sunset from behind the wire

sunset from behind the wire

Monday, May 31, 2010

Pompous Fool

We live in a country that elected a shameful man to be the President - a man who cares little for the nation and works to enshrine his own glory (though admittedly does it poorly).

This is the president whose administration views the terrorist attacks of 9/11 as a "man caused disaster" and who says those who died in Iraq and Afghanistan paid the ultimate sacrifice in an "overseas contingency operation." Instead of stirring rhetoric, we get boilerplate bureaucratese read off a teleprompter.

barack hussein obama is a morally bankrupt, self-serving, ignoble, wretch who seems to lack all sense of what a president is supposed to be. At every single possible level.

I don't know if he has changed his plans not to attend the wreath laying ceremony at Arlington National Cemetery or not. The press reported that he planned to vacation in Chicago over the weekend. The president of unknown origins won't be draping a wreath on the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier.

Saturday, May 29, 2010

Irreverent Times

The heroes I know are all dead. They died for various reasons, but most all of them died for their friends, and on behalf of their countrymen living and unborn. They died understanding that somebody has to be the point of the spear and they accepted that role. Some died in training accidents while preparing for combat. Others died while engaging an enemy of the United States of America. Still others died as a result of their wounds - in a hospital, while courageous medical personnel tried in vain to preserve their lives.  In all cases, they gave what Abraham Lincoln termed, "their last full measure of devotion".

For them there will be no more back yard bar-b-ques, no trips to the beach, no walks under the moonlight holding the hand of someone they love, no warm embraces from parents and children. They 'gave their yesterday so that we might have our today'.

My poor words can't give adequate tribute to those fallen.

The freeways are clogged with people trying to leave town and for most of them, it's a great three-day weekend. It's not a happy weekend for me, because I am taken back and my thoughts are circumscribed by the memory of those heroes. We live in irreverent times because those rivers of blood shed so that the nation could endure are seldom remembered. I don't suggest that we wallow in tears or regrets - only that we take time to recall the last full measure of devotion -- on MEMORIAL DAY. --LL

Friday, May 28, 2010

Different Countries/Different Customs

Or you can file it as: 
Don't ask, don't tell (expanded).
or maybe
"Haze Gray and Underway"
or maybe
"Life on the Carlskrona"

CBS NEWS Story (LINK) No, I'm not making this up.

During off-duty hours, the sauna is at the heart of socializing on the ship. Spanish, German and Norwegian officers meet their Swedish colleagues there after long days in the Indian Ocean searching for pirates, responding to their attacks and planning escorts for ships.

Of course, in the waters off the sweltering Somali coast, sailors can work up a good sweat by simply doing nothing. Temperatures often hover around 100 degrees (37 degrees Celsius).

Taking a steam together is an essential way of getting to know someone in much of Scandinavia, said Mika Raunu, a sailor in the Finnish navy. It's in the same tradition of Scandinavian egalitarianism that sees officers sharing rooms with lower-ranking sailors.

It also has led to a few cultural misunderstandings.

Lt. Cmdr. Carl Sjostrand told of a Swedish captain who invited a U.S. admiral to meet his senior officers after a formal ship's dinner. The American was led down to the sauna in full dress uniform - only to end up shaking hands with a line of sweaty, smiling and naked Swedish sailors.

Like all facilities, the saunas are used by both men and women, and the Swedish military does not segregate living quarters or bathrooms.
The obama regime's repeal of Don't Ask Don't Tell (DADT) will introduce some form of cultural change. No one can say with any accuracy how much, but since all change is difficult in military culture - it can be safely expected that this change will be hard (and to others -- soft) as well.

But like any challenge, opportunity exists, and it should be noted that DADT repeal is not the only cultural change being introduced to the military these days. There is now a strategic focus on developing broader cultural understanding among our soldiers, sailers, and airmen. This process essentially involves preparing our service folks to manage situations where human interaction falls outside an existing cultural norm.

Something tells me the Admiral in the story above may have felt uncomfortable being in that situation, and yet something also tells me that Admiral was able to adapt to the cultural differences that exist in the human interaction described. Given the Carlskrona is acting as the EU Flagship fighting pirates, it is not unreasonable to assume that one day LT Jane American will be serving on that vessel. To improve relations and become accepted among her culturally different shipmates, she could very well end up being one of those sailors standing naked in line shaking hands with Admirals outside the sauna.

As a retired officer in the US Navy, I can see management and discipline problems that would come from having women and men sharing saunas onboard ships at sea for a long time. 

I know that some of you are whispering (sexist, elitist officer) and you'd be right, because in my opinion, in the interest of protecting the fairer heterosexual women, they would need to be quartered in the air conditioned splendor of 'officer's country'. Lesbian women and homosexual men could be quartered - well, wherever.

