sunset from behind the wire

sunset from behind the wire

Monday, May 27, 2013

Qualified to Serve

Should a US President have military service as a qualification for the office?

I'm not asking about the Constitutional requirements because those are a matter of law and military service is not a qualification. I'm positing the question for the purpose of discussion. Is military service desirable in a president?

Let's look at a few:

Barack Obama - no service
George W. Bush, Texas Air National Guard, First Lieutanant
Bill Clinton - no service
George H. W. Bush, Navy, Lieutenant, Combat, World War 2 (combat)
Ronald Reagan, Army Air Corps, Captain, World War 2
Jimmy Carter, Navy, Lieutenant
Gerald Ford, Navy Lieutenant Commander, World War 2 (combat)
Richard Nixon, Navy, Commander, World War 2
Lindon B. Johnson, Navy, Commander (combat)
John F. Kennedy, Navy, Lieutenant (combat)
Dwight D. Eisenhower, Army, General of the Army 
Harry S. Truman, Army, Colonel

You can pick out your favorites. The two biggest losers in recent memory are Barack Obama (no military service) and Jimmy Carter (US Naval Academy graduate). Jimmy Carter didn't seem to be ready for the job. Barack Obama had/has an axe to grind against America as the first post-American president and he's grinding the axe. Obama couldn't have passed a security background investigation on the basis of past homosexuality, personal friendship with terrorists, affiliation with communists, inability to account for his whereabouts during prolonged periods in his life and drug use (though today since he's been president, homosexuality is no longer a factor in the US Military).

Perhaps the more appropriate question is whether or not the president could hold a security clearance if they were not president?

Cutting the IRS Gordian Knot with a Special Prosecutor

The IRS Scandal with regard to targeting conservatives for political reasons reflects an agency wide policy, which would have to come from the top. Anyone who has worked inside IRS understands this. Anyone who has worked with the Federal Government and has 'handled a caseload' understands how case tracking is managed.

Case Management System

Every IRS manager in the US who worked with tax-exempt organizations nationwide would have known that Tea Party-related applications were being blocked almost from the beginning. IRS agents must handle tax-exempt applications within 270 days, after which the system automatically sends out an alert, making the agent provide a status update each month until the case is resolved.

Since the IRS started blocking Tea Party-type applications in April 2010 and didn't approve a single one for more than two years, thousands of red flags would have been generated. Given the 270-day schedule, the first alerts would have hit back in December 2010.
  • Why should anyone be surprised that Lois Learner is refusing to testify before Congress on the grounds that what she said could be used against her in a criminal proceeding?
  • Why is anyone surprised that IRS is stonewalling congressional requests for communications relating to the targeting, including crucial emails.
I find it funny (yes, ha-ha funny) that the Obama Administration keeps saying that they can't comment on an ongoing investigation. What they should say, is that they aren't going to comment on a situation that makes them look bad. The Obama Administration comments on ongoing investigations ALL OF THE TIME. It would take a few days at most to amass the paperwork and case tracking on the IRS Scandal and hand it to Congress. IRS is one of those vastly bureaucratic organizations which manages their own activities scrupulously with attorney review at almost every stage. And this is all documented in the case management system. Lois Learner may not want to personally incriminate herself, but the IRS will do it for her.

It's time for Congress to appoint an independent prosecutor (yes, independent from DOJ) and convene a grand jury.

The Obama Administration doesn't want that to happen because they won't want you to know how high the rot and corruption goes. This is how it works.
  • Ask a question.
  • Person refuses to answer citing the Fifth Amendment
  • Person goes to jail for contempt of a Grand Jury
  • Ask a question
  • Person refuses to answer citing the Fifth Amendment
  • Person is given use-immunity from prosecution
  • Person either testifies or goes to jail for contempt of a Grand Jury
  • Person lies under oath
  • Person prosecuted for perjury and goes to jail
Eric Holder's Justice Department won't do that to IRS people who targeted people on the 'enemies list', but an independent prosecutor will, and it won't take all that long to get to the bottom line.