sunset from behind the wire

sunset from behind the wire

Tuesday, December 31, 2013

2.2 million Scoville Units

This is a New Year's Resolution:

In the weird world that I inhabit, some of my friends argue as to the relative potency of the hottest chili peppers on the planet. Some say one and some say another. There comes a point in my experience when testing hurts coming out more than it it does going in --- as you are proving your manhood by eating liquid fire. I'm staying home this New Year's Eve primarily because I have the flu - but on other occasions in past years I have been coaxed into acts of supreme foolishness as set forth below.
(Fox News) The Guinness Book of World Records has recently declared Ed Currie's Carolina Reaper peppers as the hottest on Earth, ending a more than four-year drive to prove no one grows a more scorching chili.
I personally have renamed the Habinero Chili "The Devil's Heart" because they're orange and generally
resemble a heart shape. But they're apparently mild when compared with Ed Currie's batch of vegetable lava (cited above). "The heat of a pepper is measured in Scoville Heat Units. Zero is bland, and a regular jalapeno pepper registers around 5,000 on the Scoville scale. Currie's world record batch of Carolina Reapers comes in at 1,569,300 Scoville Heat Units, with an individual pepper measured at 2.2 million. Pepper spray weighs in at about 2 million Scoville Units."

Measurements above are in thousands of Scoville Units

Sometimes you can mask uber hot - hot chicken wings with ranch dipping sauce to get them down, but as suggested above, getting them down is only part of the battle. The stomach's natural reaction is to 'send them back', which means that your throat may be blistered twice. Worse still, the stomach reneges on its responsibility to reject and eject and it sends them along though the digestive system. 

I don't know when eating hot chili became the moral equivalent of a 'dick measuring contest' but it apparently has and there seems to be little that I can do to change it. You have to eat the hot chili pepper without complaint and without barfing or be revealed to your friends as a 'wimp - with a capital P'.

A Trinidad Scorpion Morouga is consumed below: 1.4 million Scoville Units (a little more than half the heat of a Carolina Reaper)

A girl (Nikki) tries to take on the manly art of stupid hot chili pepper eating. Her boyfriend, John (super wimp) giggles like a little girl in the background while filming her. Somebody needs to kick his ass.

The Naga Jolokia (Ghost Chili Pepper), which my friend Wild Bill feels is the hottest chili in the world, is a little less than 50% of the heat in Soville Units of the Carolina Reaper. 

My New Year's resolution is not to eat a Naga Jolokia Chili Pepper, a Trinidad Scorpion Morouga or a Carolina Reaper Chili Pepper in 2014. If I ate any of them, it would likely end my generally worthless life, and while that's not all bad, I don't want the epitaph on the headstone to read, "choked on a chili". I deserve something more respectful than that.


A mondegreen is the mishearing or misinterpretation of a phrase as a result of near homophony in a way that gives it a new meaning. It most commonly is applied to a line in a poem or a lyric in a song.

Personal favorite: AbbA - See that girl, watch her scream - kicking/licking/tickling/sticking the dancing queen…

First Runner Up: Toto- I left my brains down in Africa

Monday, December 30, 2013


Constitution? Oh, yeah, that old thing.

Hillary 2016

Hard core Leftists desperately look forward to Hillary-the-"Light-bringer" (Lucifer I guess) messiah who can do no wrong and will lead them to a Marxist paradise. She says that her vice president of choice is Chris Christie. 

Stuck in the Ice

I'm sure that you have all heard of the plight of the MV Akademic Scholaskiy, filled with Australians and other climate change whacks who are still trapped in sea ice that they sought to prove had melted.  (Fox News)

Somehow it tickles my funny bone that their ship is being squeezed to the point of rupturing the hull by the very ice they said was thin. A Chinese Ice Breaker could only get within ten miles of them. Another Australian ship is standing by about thirty miles away on the edge of the ice sheet, ready to extract them when their ship founders, crushed like an egg under the heel of boot.