Yes, I am suggesting that there be an officer's sauna and an enlisted sauna - in the interest of protection only. After all, officers are gentlemen by act of Congress... and there would be acts of congress being upheld onboard ship. For the sake of the wives behind, the doctrine of DADT would also apply to those wives an husbands shore-side and their deployed spouses.

War is hell.

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

I thought Obama WANTED a domestic army...

There is a story being circulated, attributed to the Canada Free Press wherein barack hussein obama has issued National Security Letters, threatening the arrest of 14 US Governors for establishing State Militias as authorized by the Patriot Act. It sounds like a hoax to me.

We all know that barack hussein obama wanted a domestic force in the field every bit as large and well funded as the US Military. Listen below.

We do know that barack hussein obama promised to deploy 1,200 National Guard troops on the Arizona Mexican Border and that they are mandated NOT to enforce immigration laws, however they will be there to impact "organized crime".  We also know that the barack hussein obama regime has not contacted the commander-in-chief of the Arizona National Guard, Governor Brewer, to make this happen.  Perhaps obama plans to bring in Connecticut National Guard troops (Democratic Party majority state) or the National Guard from a State he's more comfortable with -- but I'm not sure that's legal.

The whole problem with State Troops is that they're State Troops and the Posse Comitatus Act (18 U.S.C. § 1385) prohibits the use of National Soldiers on American soil.  The Arizona National Guard answers to Governor Brewer, not to barack hussein obama. The exception would be if they were federalized and sent overseas as a component of the US Army.

Sen. John McCain (R-AZ) calls for 6,000 National Guardsmen to defend the border in the video above. Does this mean that California National Guard will deploy to the US-California Border? Isn't California a 'sanctuary state' for illegal aliens. Half a million illegal aliens have reportedly left Arizona and it feels as if they all migrated to California because their presence here is more keenly felt than before. 

Back to barack hussein obama calling for a domestic military force. Did he mean forces that answer to the governors of individual US States? (hahaha)

Monday, May 24, 2010

What would Thomas Jefferson say?

We know how barack hussein obama and his toadies would respond...

Sunday, May 23, 2010

Falling Dominoes

You would wonder how an American who has served his country in the military, who is a family man, who is a conservative Republican could get elected in Hawaii. Because the trend (see barack hussein obama - who claims to have been born there) has been that only liberal Democrats could be sent to Washington from Hawaii.

Another Domino fell. barack, are you listening? YOUR people did not send a Democrat to the legislature this time. I wonder if they took note of your conduct in the White House and if they said to themselves that it had been a mistake.

HONOLULU (HawaiiNewsNow) – Republican Charles Djou won the special election for Hawaii’s First Congressional District. The Honolulu City Councilmember grabbed 39% of the vote. State Senate president Colleen Hanabusa came in second with 30% of the vote. Former US Representative Ed Case came in third, gathering 27% the vote.

“This is a momentous day. We have sent a message to the United States Congress. We have sent a message to the ex-governors. We have sent a message to the national Democrats. We have sent a message to the machine. We have told them, that we will not stand idly by as our great nation is burdened by too much taxes and too much wasteful spending” said Representative-elect Djou in front of hundreds of supporters at Republican headquarters in Honolulu.

I think the trend in November will be very similar - in that the people realized their mistake when they bought off on the lies told to them by the obama regime and the Democratic majority in the legislature.

Friday, May 21, 2010

A Disconnect?

The Dalai Lama visited the White House recently and I was somewhat surprised when you consider what an unmitigated cur barack hussein obama and his coterie of misfits are. However, I thought, maybe His Holiness hoped to cure their regime of self-centered wickedness. No, as it turns out, that may not be the reason at all because the High Lama announced that he's a Marxist.

He lives in India, a democracy and capitalist nation because the COMMUNISTS brutalized Tibet and exiled him. He visits the US where he is not reviled nor is he imprisoned. His followers are reviled and looked down upon in the largest COMMUNIST nation (which forbids the free exercise of religion) and are generally treated kindly in democracies and capitalist nations.

"Still I am a Marxist," the exiled Tibetan Buddhist leader said in New York, where he arrived with an entourage of robed monks and a heavy security detail to give a series of paid public lectures.

