sunset from behind the wire

sunset from behind the wire

Monday, June 10, 2013

Top Blog Hits

Top Ten Posts from my blogs of all time (to date): (Virtual Mirage, estd. 2/20/2009)

You'll note as you scroll down that people are interested in the big issues of our day.

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(3)   Battle of the Sexes: Should Men Pee Standing?  Asking the age-old question... (13,500 hits) (My Journey Blog)

(4)   Higher Pay for Illegal Aliens Showcasing illegal aliens who need larger hand-outs from the taxpaying public - including President Obama's deadbeat aunt Zetuni (12,000 hits) (Virtual Mirage Blog)

(5)   Just a Little Navy Bilge Talk A discussion of how the new US Navy camouflage uniform is perfect for disguising service members who fall overboard. (10,000 hits) (Virtual Mirage Blog)
(6)   When Zombies Rise Frank concern about flesh eating zombies taking over the planet. (9,500 hits) (Virtual Mirage Blog)

(7)   The Witch Doctor  My interview with a practicing witch doctor (8,000 hits) (My Journey Blog)

(8)   The Drug War in Mexico (Redux) What would happen if the US stopped importing narcotics from Mexico? (8,000 hits) (Virtual Mirage Blog)

(9)   Was Obama's Father an American Veteran? Which daddy was Barack speaking of?  Lolo Soetoro, an Indonesian National; Barack Obama Sr., a Kenyan National; or Frank Marshal Davis, an American Communist? (7,000 hits) (Can We Keep Our Republic Blog)

(10) The Courts are Playing Possum  A court case decided against the New Year's Eve Possum drop (and recipes for cooking a delicious possum) (7,000 hits) (Virtual Mirage Blog)

Food Stamps and ObamaCare

Should we spend $760 billion on food stamps?

As of this morning, there are 23,116,441 American households that receive food stamps (average monthly benefit $275.00). I have strong feelings that nobody in America need go hungry. We live in a land of plenty.
(Fox News) The Senate is expected to vote on a massive farm bill this afternoon that could set the course for the country’s food policy for the next decade. If passed, the wide-ranging, five-year agriculture measure will cost taxpayers $955 billion. The bulk of  that  money -- $760.2 billion -- would go toward the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program – or commonly known as the food stamp program.
ObamaCare is changing the way businesses hire. One major US corporation that I have ready access to information about is poised to change the way the bulk of their work force is structured. With the exception of management, all workers will be reduced to no more than 24 hours per week. Today they pay well with the average worker making $18.00 per hour, and they don't plan to change the hourly rate. But everyone will be part-time as of January 1, 2014. They used to receive benefits, but they won't anymore. They can scrabble with the masses for expensive government healthcare. 

I don't think that $760 billion for food stamps will be enough when you factor in the impact of ObamaCare.

This corporation (cited above) understands as I do that the insurance figures being tossed out by the Obama Administration are a 'loss leader' and that by 2015, the cost of government healthcare will be double the 2014 introductory numbers. There will be blame thrown at Republicans and greedy insurance companies -- but corporate America needs to grapple with the reality of the situation, not with political posturing.

$720.00 per week (40 hours @ $18.00 per hour + benefits) will become $432.00 per week (with no benefits). You can thank Barack Hussein Obama for this emerging trend. The jobs numbers that the administration touts includes part-time work so the numbers don't reflect this trend.

The corporation (above) knows that their workforce will change because of the reduced hours. People will need a second job to survive, or they'll need government aid, like food stamps. And they'll need to BUY ObamaCare because it's mandatory. It's a tax, administered by the trustworthy Internal Revenue Service.

Destroying the middle class has long been the primary aim of socialism. And it would seem to be working as Obama pushes to radically transform America.

Climate Change and Pseudoscience

Kevin Costner had fun with melted ice caps in his science fiction film, "Waterworld". I'm not endorsing the film, simply using it as an example of how primarily "progressives" enjoy illustrating the process of what they used to call global warming, and now refer to as climate change. More on that later.
Earth's future?

In geologic time, Earth has undergone "glaciations" (ice ages) and between those glaciations, we've undergone "interglacials". In a period of glaciation, extensive sheets of ice are present in both the northern and southern hemispheres. If you chose to use this definition, we are still in the ice age that began 2.6 million years ago at the beginning of the Pliestocene epoch, because the Greenland, Arctic and Antarctic ice sheets still exist. (Gribbin, J.R. (1982). Future Weather: Carbon Dioxide, Climate and the Greenhouse Effect. Penguin) The last mini re-glaciacion took place about 8,000 years ago. There were mini-ice ages in between that point and today and nobody knows why they happened, but it's unlikely that man had anything to do with them.

There are a crowd of scientists who used to predict the end of the world due to global warming. Since that model didn't work (last year was the coldest year on record in the Arctic), they had to change the mantra to "climate change". The problem with preaching doom as a result of climate change is that the Earth's climate has been continually changing since the planet coalesced from gas and particulate (nebular form) into the solid third rock from the Sun where we live.
Earth's future?

I watched a piece that the film crew from VICE (HBO) did on "climate change". They cited the fact that the water levels in the oceans are rising. I don't argue that is the case, but the progressive, mainstream media never puts these things into perspective, do they? During the last big period of glaciation, water was taken from the oceans to form the ice at high latitudes, thus the global sea level dropped by about 110 meters, exposing the continental shelves and forming land-bridges between land-masses for animals to migrate.

I didn't need to make that up. The record is in the rocks worldwide as part of geologic history

During deglaciation, the melted ice-water returned to the oceans, causing sea level to rise. This process can cause sudden shifts in coastlines and hydration systems resulting in newly submerged lands, emerging lands, collapsed ice dams resulting in salination of lakes, new ice dams creating vast areas of freshwater, and a general alteration in regional weather patterns on a large but temporary scale. It can even cause temporary re-glaciation. This type of chaotic pattern of rapidly changing land, ice, saltwater and freshwater has been proposed as the likely model for the Baltic and Scandinavian regions as well as much of central North America at the end of the last glacial maximum, with the present-day coastlines only being achieved in the last few millennia of prehistory. Also, the effect of elevation on Scandinavia submerged a vast continental plain that had existed under much of what is now the North Sea, connecting the British Isles to Continental Europe.

The advent of man must have had some impact on climate change, but there is no solid science that can explain precisely what that change is or the extent to which it impacts geologic events.

Will there be another glaciation? Yes.

When? Who knows?

What can we do to avoid global cooling? Nothing known will stop the process including generating greenhouse gas.

What about global warming (an interglacial period). Can we stop that? No.

Geology provides us records of glaciation and interglacials that take place over hundreds of millions of years. Scientists usually agree on that. What they haven't figured out is why it happened (with no people here burning fossil fuels). But liberals/progressives won't discuss that.