sunset from behind the wire

sunset from behind the wire

Saturday, May 18, 2013

Syria - Russia Axis: The Plot Thickens

You're unlikely to hear much about this in the mainstream media. But Russia is going all-in to support the Assad Regime in Syria. 

Yakhont Anti-Shipping Cruise Missile (Russia)
New York Times reported that in addition to delivering the advanced S-300 surface to air missile systems to Syria, Russia is providing the balance of an order of seventy-two Yakhont anti-ship missiles. The Yakhont are reputed to be among the best anti-ship missiles in the world. They would make a US intervention from the sea in the Syrian theater, complicated.

We don't know whether Russian or Syrian crews will man the S-300 SAM's. The net effect of both systems is to deter a UN sanctioned no-fly zone over Syria, and to prevent a move by NATO to reinforce by sea. You will recall that in Libya, the UN resolution calling for a no-fly zone evolved into a NATO air campaign with limited ground support.

Russian destroyer Admiral Panteleyev
Russian navy ships from the Pacific Fleet entered the Mediterranean Sea for the first time in decades this week. The task group includes the destroyer Admiral Panteleyev, two amphibious warfare ships Peresvet and Admiral Nevelskoi, as well as a tanker and a tugboat.

"The task force has successfully passed through the Suez Canal and entered the Mediterranean. It is the first time in decades that Pacific Fleet warships have entered this region," the Pacific Fleet spokesman, Captain First Rank Roman Martov told RIA Novosti. Their next port of call is Limassol, Cyprus.

Russian Navy Commander Admiral Viktor Chirkov made it clear that they will not allow NATO to repeat in Syria what they did in Libya. Chirkov announced plans for the Mediterranean task force and said that it may "possibly" be enlarged to include nuclear submarines. "Overall, already from this year, we plan to have five or six warships and support vessels in the Mediterranean Sea, which will be replaced on a rotating basis from each of the fleets. Depending on the scope of assignments and their complexity, the number of warships in the task force may be increased," 

While NATO and the Arab monarchs have dithered, the Russians made their decision to stand by Syria. While President Obama would seem to be moving his red lines this way and that way, Vladimir Putin appears to be a man of his word.

55 Sheriffs file suit against Colorado Legislature

Free men and women should not have to ask permission to bear arms. 55 Colorado Sheriffs brought suit against the State yesterday, May 17. It might be worth your time to listen to their stance on this youtube video:

To view the filing:

These Colorado Sheriffs are pushing  back against an out-of-control legislature that is working hard to take away the Constitutional rights of the citizens of Colorado. It would seem that not all of the people in Colorado agree with the new blue state legislation. The sheriffs believe that the Colorado Legislature has been reckless and violated the rights of citizens.

