sunset from behind the wire

sunset from behind the wire

Monday, March 21, 2011

Libyan Operations

US Psyops Activity

The US contribution an Expeditionary Strike Group (ARG + escorts and submarines) and no more than 40 USAF aircraft, only 15 of which are actually USAF strike aircraft so far have been participating in the reduction of defenses and command, control and communication capability within Libya. 

Libya is the first war participated in by America outside the Western hemisphere since WWII where the US has not deployed an aircraft carrier (there are French and Italian aircraft carriers on station in the Gulf of Sidra area). The reason that is significant is because a single US nuclear aircraft carrier has more strike fighter aircraft than what the USAF has committed to Libyan operations to date. Despite the overwhelming show of force the last 24 hours, the US military footprint supporting operations against Libya is actually very small by US military standards, but it exceeds what our allies are able to do.

The coalition seems to be led by France, with other European and a couple of small Arab nations contributing small resources. It will eventually lead to soldiers on the ground and my sense is that the US will not participate in that portion of this operation. Whether or not Gadhafi remains in power in Tripoli will be a function of European decision making (with US input).

Will the coalition bungle the operation or will they have the resolve necessary to remove the dictator? In my opinion, leaving him in office, in power, is far more dangerous to the Europeans primarily at this point than forcing regime change.