Fat Barbie

Progressives say yes to a white one - no to a black one with a monstrous ass. Mattel wouldn't want to be viewed as a racist company.

A fat Oprah doll would sell big to all her fans as a collectable, but I don't think that one has been produced. You could dress it in a white elvis jumpsuit (XXXL).

As I understand it, Mattel also pulled their Star Wars wookie doll from the shelves because people began to confuse it with a famous person.

Are There NO LIMITS on Taxation?

Nerd and daughter would likely be exempt from tax.
Chicago wants to tax bicycles (Fox News). It makes sense. As soon as people buy off on the 'green agenda', the progressives want to tax bicycle use. Bicycle friendly residents suggested a shoe tax to pedestrians for using the sidewalk. I'm sure that got the Chicago bureaucrats and bean counters working on that concept.
In Chicago, Mayor Rahm Emanuel has made bike lanes and bike programs a signature issue, believing it makes downtown an attractive place for bright young people and innovative companies. More bikes means less pollution, less traffic congestion, practically zero wear and tear on the city's roads and a healthier population.
Here's a concept. Smaller government - less need to tax. Naturally that wouldn't appeal to bloated bureaucrats who increase their pay by enlarging their personal kingdoms on the backs of taxpayers. I've been waiting for Southern California to tax sunshine (if they were only able to run it through a meter).

Sunday, December 29, 2013

Post Holiday Depression

Don't let depression rule your life. 

There is an option.

h/t Timewaster

Toby Keith hates Firearms

Toby Keith (a lifelong member of the Democratic Party and hypocrite), a Country Western singer who made a fortune selling songs such as Bullets in the Gun, has banned firearms in his restaurants. (Fox News)

I've been at his restaurant in Rancho Cucamonga, CA. The food wasn't all that good. The waitresses were pretty. I carried a handgun. I doubt that I'll go back but if I did I would carry a firearm then too. I'm blogging about it because not everyone who leaves a Toby Keith restaurant is a ready-made victim.

The Fox News team that did the story suggested that firearms advocates are avoiding the restaurant. I suggest another scenario. They're ignoring Toby's Rule because they want to look at the pretty girls. Let's face it, criminals will carry firearms because they're criminals. Honest Americans will because they want to protect themselves and those they love from criminals.  

Toby Keith is irrelevant. 

Saturday, December 28, 2013

Movie Review: American Hustle

American Hustle opened to very positive critical reviews and so I went to see the film -- and was disappointed. The cast and the acting was impressive. The script and the premise of the film simply fell short and was --- well --- boring.

The film is based on the FBI's ABSCAM Group 1 undercover operation (1978) in which members of Congress were targeted in a public corruption investigation. Of the thirty-one targeted officials, one senator, Harrison A. Williams (D-NJ), and six members of the House of Representatives John Jenrette (D-SC), Richard Kelly (R-FL), Raymond Lederer (D-PA), Michael Myers (D-PA), Frank Thompson  (D-NJ), and John M. Murphy (D-NY) were convicted of bribery and conspiracy in separate trials in 1981.

It's one of those situations where Hollywood writers/directors take a factual situation and try to make it funny by making the cops look stupid. The movie enters the theater of the absurd and that's how it ends up playing out --- absurd. And it's not only absurd, it's slow. When I go to a movie, I usually suspend disbelief, and I personally enjoy a wide variety of films. 

  • The writers didn't make ANY of the characters likable. 
  • The writers would have you believe that one dysfunctional FBI Special Agent (who lives with his mother and beats up his boss) runs an investigation into Congressional misconduct almost completely alone and without oversight. Maybe if it had been funny, it would have worked, but it turned out to be simply 'stupid'.
  • The mafia sequences were even slower than the rest of the film.
Verdict: If you're going to a movie because you're bored, this will only bore you further. There were elements of this film that reminded me of a "French Movie".

