sunset from behind the wire

sunset from behind the wire

Saturday, January 8, 2011

Winter in SoCal

It's January 8th and in Southern California, we're dealing with the doldrums that come with winter. I walked around the yard with my camera. The leaves are completely off the deciduous trees. Note the leaden skies threatening rain.

The pool toys are sitting, unused on the pool furniture, forlorn in the 65 degree chill - and the absence of strong sunshine to cheer the soul. Yes there is a spa and a waterfall, but it's still winter. The tropical plants are holding their own and I guess that's something.

The unrelenting cold prevents the use of the fire ring. There are no chairs around it -- no sign of life around the bird feeder that's sitting on the rim.

However, in a corner of my back yard, roses still bloom. Though they are not a portent of spring, they rouse the soul in the depths of winter.

I dedicate this blog entry to my friend and blogger, WoFat, who doesn't live in the concrete jungle.