sunset from behind the wire

sunset from behind the wire

Thursday, February 18, 2010

President's Home State near Collapse


Everybody knows that liberal California leads the nation in unemployment, liberal freaky politicians such as Barbara Boxer and Nancy Pelosi and that fully 33% of all Americans who are on welfare live in California, which lavishes the most generous package in the nation on the chronic, hardcore unemployed.

However, it seems that Illinois, land of Barack Hussein Obama, is locked in the same death spiral that gripped California. The website cited above explained the source of their woes: "Illinois spends $3 for every $2 it takes in and has been ignoring its unpaid bills for years." This sounds just like the Plan that Barack Hussein Obama took to Washington for the entire country. Would anyone be shocked if I disclosed that Illinois has a Democratic Governor (Quinn) and two Democratic Senators (Durbin and Burris) and that  the state has been run by the DEMOCRATIC MACHINE for decades?

The solution for Illinois, California and for America is for government to SPEND LESS!  The printing press notwithstanding, we can not spend more as a nation than we take in. It doesn't matter how many people cry and whine. It doesn't matter how many people you yearn to have dependent on the government tit so they'll vote for you.

Obama wants to remake America after the glorious vision he bestowed on Illinios...


  1. Illinois? Spend less? Surely you jest.

  2. Great post! Love the pic!

    The Democrats must stop turning the citizens into robots and reliant on the government. We must help these individuals to be self-reliant human beings instead of feeding off of the government and hard working Americans. We must stop the Dems from leading us off a cliff into bankruptcy.

    BTW- I ordered your book and can't wait til it arrives.

  3. I sure hope that our new governor (when elected) actually turns things around with our budget deficit and welfare program. As a side note, many Americans spend WAY beyond their means and it will continue until they actually change their habits...Obama being one of those people. But in his case, it effects ALL of us!

  4. Amanda, I don't see any candidate for governor of California that is inspiring in the slightest.

    On the LEFT we have Jerry (Governor Moonbeam) Brown who was a horrible governor ten years ago and promises the same if we bring him back.

    On the RIGHT, the lady who is running ads (don't ask me her name) seems to be an idiot.

    It confirms that the state is TRULY the land of fruits and nuts. It crushes any optimistic feelings I may harbor.

  5. Thank you all for your comments and your insight. I have decided not to post comments on any blogs that allow Liberals to run a muck and bash us Republicans..
    I won't allow them to make me into their fool for the day.
    You should take the same track Mal.
    Fools like Tao and Truth101 are not worth your or my time. They don't understand Blogging Etiquette or how to treat your fellow blogger in a civil manner. So I think that Pamela is fooling herself by allowing this to go on.
    I know I won't be returning to her blog anymore

  6. Those states where Democrats have had a stranglehold on the legislature are all in economic meltdown. My state, RI, is another example of how the Dems don't know how to manage other people's money.


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