ObamaCare in Mexico

In 2012, Mexico put yet another national healthcare system into place. They don't call it ObamaCare, but it is. The funny thing about Mexico is that they've had ObamaCare for decades - and it keeps changing and morphing whenever Mexican people are fed up enough. It's "another fix" to a broken toy. I'm sure that this strategy is very familiar to this blog's readers by now. Obama changes the law by fiat monthly to the extent that nobody including me is precisely sure what it is. Is it written down anywhere or is it simply delivered and enacted by nearly religious cant and we're supposed to listen to all of Big Brother's mutterings and take notes?
(Wikipedia) Health care in Mexico is provided via public institutions, private entities, or private physicians. Health care delivered through private health care organizations operates entirely on the free-market system, i.e., it is available to those who can afford it. This is also the case of health care obtained from private physicians at their private office or clinic. Public health care delivery, on the other hand, is accomplished via an elaborate provisioning and delivery system put in place by the Mexican Federal Government. 
If you can afford to pay for quality healthcare in Mexico,  you can get top tier treatment in Mexico (period). If you expect to be treated through the national healthcare network, you need to wait for what has become 'rationed healthcare'.  Mexico has roughly 3000 private hospitals. About 2000 of those have no laboratories, no radiography equipment or nurses. In those 2000 that accept "national healthcare" patients, the bulk have fewer than twenty beds. About 10% of those 2000 have no running water. Water is brought into the hospital in plastic jugs.

I know quite a few Americans who live near the border who cross into Mexico to receive quality healthcare at about 25% of the cost in the US. Both quality medical and dental care are available if you pay CASH in US dollars. Even at that pricing structure, it's out of the reach of most Mexicans. Treatment for most Mexican people is a visit to a pharmacy where the pharmacist diagnoses the illness and sells medicine or provides an injection. For a sick baby, by way of example, it's usually an injection of penicillin. If the baby is allergic to penicillin, the baby dies (attributed to the will of God). 
Not unlike the USA, social and economic determinants of health in Mexico are factors that influence the status of health among certain populations in Mexico. These factors consist of circumstances in which people grow, live, work, and age, as well as the systems put in place to deal with illnesses. In Mexico, the health inequality among the population is influenced by such social factors. 
Legions of Americans are now signing up for Medicaid, and the political class in Washington DC is heralding the glories of the system. BUT there are not all that many doctors or hospitals that accept Medicaid (becoming Mexicaid). There are far fewer signing up for ObamaCare, which will turn out to be Mexicaid, following the Mexican model. You'll recall that early on, the Obama Administration conceded that under the concept of ObamaCare, healthcare rationing (death panels) would become a reality because there is not enough money in the country to provide quality healthcare for everyone (period). 

That is precisely why the law was written to exempt the president or the legislature (and a number of people in what would be a 'protected class') from ObamaCare.

The rich will always have their concierge doctors and Cadillac health plans. The poor can usually find low-cost care through Medicaid, federal clinics and emergency rooms.

In Mexico, those who lost their preferred individual plans, or will pay higher premiums and deductibles, are largely members of the self-employed middle class. They are too poor to have their own exclusive health care coverage but too wealthy for most government subsidies. As usual, it's the middle class that takes it in the neck - for the sake of progressive healthcare. It works the same way in Mexico, believe it or not. Imagine that - the US following in the wake of Mexico.

I don't think that you'll hear President Obama (who is a Nobel Laureate) shouting, "If you want your Mexicaid, you can keep your Mexicaid" anytime soon. It's called "affordable healthcare" in DC. Democratic politicians planned to buy votes with it. Now they're not so sure that it will buy nearly as many votes as they had hoped for. More importantly, they don't care if 20% of the national economy collapses because of their (rapidly morphing law - Mexican style) actions -- so long as they stay in power.


