sunset from behind the wire

sunset from behind the wire

Thursday, November 5, 2009

Is Nancy Pelosi out of touch with Reality?

In a comment on a previous blog, my friend, also known as WoFat, commented on the air some of the Congress must breathe and how it must be different from that which the rest of us suck in and push out. Nowhere is that more extreme than with Speaker of the House of Representatives, Nancy D'Alesandro Pelosi (D-CA). Personally, she's one of if not -the- wealthiest in Congress.

She's used to privilege since her father was a US Congressman too. In an act of supreme hubris, Rep. Pelosi commutes between San Francisco, California and Washington, DC on a VC-32A. That's a Boeing 757-200 aircraft that operates under the call sign, "Air Force Two".

So it's not even the slightest bit ironic that she exempted herself from the same healthcare that she is trying to push down the throat of the American taxpayer. She's an elite woman who would never stand in line for healthcare with the proles. No, Rep. Pelosi feels that what's good for us, isn't necessarily good for her.

Rep. Pelosi is shrill in her pleas for a government-run health insurance scheme to "keep the insurance companies honest." But Blue Cross/Blue Shield warns of dire consequences:
• "Millions of people would lose their current private coverage they are happy with ..."
• The federal government "will underpay providers — even if negotiated rates are initially used — creating major access issues, including long waits for services with some providers closing their doors ..."
• Any "government-run plan will use its built-in advantages — no matter how it is initially structured — to take over the market" via "price-setting based on Medicare" or through the use of "existing government programs as leverage for negotiations."

If it's worth turning the private health care industry upside down like that, this must be a solid gold system Congress is establishing. But Rep. Pelosi doesn't want it for herself? She'd rather keep the "Cadillac" coverage she has enjoyed for years, with its hundreds of private insurance options and heavily taxpayer-subsidized premiums. Pelosi's hypocrisy typifies the arrogance of professional politicians who like to dictate how others live, while shielding themselves from their own laws' consequences.

Nancy Pelosi is a role model for all Democrats. I'm sure they're all so proud of her.

Beyond R.I.N.O.

The Republican Party contains a significant number of "Republicans In Name Only (RINO)" members.  Many Democrats and journalists contend that the Republican Party can only survive if it embraces the RINOs.

I suggest that the Republican Party will become irrelevant and will essentially vanish if it retains the RINO members. The RINOs, as a group should become Democrats because they'll feel more comfortable there. Senator Arlen Specter is the poster child for all RINOs.

The photo right of Barack Hussein Obama, the senile Joe Biden and famous RINO, Senator Arlen Specter (D former R-PA) leads me to call for term limits for the Senate as well as those proposed for the House of Representatives.  I'm not suggesting that it's a bad idea for Specter to fly his true colors. At least he's proudly proclaiming himself to be a utopian socialist who has no problem financially ruining the United States of America for the sake of internationalism. He has no problem at all advocating the joys of having a group like ACORN managing hundreds of millions of dollars worth of federal loans to people who are likely to default on those loans because they're UNQUALIFIED for them (call me a racist if you must - but it's not about race, it's about financial qualification).

The heart of the matter is the growing number of independent voters who are fed up with both parties and who are increasingly conservative to the extent that "Constitutionalism" is conservative. Some of us would argue that being in favor of the rule of law under the Constitution of the United States is and should be viewed as mainstream and anyone who opposes the rule of law would be considered a 'fringe element'.

Independent voters will decide many if not all of 2010 elections.

Sorry Party faithful (both Parties). Politicians will be held increasingly accountable for their votes. You can not only talk the talk, the town hall meetings are indicative of a populace who wants you to walk the walk. The free ride is coming to an end, thanks to the utopian socialist, Barack Hussein Obama, whose stated goal is destruction of America as presently constituted and "rearranging" the social structure with coercion.

The coercion** of the American people has begun through government ownership of the domestic auto industry, the banking industry, the insurance industry and now the attempt to take over the healthcare industry. Government ownership means government power to compel Americans to do, or to abstain from doing, something by depriving them of the exercise of his their will, particularly by use or threat of financial or moral force.
** In many states of the United States, statutes declare a person guilty of a misdemeanor if he, by violence or injury to another's person, family, or property, or by depriving him of his clothing or any tool or implement, or by intimidating him with threat of force, compels that other to perform some act that the other is not legally bound to perform. Coercion may involve other crimes, such as assault. In the law of contracts, the use of unfair persuasion to procure an agreement is known as duress; such a contract is void unless later ratified.