JOHN B. COOKE, Sheriff of Weld County, Colorado;
TERRY MAKETA, Sheriff of El Paso County, Colorado;
JUSTIN SMITH, Sheriff of Larimer County, Colorado;
DAVID A. WEAVER, Sheriff of Douglas County, Colorado;
BRUCE W. HARTMAN, Sheriff of Gilpin County, Colorado;
KEN PUTNAM, Sheriff of Cheyenne County, Colorado;
DENNIS SPRUELL, Sheriff of Montezuma County, Colorado;
TIM JANTZ, Sheriff of Moffat County, Colorado;
JERRY MARTIN, Sheriff of Dolores County, Colorado;
MIKE ENSMINGER, Sheriff of Teller County, Colorado;
SHAYNE HEAP, Sheriff of Elbert County, Colorado;
CHAD DAY, Sheriff of Yuma County, Colorado;
FRED D. MCKEE, Sheriff of Delta County, Colorado;
LOU VALLARIO, Sheriff of Garfield County, Colorado;
FRED HOSSELKUS, Sheriff of Mineral County, Colorado;
BRETT L. POWELL, Sheriff of Logan County, Colorado;
JAMES FAULL, Sheriff of Prowers County, Colorado;
LARRY KUNTZ, Sheriff of Washington County, Colorado;
BRIAN E. NORTON, Sheriff of Rio Grande County, Colorado;
DUKE SCHIRARD, Sheriff of La Plata County, Colorado;
JIM BEICKER, Sheriff of Fremont County, Colorado;
RONALD BRUCE, Sheriff of Hinsdale County, Colorado;
CHRIS S. JOHNSON, Sheriff of Otero County, Colorado;
FRED JOBE, Sheriff of Custer County, Colorado;
DONALD KRUEGER, Sheriff of Clear Creek County, Colorado;
JAMES CRONE, Sheriff of Morgan County, Colorado;
SI WOODRUFF, Sheriff of Rio Blanco County, Colorado;
TOM RIDNOUR, Sheriff of Kit Carson County, Colorado;
TOM NESTOR, Sheriff of Lincoln County, Colorado;
STAN HILKEY, Sheriff of Mesa County, Colorado;
FORREST FRAZEE, Sheriff of Kiowa County, Colorado;
RICK DUNLAP, Sheriff of Montrose County, Colorado;
TED B. MINK, Sheriff of Jefferson County, Colorado;
DAVE STONG, Sheriff of Alamosa County, Colorado;
FRED WEGENER, Sheriff of Park County, Colorado;
BRUCE NEWMAN, Sheriff of Huerfano County, Colorado;
RANDY PECK, Sheriff of Sedgwick County, Colorado;
DOMINIC MATTIVI, JR., Sheriff of Ouray County, Colorado;
JOHN MINOR, Sheriff of Summit County, Colorado;
SCOTT FISCHER, Sheriff of Jackson County, Colorado;
PETER GONZALEZ, Sheriff of Archuleta County, Colorado;
RICK BESECKER, Sheriff of Gunnison County, Colorado;
CHARLES “ROB” URBACH , Sheriff of Phillips County, Colorado;
ROD FENSKE, Sheriff of Lake County, Colorado;
GRAYSON ROBINSON, Sheriff of Arapahoe County, Colorado;
DAVID D. CAMPBELL, Sheriff of Baca County, Colorado;
MIKE NORRIS, Sheriff of Saguache County, Colorado;
AMOS MEDINA, Sheriff of Costilla County, Colorado;
MILES CLARK, Sheriff of Crowley County, Colorado;
DAVID ENCINIAS, Sheriff of Bent County, Colorado;
SUE KURTZ, Sheriff of San Juan County, Colorado;
JAMES (JIM) CASIAS, Sheriff of Las Animas County, Colorado;
GARRETT WIGGINS, Sheriff of Routt County, Colorado;
DOUGLAS N. DARR , Sheriff of Adams County, Colorado;
RODNEY JOHNSON, Sheriff of Grand County.

Armed Forces Day (May 18, 2013)

On Armed Forces Day, May 18, we recognize and thank military members for their patriotic service in support of our country.

In 1949, President Truman said their service " vital to the security of the nation..." These words still ring true today. And while we recognize our armed forces for their steadfastness, we also honor their fallen brothers and sisters who have died in service to our country. As Memorial Day approaches on May 27 let us once more be a grateful nation as we remember their sacrifice and that of their families.

Today, if you personally identify with words such as "Constitution", "Patriot", "Bill of Rights", or "Liberty", you could very well be attacked by your own government as we have seen with the IRS Scandal and the burgeoning EPA Scandal.

The blood of those who have gone before us and who have given their last full measure of devotion can not be polled by MSNBC News. And were they to be so queried, I suspect that the response to the ObamaNation would not be printable.

At CIA Headquarters, a statue of Nathan Hale stands as a reminder of a patriot who gave his life for something greater. Today the word, "patriot" is dragged through the mud by the President and his cronies, who duly mismanage the nation.

At the same time, I relate to Nathan Hale, whose last words to the British preparing to execute him were, "I regret that I have but one life to give for my country." Mr. Hale would not have shied away from being called a Patriot.

And now a word from the President of the United States and the First Lady: "All this over a damned flag."

Make of it what you will.

This is the American government that we are leaving to posterity.