sunset from behind the wire

sunset from behind the wire

Friday, August 20, 2010

Did the LA Times Suddenly Grow a Conscience?

Obama now blames poor job numbers on congressional inaction. Wait! His party runs Congress


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For quite some time now, this blog contained comments on how the Democratic Congress has been running the US Economy onto the rocks with worthless, porkbarrel stimulus spending, pay-offs to political cronies and corrupt labor unions, etc. Now I have to do a reality check because the Los Angeles Times agrees with me.

barack hussein obama, liar, charlatan and socialist spouts recovery while he lauds ObamaCare, a government take-over that swallowed 16% of the national economy. Now a majority of Americans have called for a repeal of ObamaCare and the fool in the White House thinks he can make a few appearances, read a prepared speech or two and convince us that it's not raining while he's pissing down our backs.

Unemployment numbers are on the rise - with no end in view.  Businesses brace for another round of tax increases.  I heard barack hussein obama on the television explaining how he was going to pay for ObamaCare by paying small businesses to cover employees. obama isn't paying for anything. He's talking about borrowing MORE money from the Chinese or anyone else who will float our paper to pay for ObamaCare, which only a small minority of Americans want.

Yes, ObamaCare was popular with ILLEGAL ALIENS (obama constituents), and the chronically unemployed, and with politicians who EXEMPTED THEMSELVES FROM IT. But most Americans don't want it. And we don't trust barack hussein obama because he's a liar.

Political Islam and the 911 Mosque - in Context

Islamic fundamentalism can not be separated from the religion itself, since Islam in practice penetrates and influences all aspects of a Muslim's life. Political action in the Muslim world is often linked to the power and influence of a religious leader. Islam retains a powerful hold over its members and differs from Christianity in key areas. Christianity, unlike Islam, has passed through a number of historical experiences: the Renaissance, the Reformation, the Age of Reason, the scientific revolution, and the appearance of secular philosophies such as Utilitarianism, logical positivism and Marxism. Consequently, Christianity lost importance as a political movement that can be summed up by the doctrine of separation between church and state. That is an idea that is COMPLETELY alien in Islam.

In Islam, religion is the state, all political action is based solely on faith. The most highly developed form of Islamic thought is Shari'a (the Law). It recognizes no difference between religious and secular and governs every aspect of a believer's life. Shari'a is infallible and immutable doctrine regulating the whole of the religious, political, social and private life of believers (and non-believers living under Muslim rule).

The 9/11 Victory Mosque, is therefore not a "church" in the sense that Christians or Jews would build a house of worship, but it is a political statement as well because in Islam there is no difference between politics and religion. To a Muslim, all politics is religious and all religion is political.

Traditionally a Mosque is not only a church but in many countries, it is also the seat of the local Islamic Court which dispenses Shari'a. Islamic justice (which includes beheadings, stoning, ritual mutilation, etc.) is dispensed from the Mosque by appointed clerics. There is NO Christian or Jewish comparison that can even come close. In the West there is a separation between secular and religious that is not found in Islam.