sunset from behind the wire

sunset from behind the wire

Saturday, March 31, 2012

Obama Administration - Summarized

This seven minute YouTube clip effectively summarizes the Obama Administration and establishes their legacy (and it will be interesting to see what they'll do over the next four years if swept into office again in November).

Bill Whittle characterizes President Barack Obama as:
"The most polarizing, mean spirited, petty, thin skinned, self-centered baby." Yeah, that about sums it up.

Tuesday, March 27, 2012


You can paint this anyway you'd like to, however if a US President said this (see Youtube Video Below) twenty years ago, following the Reagan Presidency (1981-1989), he would have been IMPEACHED for treason. I am positive that Obama has never been subjected to a US Polygraph with a broad scope on loyalty, because he'd have failed it. I'm positive that Obama could never obtain a security clearance - outside of being elected - because of issues in his past and present.

And that's really the problem isn't it?

The blue chip standard for American presidents will never be the utopian socialist and blatant racist, Barack Obama. 

Please vote below with your comments: Incompetent or Intentional

Friday, March 23, 2012

Liberals Philosophies & Nuclear Options

This is not original with me, but I felt that it was significant so I'm throwing it up here on the blog (h/t WoFat)

Hiroshima - 67 years  Ago

The Radiation half-life was thousands of years, but Hiroshima prospered since that fateful day.

Hiroshima TODAY

Detroit - 67 years after Hiroshima, has been the 'liberal paradise' where every welfare policy, every
'progressive' wet dream and vision for America has been applied - and has 'blossomed and matured'.

Japan does not have a welfare system.

Detroit today is a depressing failure - the poster child for ACORN and policies of the "kind and gentle left". It's the "city that big labor built". It's a city filled with "government building projects" to house welfare recipients for free - and its a cesspool of corruption.
"Detroit has been bankrupt for years. It simply refuses to admit it. Detroit's schools are bankrupt as well. A mere 25% of students graduate from high school. Yet, in spite of hints and threats from mayors and budget commissions, and in spite of common sense talk of bankruptcy, Detroit has not pulled the bankruptcy trigger. In a futile attempt to stave off the inevitable one last time, Mayor Bing's latest plan is to cutoff city services including road repairs, police patrols, street lights, and garbage collection in 20% of Detroit." (more here)
It would be a GREAT spot for the 2012 Democratic Party National Convention...

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Who will be Republican VP in 2012?

2012 is a national election year in the US (as if you didn't know) and Romney's win in the GOP Primary in Illinois essentially clinches his chances for being the Republican Party's nominee for President of the United States. If you'll reflect back on my earlier posts, I honestly felt that if Rick Perry didn't have feet of clay, he stood a good chance - sadly, he had feet of clay. Absent that, Romney seemed to be the more clear choice for Republican Candidate.

For Romney, the Illinois win puts him in the position to start considering his short list for Vice President very carefully. If I was Mitt Romney, and I'm clearly not, I'd consider Allen West (R-FL) for the VP job because besides the fact that West was born of African heritage and some people like to vote based on race, he's got the very solid conservative credentials, Tea Party Affiliation, military record, etc. that Romney lacks.

Neither Romney or West were career politicians the way Obama/Biden have been and I don't know if the voters care. 

Some Republicans complain that Romney is out-spending the other candidates out of his own pocket. (complain? = it's his pocket) How much will Obama and Biden be spending out of the public trough to by ENTITLEMENT VOTES from your pocket?  Please take a moment to reflect on that before you comment below.

There will be 'conservative' angst over a Romney win, there are the Mormon haters out there, etc. but once those who had other favorites get over themselves, I think that it will settle down to a vote over OBAMA. Do you want him as the national leader -- and leader of the Free World for another four years.

(IBD) Mitt Romney said Monday that he fails to "see how a young American can vote" for a Democrat. He may have something there. Coming generations will be doomed by the progressive policies of today.
For now, we bloggers need to suggest the correct Vice Presidential pick for Nominee Romney and let's move forward toward a victory over Obama in November 2012.

Monday, March 19, 2012

Catch a Falling Starr? (Rule 5)

The (alleged) Ice Princess
Simone Starr (alias Simone Farrow and half a dozen other names, the most recent being Simone Lawson) posted AUS$150,000 bail and then ran for it. FHM Magazine, which I have never read, apparently voted her, 'the sexiest woman in the world' for the past three years. 

How did she come up with the bail? (I heard you ask the question) Her attorney, an aging Sydney barrister named Anthony Renshaw posted $50k of it. The rest was posted by Dr. Joseph Grech, celebrity physician who has "known her since she was 15 years old" (LINK). One can only speculate what Simone did to earn their trust.

Please don't accuse me of having a dirty mind because I only report the facts and let your Rule 5 minds decide the rest.

What did this young rising star do to earn the animus of the Australian Federal Police? She ran a methamphetamine ring, distributing pounds of crystal meth throughout Australia.

Her statement - 
"Australian and former Ed Hardy swimwear model told the paper that she had been in relationships with "numerous underworld figures or whatever you want to call them," and that "maybe they feel threatened by my situation." She added she "will bring (details) to light during the next couple of weeks." (LINK)
So, to bring this to a synopsis, she's going to rat on the mafia who put her in the business and kept her in the lap of luxury. Simone is a rat?

