sunset from behind the wire

sunset from behind the wire

Monday, June 14, 2010

Close the Border

The people of Arizona took a necessary stand to protect themselves and to protect America. The border needs to be closed to illegal immigrants and to (in part) stem the pipeline of illegal drugs into the US.

This sign was posted by the BUREAU OF LAND MANAGEMENT, an agency of the Federal Government. While I applaud the sign and their concern for US Citizens who might stray into zones used by armed, dangerous illegal aliens to cross into the US, I'd prefer something to stop the illegal aliens. It's not as if anyone isn't aware of the problem.

In addition to the communist agitators who are opposing Arizona's attempt to do what the Federal Government should be doing, there is a human cost that we should be aware of. That applies to the victims of illegal immigration in Arizona --- and to the illegal immigrants themselves, who are often the victims of alien smugglers (called coyotes).

There is nothing wrong with LEGAL immigration. ILLEGAL immigration has to be stopped by whatever means is most effective.