that eventually you run out of other people's money." The something-for-nothing crowd took the White House and have been working hard to reapportion everything for the sake of what will one day be nothing (Lion King Scenario). The trillion dollar Pelosi health care bill is the latest in a long list of their efforts to do this.


  1. The people who voted for Obama are so stupid. The Democrats are penalizing the very people who have the capability to provide jobs. Plus, if you take more of their pie than there will be less money available and that means employers will not be able to hire as many employees. This discourages people from working hard. Why work hard when its going to be taxed to the extreme, and wasted on various types of taxes. These Democrats are a bunch of damn freedom haters.


  2. The ultimate in arrogance. To buy election votes with *our* money! There ought to be substantially more outrage than I'm seeing.

    And some of those votes were garnered by way of acorn, which means they are probably invalid. Outrage again?

    These socialists are destroying my homeland. I will not sit idly as they do so. Nobody should.

  3. "parasitic scavengers"

    In those two words you've described the life breath of the Democrat Party.

  4. Well done, LL-san.

    It is true that rulers, generally, do not read history. Or maybe they think, in their narcissistic way, that the forces fact and truth will not level them one of these days. But the damage they do before they're brought down is immense.

  5. The parallel is uncomfortable.

  6. The Lion King is my ultimate most favorite movie!! I too saw TLK on Broadway, but that was about 14 years ago for my 9th birthday. I know this is a late comment response to your post, but I am currently watching TLK on abc family and realized that Scar is very similar to Obama. I Googled The Lion King, Scar, and Obama, and came across your post. You put it great words to show the similarities. Well done! I am now anticipating to read your most current postings!


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