I find it very surprising that even Democratic Party voters would find it appealing to give their healthcare over to the inordinately incompetent Federal Government, which still can't build a website that works despite UNLIMITED FUNDING and more time than it took us to win the Second World War.
(Fox News) The president may be vacationing in a tropical paradise, but there's no escaping the buffeting winds of troubled state health insurance exchanges, even in Hawaii. 
For openers, the botched roll-out of the ObamaCare state exchange in Hawaii has hurt Democratic Gov. Neil Abercrombie's approval ratings: 51 percent of likely Democratic primary voters say they don't like the way he's doing his job. 
Already out of a job is Coral Andrews, the executive director of Hawaii's state-run exchange. She submitted her resignation effective December 6 after only 257 people had signed up for health care a month into the roll out. 
Hawaii's website contract was awarded to the same firm, CGI, that blew the national roll out. CGI won the Hawaii contract even after the state senate president warned the state exchange director not to hire the firm. CGI apparently also had botched Hawaii's tax website, costing Hawaiians $50 million to fix.  
Hawaii is not alone. Oregon's website never has worked, despite that state receiving more exchange grant money than any others, except California and New York. 
Oregon applicants are forced to fill out a 19-page paper form but that, too, has been problematic. Despite assurances that coverage would take effect January 1, late this month applicants began receiving robo-calls in which a voice told the applicant, "If you have not heard from us by December 23rd, it is unlikely your application can be processed for January 1st insurance coverage."

Friday, December 27, 2013

A Perspective


Fun with cats in water.

Oil Boom

It's hardly news, but to many people, it's hope in the face of an otherwise dismal economy. I had a son-in-law who had difficulty finding work in California where the "unofficial" unemployment numbers are still in the 12%-15% range in many counties. While it's true that my son-in-law did not have an adequate education (he's still young), it's difficult for young people to even get into college classes because the schools are over subscribed and cut backs eliminate class opportunities.

I suggested that he go to Montana and North Dakota and work in the oil industry, which he did. He works about 100 hours a week and his schedule is one month on and two weeks off. Yesterday he flew back from California to Minot, ND to begin another shift.

He doesn't actually drill for oil. He works for a company that moves oil rigs from place to place. Most of the jobs in the oil business are not actual drilling jobs, but jobs that simply support the drilling effort. 

Even with all of the work available up in that country (particularly in the very harsh winter months), you still need an 'in' to find the right job and the right crew. Fortunately I had friends who were able to help my son-in-law navigate the rocks and shoals of finding employment in the Bakken Field**. Today, he speaks of the urgent NEED to get an education because he's come to understand that it is the key to advancement in his work in a way that all my talking and encouraging didn't seem convey.
**The Bakken has emerged in recent years as one of the most important sources of oil in the United States. Most new Bakken drilling and production has been in North Dakota, although the play also extends into Montana, Saskatchewan, and Manitoba. As of 2013, the Bakken produced more than ten percent of all US oil production. In November 2013, the US Energy Information Administration projected that Bakken production in North Dakota and Montana would exceed one million barrels per day in December 2013. 
 As a result of the Bakken, North Dakota as of 2013 is the second oil-producing state in the US, behind only Texas.
America currently has larger proven reserves than any other nation on Earth. Brazil is emerging as a close third behind Saudi Arabia. You have to ask yourself WHY we are not working harder to be completely oil sufficient and then to begin both refining and exporting petroleum products. Why aren't we drilling in the ANWR (Arctic National Wildlife Refuge) and other locations in Alaska? Oil sufficiency would make turmoil in the Middle East a lot less relevant to our day-to-day lives.

Thursday, December 26, 2013

Family Jewels

The baby and I.

The whole crew

Fishwrap - Dec 26


* Today is "Boxing Day". Broken down gift boxes, ribbon and wrapping paper have been turned magically into landfill. (For the most part, it's not designated as 'recycling'.)

* Relatives are exchanging the garish sweater that you bought for them at WalMart for cash. And they'll find out that you bought it on sale from the rummage table for $5.00. It will be on the rummage table again next year and the drama will repeat in another family until the "unwanted sweater" is given to one with hopelessly bad taste who wears it in the mistaken notion that it makes him look cool.

