sunset from behind the wire

sunset from behind the wire

Thursday, March 4, 2010

How Big should Government be?

There is a Constitutional Amendment that is being discussed, referred to as the Hensarling-Pence-Campbell Spending Limit Amendment. What these three Congressional representatives propose is that government spending be limited to 20% of the economy. We are currently spending somewhere over 24% of the economy on government services. Once in place, either a declared war or a 2/3 majority of Congress would be necessary to spend over the 20% cap.

I believe that this is a good criteria to determine whether somebody you may wish to vote for is worth voting for. DO THEY SUPPORT this Constitutional Amendment? Unfortunately I believe that it will take a Constitutional Amendment to curb the spending insanity in Washington.

The Constitution is not easy to amend - it's not supposed to be. However, THIS particular amendment might have traction with both the states and the voters because it would stop the ongoing Congressional spending habit. There would be no more votes to extend the debt ceiling. The ceiling would be set.

Want another entitlement to buy votes? Sorry.

Think about this long and hard and whether or not support for this measure would be a valid litmus test for a candidate.


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  2. I think we should have even more people working in Washington. I can hardly wait to pay $3,241.37 for a loaf of bread.

  3. I got no problem with your proposal LL and btw thanx for stopping by bro.

  4. sigh..the disillusionment is hard to bear at times...but we must keep up the fight my friend!


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