Marxism has "moral ethics, whereas capitalism is only how to make profits," the Dalai Lama, 74, said yesterday. Why is he being PAID for his public lectures? That smacks of capitalism. A good communist should give lectures only for the joy they give to others without resorting to collecting filthy lucre. Being paid for your work doesn't sound very utopian to me. If you wish to demonstrate your personal love and respect for Marxist moral ethics why would you accept a dime in compensation for anything? He has a begging bowl doesn't he? Sharing your labor and thus also your wisdom (for free) is the hallmark of a true Marxist. Accepting capital (the product of your labor) must further "a society reckless of the health or length of life of the laborer, unless under compulsion from society" (Marx). "In a higher phase of communist society... only then can the narrow horizon of bourgeois right be fully left behind and society inscribe on its banners: from each according to his ability, to each according to his needs" (Marx). Nowhere did Marx demand to be paid a large amount of money in exchange for speaking...

Go ahead Buddhists, have at me.
h/t michelle malkin

Sunday, May 16, 2010

Who WE Are

It's very easy to loose hope when you see the present regime in power in Washington DC - their insatiable greed, their contempt for the American people in general, and their comments about the "people in fly-over country who cling to their outmoded concepts of God and guns".

However there is a another side to our country and a better example of who we are:

h/t John Coffey

Sunday, May 9, 2010

Who's Watching Iran?

I'd like to think that the US is keeping a close eye on Iran, but then again, I don't know that barack hussein obama is allowing the US intelligence community to do it's job with this rogue nuclear terrorist state. My best guess is that we are doing SOMETHING. Vice President Joe (Slow Joe) Biden and others within the obama regime have suggested that the problem is not with Iran, but with Israel.

A couple of months ago, Israel unveiled a new drone fleet that can reach Iran. Their new Heron TP drones have a wingspan of 86 feet (26 meters), making them the size of Boeing 737 passenger jets and the largest unmanned aircraft in Israel's military. The planes can fly at least 20 consecutive hours and are primarily used for surveillance and carrying diverse payloads. These can fly for 20-hours, reach attitudes of 40,000 feet and carry missiles. Israel is believe to be producing these aircraft in large numbers.

Since Iran announced its intentions to use any nuclear weapons that it produces to attack Israel, the Israelis are naturally interested in missile acquisitions by the radical (and some would say insane) Iranians.

Iranian president Ahmadinejad (photo right) has the face that we can all trust. Look at his ugly mug. It screams "trust me". Strangely, I do take him at his words that "the Great Satan" (that would be the US and allies) don't have the guts to do anything about him or his dastardly plans. I think that the Israelis would agree with me. The US is a paper tiger these days, the obama regime a de facto ally of Iran - because you are forced to take sides in these matters.

The development of a fleet of Heron TP drone aircraft by Israel shows that they are going to keep an eye on the people who have sworn to destroy them.

Thursday, May 6, 2010

WHO did you say the enemy was?

Congressman Andre Carson (D-IN) identified America's premier enemy.

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Who is Our Enemy?

barack hussein obama declared that there would be no discussion of a 'war on terror'. In the White House and among members of the regime, he re-named it a "foreign contingency operation". There are no more 'jihadists'. They are confused but earnest Islamic students (as he once was when he lived in Indonesia and attended Muslim school).


The obama regime, Secretary of Homeland Defense Janet Napolitano in particular, has oft warned America of the threat posed by returning veterans, Tea Party types angry over ObamaCare, there are the people in the middle of the nation who doggedly cling to their guns and religion, people who oppose ILLEGAL immigration and then there are those pro-life whackos.


How stupid does barack hussein obama think we are?

When a Muslim-American terrorist's car bomb didn't go off as planned in New York's busy Times Square, New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg repeated the faulty assumption — oft-cited by the Obama administration that it must have been members of the Tea Party movement who set the explosive— in an interview with CBS News anchor Katie Couric the day after the scare. Please forget that the bomb-laden SUV was parked nowhere near a government building. And never mind that the Times Square subway just last year was a target of Najibullah Zazi, another homegrown jihadist. The mayor must also have been napping a couple of weeks ago when two other Muslim Americans were busted in Manhattan for supporting al-Qaida.

It's no longer politically correct to link Jihadists to Jihadi activity (namely, targeting innocent civilians in an effort to create terror). Why? I don't know. Ask barack hussein obama.

Times Square terror suspect Faisal Shahzad, a Pakistani immigrant who became a U.S. citizen last year, sure has an odd way of showing his love. Authorities say his car bomb would have killed hundreds of his fellow Americans.

Hundreds of Muslims living in America have been busted for terrorism since 9/11. And tens of thousands more have supported jihad through charitable fronts. In fact, every major Muslim charity in America has been shut down now.

The Taliban and al-Qaida provide angry Muslim Americans with the fuse, and then secrete these human bombs back inside American communities such as Bridgeport, Conn., Shahzad's home, or Aurora, Colo., where Pakistan-trained Zazi lived.


Look in the mirror, because barack hussein obama would have the nation believe that it's YOU!