FLASH - BREAKING NEWS: Despite many claims to the contrary, Kim Jong Un and the Gangnam Style guy are not, in fact, one in the same person.

I suspect that Rodman dumped his chubby, gay lover, Kim Jong Un and it didn't go over well (love is a battlefield). The Duffleblog had a different theory:
(Duffleblog) PYONGYANG — The government of North Korea announced today it had executed former NBA basketball star Dennis Rodman. 
In an unusually strongly-worded release by North Korean standards, the reclusive state accused Rodman of being “despicable human scum” and “worse than a dog,” which is notable since dogs are generally treated better than people in North Korea. 
The downfall for the flamboyant Rodman was stunning, given his friendship with Kim Jong Un, the chubby, pre-pubescent leader of North Korea. Rodman was accused of “hideous crimes such as attempting to overthrow the state by all sorts of intrigues and despicable methods with a wild ambition to grab the supreme power of our party and our state.” 
Rodman reportedly beat Kim in a game of horse shortly before his execution, Duffel Blog has learned. 
The human freakshow that was Rodman was accused at his trial of graft, gambling and womanizing, and his autobiography was reportedly admitted into evidence. Rodman’s confession apparently included the fact that Madonna was kind of “a dead lay.” 
I really thought that this performance was by Kim Jong Un…I guess not. What a let-down.

  1. People claim that the present that they bought your for Christmas also applies to your birthday on the following day. They can comfortably renege with total credibility, while offering you a toothy happy birthday smile.
  2. If you do get a birthday present (doubtful) it will be wrapped in Christmas paper.
  3. Nobody wants to go out and eat the day after Christmas when they gorged on turkey, pies and other goodies. All they want to do is sleep late and watch ESPN/Hallmark channel depending on gender.
  4. Mao tse-tung (also called "Mousey Tongue) - Famous Chinese Dictator was born on this date making it a black date indeed for all subsequent legions of losers who were birthed on this date.
  5. The stores are packed with people exchanging crap that they received for Christmas for cash. There may be bargains, but you'll fight for them if you have it in your mind to buy a present for yourself on this day. Likely the stuff you got a deal on was worn and rejected. Some inner city person (also called ninjas)  shoplifted it wore it to look good on Christmas and returned it for cash in time for you to buy it.
  6. The Merry Christmas Spirit has been completely exhausted by December 26 and people are back to their mean, nasty selves with a vengeance. It's Boxing Day (see above), the day for land fill and the big let-down.

Wednesday, December 25, 2013

What does MERRY CHRISTMAS really mean?

We all find different meaning in Christmas, but the article below from The American Thinker is profound enough to re-post here for your consideration. Of course, it's still Christmas and there is time to make merry. But consider the first Christmas in a broader context if you will. Also consider it in terms with the continuing assault on Christmas from the 'progressive left'.

One of the unfortunate features of our cynical intellectual culture is the phobia surrounding Christmas. Texas legislators recently went as far as passing a law to guarantee everyone in public schools the right to say "Merry Christmas." That did not prevent a PTA volunteer in the home district of the legislator (Frisco) from issuing an edict against Christmas tidings. All of the discomfort surrounding Christmas and education is unfortunate because of the powerful and compelling moral and ethical content of the Christmas story. Here are three rather important implications to the Christmas story that skeptical intellectuals ought to give greater consideration:

1. The Christmas story remains one of the most decisive literary strikes against patriarchal injustice that the world has ever known.

The rudimentary description provided by Luke in chapters one and two reveals, at the most basic levels, a teenage girl pregnant with God's son outside of wedlock. Even the narrator of the story concedes that Mary's prospective husband considered "putting her away" because of the self-evidently shameful circumstances. The spectacular ethical crises showcased in the opening of the Gospel account raises deep intellectual questions about the story's purpose. Offering Mary as unashamed and even singing of God's favoritism toward her, reverses almost all known intellectual and moral traditions of how pregnant teens outside of marriage should feel. The violence that dominates women' lives globally today is bound up in male-made rules about how pregnancy can present itself to male expectations. The Christmas story shocks that male-made order.

