sunset from behind the wire

sunset from behind the wire

Tuesday, January 22, 2013

The Progressive Movement, Reimagined

Quentin Tarantino - Progressive Poster Child

Writer/Director Quentin Tarantino glorifies senseless violence
and racism and is held in high regard by Hollywood
Progressives who decry firearm violence and racism.
When Quentin Tarantino, famous Hollywood liberal, wrote the film Django Unchained, he included the word “nigger” liberally in the lines that he prepared for both the white and black actors.
"Tarantino is almost fifty years old now and he hasn’t really had a hit like Pulp Fiction since Pulp Fiction so in his new movie, starring Jamie Foxx – who is black – uses the word “nigger” over 100 times and throws in some lines about killing white people."
I have no intention of spending time or money viewing his film, so I have to take the Hollywood Reporter's word for the fact that nearly every other word out of actor Jamie Foxx's filthy sewer mouth was, "nigger." However, it wasn't black Foxx that wrote the script. It was white man Tarantino.

I don't personally care that the 'inflammatory word' is used or unused in a movie. I'm not offended by its use. Then again, I don't belong to a racial group where it applies.  I frankly don't use the terms and they don't matter to me. But progressives care a lot about these things, which is why they feel that they should glorify firearms violence and racism in movies - and by so doing, to promote firearms violence and racism. If the logic escapes you, chalk it up to the Progressive Movement Reimagined.

Tarantino responds to violence and racism in his politically and progressively correct film, Django Unchained. Note his willingness to share his philosophical high ground and erudite underpinnings for his production.

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the definition.
The word "cur" comes to mind.

Definition: cur - a cowardly and despicable person (kûr) - a person who shows fear or timidity.
Modern usage syn·on·y·mous with "progressive" or "Obama liberal".