Oh, say it isn't so!

Sunday, March 18, 2012

He's at it again - and again

Apparently Obama is launching his re-election campaign. Which is really ODD, since he's been campaigning since he was elected president. However, maybe that's the cynic in me.

I have yet to find one positive thing to come out of the Obama Administration - with the exception of the Tea Party.

That same president who promised us (a campaign promise) that under his administration, gasoline prices would go up to bring us into line with the Europeans is now promising that if elected, he'll drive down the price of energy.

He slammed the nation with vast debt and has no intention of doing a single thing about it - except perhaps to promise tacitly that he will continue to borrow against a dim future to bring us into line with Old Europe. What joy... Socialism doesn't work, but don't breathe a word of it around Obama supporters because they get very touchy at the "S" word.

The fact that Obama's favorability and unfavorability is nearly even in this country is proof positive of the gullibility and foolish capricious nature of many Americans. 

Monday, March 12, 2012

Government in Action

Today I went to an office of the US Department of Justice - Drug Enforcement Administration. Which office is irrelevant. 
One of the reasons that I went was to meet with a legendary DEA Special Agent who had recently rotated back to the US from abroad. This particular Special Agent has forgotten more than most people know about the drug enforcement business, yet he's humble and very unassuming. He's one of those rare people in a bureaucracy who was able to make a difference in his career, though he seemed a bit depressed.

I told him that when he left his last assignment, the reputation that he left behind was sterling. 
It's time that I take a step back and share with you that his legacy from his last overseas assignment was nothing but praise and respect from people who had seen his work and had been impressed by it.
He said, "they asked me to leave (Country X)."

I was shocked.

"One of the people from Headquarters came down and asked me candidly how things were going. I've known this particular person for twenty years. I told he/she that things were really screwed up and that they could be fixed without a lot of effort, but they needed to be fixed or we were wasting our time. The next day my boss came to me and told me to request a transfer (short of tour - looks bad on your record)."

So he did.

And that is how the world of the government bureaucracy spins - and why, no matter how hard the government tries to govern, more often than not, NOTHING GETS DONE.

Sunday, March 4, 2012

Mexico is NOT Colombia

The policies implemented by the Calderon Government in Mexico and backed by the United States under the Merida Initiative and elsewhere have met with very limited success on the ground in Mexico. There have been many photographs of smiling Mexican soldiers and marines standing next to mountains of seized narcotics, automatic weapons and US currency, but in a practical sense, the problem persists unabated.

The problem as I see it is not so much that Mexican Drug Trafficking Organizations (DTO’s) supply drugs to a drug hungry America as it is that nobody wants to seriously consider the eight hundred pound gorilla sitting in the corner. The big question is one of the extent to which the Mexican government operates as an extension of drug trafficking organizations. Efforts to determine this have largely been superficial and concerted human intelligence collection programs in Mexico have yet to be considered as a serious option.

One day, the US will decide to address the problem of a DTO (mafia) run government on our Southern Border and when that happens, maybe elements of these suggestions could be dusted off and considered.

Mexico is not Colombia, and while the supply-side measures taken by the Colombians, supported by the United States were effective, simply cloning the Colombian strategy is not enough. I won’t dwell on the differences between Colombia and Mexico here and trust that the reader is sufficiently aware of those that they don’t need to be rehashed here. There has been considerable evidence that Mexican DTO’s are manufacturing methamphetamine products in Africa and Europe. To some extent these products find their way into the North American narcotics market as well.[1] Colombia acted as a way station for processing and distributing cocaine. The Mexican DTO’s have spread globally and the trend seems to be growing.

Will the Merida Initiative Work?

The US Army War College found that the Merida Initiative, “is unlikely to achieve the desired results in Mexico. In focusing largely on security, enforcement, and interdiction, the Merida Initiative pays comparatively little attention to the deeper structural problems that fuel the drug trade and drug-related violence. These problems, ranging from official corruption in Mexico to large-scale drug consumption in the United States, have so far frustrated Mexican attempts to rein in the cartels, and will likely hinder the effectiveness of the Merida Initiative as well.” (emphasis added) Jumping to Dr. Brands conclusion, in part, “The costs of action are therefore high, but the price of inaction would be exponentially greater. The effects of drug use in the United States and the potential for the economic and political destabilization of Mexico make counternarcotics an immensely significant national security issue.”[2]

Success in combatting internal corruption and the DTO’s in Mexico requires a concerted effort on the part of the US to assist those honest and trustworthy elements within the Mexican Government. The only way that this can happen is though the implementation of a genuine human intelligence effort within Mexico designed to ferret out DTO infrastructure. Arrests of high profile DTO members have done very little to impact infrastructure.  Seizures of arms, narcotics products and cash have had negligible impact on DTO infrastructure. As they grow into truly worldwide organizations, this will become increasingly difficult to accomplish. The longer the US waits on the sidelines, the more entrenched the DTO’s will become.

[1] Mexico Operations Group Reports pertaining to La Resistencia (Millennium Cartel) and Cartel Nueva Generacion Jalisco. For the most part, the Joaquin Guzman Loera (El Chapo) DTO has focused on smuggling cocaine to the European market through Africa and directly.
[2] Strategic Studies Institute, US Army War College, Dr. Hal Brands, May 2009