2. The Christmas story is a stark reminder of the cruel injustices wrapped up in human sovereignty.

Our glib celebrations of the event with lights, trees, and presents misses the darker and broader contexts of the Christmas story. Christmas more fully understood is an illumination of the violent and capricious characteristics of human governance. The problem of evil shadows the Christmas story throughout. A bloody slaughter of male infants ordered by the Galilean sovereign is so thorough and ruthless that gospel narrators suggest that Mary, Joseph, and Jesus took an exodus to Egypt -- an irony not likely lost on Jewish audiences familiar with the Old Testament reversal from the cruelty of Egyptian sovereignty. The angels did not intervene to stop the slaughter. Jesus did not magically evade the political machinations. His family was reduced to refugee status. The cruelty recorded in the Matthew account is not often referenced but is a stark reminder of a world precisely like the cruelty seen presently in Christianity's cradle -- Syria -- where so many ethnic groups face ethnic extermination while the world simply watches. Some of the few remaining speakers of Aramaic -- the language Jesus spoke -- are presently facing violent exterminations not unlike those described in the Matthew account.

3. The Christmas story challenges the social ordering of elites over lesser masses.

The Christmas story as already seen is such a complex array of literary ironies that we remain unable to fully unlock the full measure of justice, love, and compassion bound up in it. One of these principal ironies is the relationship of strong and weak, rich and poor, elite and marginalized. The angelic choir proclaiming a new king to shepherds in fields betrays all conventions of majesty and human glory. The marginal conditions of Jesus' birth assault the regal claims of the gospel authors. The story seems to continually address itself to the wrong audience. Jesus' humble setting of birth consequent to direct marginalization lays the foundations of grace in a way that remains intuitive to a world of poverty tempered by sovereign locales of wealth and elitism.

Jaded intellectuals tend to approach theological texts as if it falls to believers to prove their case found in this literature. As usual, this misses the rather obvious and essential point in such stories. By what faith can we master the limitations of being human? It is doubtful we will ever know for certain how to resolve the constant hauntings of injustice, cruelty, poverty, and brutality, but we will always need to muster the faith to try. If we do not daily take up the cross of faith, we are sure to lose not just our own souls but those of our brothers and sisters in the most common prelude to these problems: apathy. Good stories of faith raise the right questions about human evil and the Christmas story is certainly not intellectually exempt from this status.

When we wish one another Merry Christmas, we are not pretending that all is well or that evil and unfairness have fled the current scene of life. We are offering our fellow human beings an encouragement that we find the common faith to continue believing that these things can be overcome. 

The Politics of Christmas

Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Christmas Eve

It's Christmas Eve and the wrapping, baking, tree tinkering and buying has come to an end. Now is the time to recall, why we do all of this. It's for others, not for ourselves. Christmas is indeed a time of giving and moreover of loving. We do this in honor of Jesus Christ, whose message of love, and forgiveness and charity echoes across the ages. Peace on Earth and Good Will to All.

America has given so much to so many in need around the world without the possibility of having those gifts repaid for so many years that the world takes it for granted. The font of that generosity can be found in the same place as the Christmas Season. We still have "In God We Trust" on our currency, even though there are many who would remove it and make us a Godless nation.

I appreciate you who read this blog, who comment on my political rhetoric and sometimes on my silliness. As I've mentioned before here on Virtual Mirage, one reason that I blog is to make a record of the fact that not all people agreed with the disaster that the present regime brought into play. If you are reading this, you - and I - tried to warn the nation that ObamaCare was a very bad idea. We've felt like Cassandra, given the blessing of prophecy and the curse that we would not be believed. I never thought that I'd have gone to a demonstration waving a sign, but I did when the Tea Party spontaneously sprang into existence because I didn't see any recourse. We had to stand up for the Constitution while any of it was left to stand up for.

