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sunset from behind the wire

Monday, April 26, 2010

The Sovereign Individual

English Common Law, which is the basis for the system of law in the United States (except for Louisiana which relies on the Napoleonic Code - and - Common Law) holds that "a man's home is his castle". Being a sovereign individual allows the citizen personal freedom of choice as opposed to collective mandates. One test of whether individuals are allowed that sovereignty is their right to use reasonable means to protect themselves from others. We all know that the government (any government) itself is incapable of protecting its population from crime. The police can respond, take reports and take action AFTER a crime has occurred, but that's never quite enough. The primary responsibility to protect you (and your family) falls... on you.

Switzerland has the lowest crime rate in the world. They always have the lowest crime rate in the world. Did you ever wonder why?


  1. I can't say that Switzerland's homicide rates encourage me to go and live there :S

  2. Cambridge Lady - the numbers for Switzerland and the UK are almost the same as a percentage of population. Having lived in the UK, it's my experience that most of the murders take place in the larger cities among demographics (I know it's politically incorrect to mention which ones) that are not part of Britian's traditional homogeneous population. The same can be said for Switzerland.

    Most of the countries with lower homicide rates are countries with homogeneous populations (such as Japan).

    Homicide rates are not "crime rates" though they do represent a trend.

    Most British people I know are weapon-phobic. Nothing wrong with that. The Swiss seem to have a different perspective.

  3. Odd - my comment just "bounced". I'll try again - apologies if you are seeing this twice ......

    These are rates per 100,000 population so whether you express them as percentages or not is irrelevant - they are already weighted. Switzerland's rate is one-eighth higher than the UK as a whole (which is skewed by NI's rate). The homicide rate for England and Wales is 1.37, compared with 2.26 for Switzerland. Many other European nations have far lower rates - eg Netherlands, Germany, Denmark.

    I personally believe that "thou shalt not kill" is the most important commandment to live by. For that reason amongst others I am "weapon-phobic". Why carry a deadly weapon if you could never use it?

  4. As a wise man said,

    "An armed society is a polite society."

  5. No permit is required in Louisiana to have a gun in your home, or your car - which is an extension of your home - your business or going between these places.

    New Orleans has a very high crime rate, but I rather doubt having guns in the home has anything to do with it. I don't think any stats exist on armed homes vs unarmed homes and the homicide rate.

  6. My reading of sacred scriptures is replete with "Heavenly Sanctioned" killing. How can that be squared in any rational way with any absolute "thou shalt not kill"?

    Thou shalt not shed innocent blood would be a better way to put it, and my sense is that is the meaning of the commandment handed to Moses and from him to the Children of Israel.

    Walk softly and carry a big stick." (Theodore Roosevelt)

  7. Cambridge Lady - Nobody expects you to take up arms in your own defense. I'm sure others will place theirs on the line in your behalf.

  8. LL - There's a huge difference between defending oneself and one's family or country in the event of an attack/invasion and purchasing, in advance, a weapon which is designed to kill another living being. That implies intent and I can't square that with my beliefs. If you can, that's fine, we'll just have to agree to see things differently.

    Also many people seem to think it is acceptable to shoot anyone who is committing any crime, even if that crime is non-violent and not against the person. Hardly "an eye for an eye", more gratuitous violence ........

    Anyway my original point - backed up by the homicide statistics for Switzerland vs the rest of Europe - is that gun ownership does not make society safer - I would argue the reverse.

  9. Different societies have different mores/ways of looking at things.

    Entry into an occupied dwelling with the intent to steal (for example), burglary, often presents a criminal with the opportunity to do more than take your wallet. And you, the SOVEREIGN individual can choose to fight, or not.

    In the US, states that adopted laws which allowed more ready access of firearms to civilians in the form of concealed carry laws, etc. ALL showed a decrease in crime. I'd be happy to do a blog post on this but there is a vast body of information that backs up my position.

    Using a firearm against another person who is NOT threatening your life is a crime. End of story.

    The Swiss have chosen to arm their population. The British have chosen to disarm their population. The British choice makes you feel better (even though all you do is disarm honest people - bad guys still have firearms). The Swiss choice would make me feel better.

    We must agree to disagree. With respect.

  10. This message thingummy's playing up again ..... apologies once more if you are getting a duplicate comment .....
    I have total respect for you and your position LL.

    And, TBH, if anyone tried to harm my kids I think I'd find it hard to stick to my own moral code - I'm only human!

    The "British choice" does make me feel safer because I suspect there is more risk to me and my family from firearms being set off accidentally, petty criminals getting hold of arms (who wouldn't otherwise), and getting caught in the crossfire rather than any real threat to us from criminals, but then the UK is a pretty safe country outside the inner cities.

    I do also understand Americans' historical reasons for wanting to bear arms.

  11. The- Thou shalt Not Kill, is like LL stated. Thou Shalt Not Murder.
    Yahushua told his disciples to sell their cloak and buy a sword. BE prepared!
    In the U.S. we recognize that people will do bad things. And in the moment, we are justified to use deadly force to stop any further harm.
    A capital crime, is one happening after another; meaning if a bad guy robs someone-then stabs the victim, even if the victim is stabbed in a skirmish, it is a capital crime. You rob-you stab, a 1,2 = capital crime. Not two separate crimes. A capital crime can carry a death penalty; in the moment- a third party (eg; concealed carry).
    Be prepared!

  12. I stand corrected. "Retsach", the Hebrew word used in the 6th commandment means "murder or unlawful killing" - I guess you already knew that - so it all hangs on what we define as lawful .....

    An American friend of mine also points out that they have a gun, but never bought any bullets for it .... they just want it as a visual deterrent. So I can concede that you could own a gun and have zero intention of ever using it in self-defence .... maybe that's the compromise I might reach if I perceived my area had become more criminally active!

    Interesting discussion - thank you.

  13. Irrespective of how you defend yourself, I have problems with a government that restricts reasonable measures to accomplish that. If you live in Cambridge, you live in a nice city populated more or less by nice people. Sadly, that doesn't hold true throughout Great Britain (I lived in N. Ireland during the 'troubles' in the 70's) or elsewhere in the world.

    The definition of what is reasonable -- to me -- is that I should have parity with what the 'bad people' have ready access to.

    Since we all know that the police - anywhere - don't have the ability to control what the 'bad people' own, good people should not be hampered as they strive to be sovereign individuals. To me, the concept of personal sovereignty AND accountability for my own actions is key to being free, or as free as we can be while living in a society.

    The Swiss established a national army of sovereign individuals who are trained and armed to protect their country and themselves. I suspect the number of people breaking into Swiss homes at night are not as high as they are in countries where "good people" are disarmed.


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