sunset from behind the wire

sunset from behind the wire

Thursday, July 30, 2009

Keep and Bear Arms

The Second Amendment is important. Here's why (with a hat-tip to WoFat).

I'm sure some who read this blog will say - that poor man, will open their wallets, their hearts and their homes and would move him in. Those would be liberals.

Some of us have a different approach.

Encountering Iran

Iran is a country run by a rational shadow government which managed against all odds to influence/control the bulk of Iraq (due to US bungling), Palestine, and bring considerable influence to the Gulf States and Egypt. More recently the Shiite Muslims have been able to defeat the Israeli Army in Lebanon.

Accurate accounts of Shiite atrocities, such as raping virgins who protest the government before they execute them blast across the headlines, accounting atrocities that are unthinkable to us. How do we reconcile any constructive engagement with a nation steeped in such barbarous practices?

The west has two choices: END dependence on oil from the Middle East, or find a way to deal effectively with Iran - and by that I do not advocate a war.

America has its first Muslim President, Brarack Hussein Obama. What has he done except to play the clown to the Saudis and to Iran (the two big players in the Oil Game in the Middle East)? Fellow Muslims in the Middle East consider American Black Muslims to be somewhat of a goof - so he may wish to play the Muslim card, but nobody there cares.

Iran holds 55% of the world's oil reserves under its soil and 17 million barrels of crude sail through the Straits of Hormuz every single day. "Nuke their ass and steal their gas" won't work, and the Iranian leadership knows it. When I refer to their leadership, I don't include Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, who is at best a figurehead, wielding very little real power inside Iran.

So how do we play the game? What do you think?