As I enter 2014, I do so with hope.

We are a blessed people (still). When we turn on the tap, the water is clean. When we flip a switch, the lights come on. There is food on the shelves in the stores, and our crops still grow abundantly. All of the little things that we take for granted are not necessarily the case in many parts of the world. A great deal of blood and sacrifice was necessary to secure the blessings of freedom and liberty for us. It will be there for generations to come if we don't allow it to be taken from us.

Thank you all and Merry Christmas!


A Very Zombie Christmas

Corpses Burning On A Funeral Pyre

Corpses burning on a funeral pyre
Undead nipping at your nose
Yuletide carols punctuated with gunfire
And folks dressed up like commandos

Everybody knows a vigorous head blow
Helps defeat the undead blight
Gun shots right between the running lights
Make it hard for zed to scream and bite.

America's SgtMaj's on his way
He's loaded lots of ammo and weapons on his sleigh
And every mother's child is gonna spy
To see if head shots make contaminated truly die

And so I'm offering this simple phrase
Breathe, relax, aim, and shoot
Despite the fact it may be the end of days
Merry Christmas to you!



by Rudyard Kipling (1897)

God of our fathers, known of old,
Lord of our far-flung battle-line,
Beneath whose awful Hand we hold
Dominion over palm and pine—
Lord God of Hosts, be with us yet,
Lest we forget—lest we forget!

The tumult and the shouting dies;
The Captains and the Kings depart:
Still stands Thine ancient sacrifice,
An humble and a contrite heart.
Lord God of Hosts, be with us yet,
Lest we forget—lest we forget!

Far-called, our navies melt away;
On dune and headland sinks the fire:
Lo, all our pomp of yesterday
Is one with Nineveh and Tyre!
Judge of the Nations, spare us yet,
Lest we forget—lest we forget!

If, drunk with sight of power, we loose
Wild tongues that have not Thee in awe,
Such boastings as the Gentiles use,
Or lesser breeds without the Law—
Lord God of Hosts, be with us yet,
Lest we forget—lest we forget!

For heathen heart that puts her trust
In reeking tube and iron shard,
All valiant dust that builds on dust,
And guarding, calls not Thee to guard,
For frantic boast and foolish word—
Thy mercy on Thy People, Lord!

Monday, December 23, 2013

A Pause for the Clause

The Times and Seasons

December is a month of mixed emotions for me. Many in my family died in December (the month is like kryptonite to me) and I tend to mope more this month than other months as I still come to terms with that. I lost two close friends early in the month. On Dec. 21, a friend of mine who just recently retired from Federal Service took his own life. 

And yet there is a lot to be thankful for and a lot to look forward to.

I find more time to spend with my grandkids going forward from now through the end of the year, and that provides much meaning, and an overwhelming bounty of love.

Sunday, December 22, 2013


GLAAD (formerly known as the Gay & Lesbian Alliance Against Defamation) is an American based organization that monitors the media to promote the image of homosexuals. They have a twisted sense of priorities as set forth below.

It was GLAAD that went on the attack against reality TV star Phil Robertson who suggested that sodomy was a sin (which it is according to the Bible). They are strangely silent when it comes to Muslims castrating homosexual men or executing homosexuals. I wonder why that is? Maybe they fear being labeled "Islamophobic"?


Barbara Walters has her top ten most fascinating people of 2013. I figure if she can have ten, I can have eleven or even twelve. Think about it, Barbara is just a dried-up liberal has-been with a speech impediment. 

The top twelve most fascinating people of 2013.

Senator Rand Paul (R-KY)

He might be the next US President.

Opus #6, famous blogger and doctor

Who wouldn't want to chat with Doctor Opus #6? Who doesn't find her fascinating?

