sunset from behind the wire

sunset from behind the wire

Sunday, August 14, 2011

Liberal Womyn oppose Michele Bachmann

The ideal liberal woman seems to be what man American men would classify as a 'cold hearted bitch'. The really classic liberals have that lesbian theme going full tilt don't they? They seem to feed on forming themselves into a crude, controlling, abusive, disparaging, dismissive model that formed some time in the 1960's as how a progressive woman should be.  They howl and boast at successive abortions and joke that it's like 'flushing a turd' (not my words). 

They embrace Obama as 'their own', even though his ideal is his father, Barack Sr., a philandering, drunken African socialist who dumped woman after woman after they bore his children. It makes no sense, but neither do the 'classic liberal women'. 

Rachel Maddow, American Liberal Womyn

And therefore it shouldn't surprise anyone that they really hate - with a foaming at the mouth style anger and passion - powerful conservative women who have taken the national stage and captured the American imagination.

Women such as Sarah Palin who have children, are married, enjoy an active lifestyle with their families, are educated, believe in God, shoot guns and are MORE POPULAR than their liberal counterparts are viewed with hatred at a level that is hard to really grasp until you see how their mainstream media fellow women treat them. That Fox News embraced Palin and gave her a job, simply makes the liberal womyn want to cut a bigger chunk of flesh from her hide.

The media, having chewed on Palin for the past three years, has found new animus in Michele Bachmann, a candidate for President of the United States.

Michele Bachmann (R-MN) - Presidential Candidate

Let's count down the reasons that liberal women hate Michele Bachmann:
  1. She's educated. In the progressive mindset, only liberals should be educated. They view conservatives as a barefoot and pregnant underclass that they're trying to liberate so that these cretins can be free (the way they are). Bachmann has a Juris Doctorate from Oral Roberts University. She also holds an LL. M. from the William and Mary School of Law.
  2. She's a Christian. In the lexicon of liberals, that would mean that she's deluded because all people of faith are. Liberals (and particularly femyle liberals) can only be self actualized once they've shucked off the chains of philosophies that hold human life (which includes the lives of the unborn) as sacred.
  3. She's a mother. There are liberal womyn who have born children - usually 1. Bachmann has 5 children and raised 23 foster children. Any woman with that sort of maternal and nurturing instinct is a woman to be shunned in polite liberal society. Being pro-life is bad enough from an 'enlightened liberal' perspective, but raising 23 foster children who by all rights should have been killed in-utero borders on the liberal notion of sin.
  4. She is a wife. While some liberal womyn are married, Bachmann is by all accounts a 'traditional Christian wife'. That means that she works with her husband and includes him in key decision making. She listens to his opinions and factors them into political and personal moves that she makes. By all accounts her husband reciprocates since they are both involved in Bachmann and Associates, a Christian counseling practice.
  5. She is a politician. Having started out in the Minnesota State Senate, she moved on the the US House of Representatives. From a liberal perspective, all women who are in the political world should be liberals. They view the women's vote in all races to be theirs and theirs alone. Allowing a bright, articulate, educated, mother of the likes of Bachmann and Palin onto the national stage sets a dangerous precedent. What if others of their type took heart of those women and considered them role models?
  6. She's conservative. Having a 'token conservative woman' in the US House is bad enough. Having one like Bachmann who rejects every liberal pet program: ObamaCare, fluorescent light bulbs, opposes federal funding of education, feels as if global warming is a scam, advocates domestic oil exploration and production, opposes a global currency, opposes auto manufacturer bail-outs, and feels that their champion, Barack Hussein Obama is a dangerous and possibly un-American (fool) person -- well, Bachmann has to go. What other conclusion could any liberal draw from this?
I don't think that Michele Bachmann will be President in 2012, but she's a great lady and stands with Sarah Palin as one of those people who are willing to say NO to big government and the disastrous status quo in Washington, DC.