Bill O'Reilly, Talk Show Host/Author

The spin stops with Bill.

Old NFO, famous Naval Flight Officer
and firearms instructor

Some say that the spin starts here…  ;^)

He's below Opus #6 on this list because despite his strident assertions, he's NOT as cute as Opus #6.

Vladimir Putin, Russian Federation Pres.

Russian strong man - I'd like to go deer hunting, trout fishing or something along that line with Vladimir. Neither one of us think much of Obama - or Biden - or Holder - or Pelosi, etc. Sodomites are not high on his list either and you'll never see him wearing a cotton onesie, drinking cocoa no matter how cold it is. He's not a communist and Obama is, in a strange, surreal reversal. So even though he's the enemy, I have more in common with the godless Russian czar than American political leadership, which is very friggin' weird.

Putin even likes women - go figure. How politically incorrect is THAT in the USA? (unless you're a homosexual woman, then preferring women to men is just fine)

WoFat, famous crime fighter

Rumor has it that both Putin (above) and the Pope (below) go to WoFat for advice. Thus he makes the 'fascinating list'.

Pope Francis

I'm not a Catholic, but I'd be interested to understand more fully what the new Pope plans to do and how he plans to do it.

Woodsterman, uber famous blogger

Woodsterman, icon of the Internet, ends up on the other side of the Pope, but in an enviable position none the less because he's on top of Charlize...

Charlize Theron, movie star

Charlize Theron makes the list and if anyone wants to know why, they need professional help that I can't provide.

I privately suspect that Charlize harbors feelings for me even though we've never met...

Brighid, blogger - cow and mellon
farmer - trout slayer

Birghid made the list simply because she has nice legs and a Jack Russell terrier.

EAFTINFO (alias Wm. Keller),
famous marksman

The eleventh entry, thus throwing down the gauntlet to Barbara Walters is EAFTINFO, who Barbara would not want to challenge to a shooting match. He's fascinating because he can hit a crow in flight in the eye at 100 meters with a broken pellet gun…while blindfolded…on a moonless night…in an ice storm…while he has chicken pox and a fever of 106 degrees…and a two fractured hands with severe frostbite.

Race Bannon, famous cartoon tough guy,
and blogger.

Let's face it, Race Bannon, seen left, hurting after a work out, is no spring chicken. BUT, even though he's getting just a little long in the tooth, he can still snap necks and cash his princely government checks.

His show was canceled and he's not guarding Dr. Benton Quest anymore, but he's still blogging for justice.

CS Swanson, famous Norse god

Saturday, December 21, 2013

Be of Good Cheer



The reference below is an interesting and brief read showing data from the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration to support the thesis. The global warming alarmists have now been "climate change" alarmists which means all data suggests that mankind needs to die off to restore the planet to a pristine state - whether that's a global ice age or volcanoes and dinosaurs depends on how you define pristine.
(stevengoddard) Before NASA and NOAA start tampering with the data, 2013 is one of the ten coldest years in the US since 1895, and has had the largest year over year decline on record. 
NOAA of course won’t talk about this, and will massively tamper with the data before releasing it.

(Fox News) Massachusetts State Police took four people into custody Friday morning after discovering 1,250 individual bags of heroin marked "Obama Care," authorities said.
Fernando Gomez, Assistant Mexican Cultural Attache to the Mexican Embassy in Washington DC was heard to say -- "sharing is caring." It is possibly a reference to the thousands of firearms that the Federal Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives sent to drug cartels in Mexico which have been documented as killing over 300 people to date.


(Fox News) Canada's highest court struck down the country's anti-prostitution laws Friday, a victory for sex workers who stepped up their fight for safer working conditions following the serial killings of prostitutes by a pig farmer in British Columbia.
Prostitutes will be spreading more Christmas cheer (if that's what you want to call it) at this festive time of the year thanks to the courts in Canada. And Toronto Mayor Rob Ford is cheering.