sunset from behind the wire

sunset from behind the wire

Friday, June 14, 2013

Lindsay Mills (Rule 5)

In the spirit of the day (Friday) and with the events of the past week in mind, I offer you this Friday Rule 5 post. Lindsay Mills is enjoying her fifteen minutes of fame not because she's flexible or fun but because NSA leak-master Edward Snowden was her boyfriend. 

I suggest "was" because I don't think that the US Government will allow him conjugal visits where he's headed. ( Has more of Lindsay's photos. I just picked out a few for your viewing pleasure.

Whatever you want to say about Snowden - hero, villain, fool, traitor, leaker, etc., he doesn't appear to be gay. Whether that is a step up from Wikileaker Bradley Manning or not is up to you, the viewer to decide.

While Ms. Mills was spoken for, she appears to be free to find a new boyfriend now. But if "you" (whoever "you" are) make the move, you'll be under surveillance for the rest of your natural life.

h/t Lindsay

The Face of Obama Care

Some people feel as if a faceless bureaucrat will run your healthcare from here on.

Lois Learner, the FACE of Obama Care
But we have seen the face of Obama Care. At least the face of ENFORCEMENT, and she 'took the fifth' before Congress when asked about her involvement in an action by the Obama Administration that targeted and then attacked conservatives. IRS Division Chief Lois Learner (right) is the face of Obama Care.

Lois' face screams TRUST ME.

It's not a kind face, and it's not the face of someone that I would want to trust with lifesaving decisions that impact me or more importantly, those who I love. She's a mean, self-serving crone who got where she was by clawing over the bodies (metaphor) of her opponents. And she will relentlessly advance her master's agenda while running the IRS program overseeing healthcare in the same way as she has in the past. Lois, who didn't lie because she thought that her perjured testimony would have landed her in prison might not end up in that post. But if not her, someone like her. Call it her spiritual clone.

If I wrote this six months ago, many of you readers would have condemned me as the voice of absurdity, but  --  There will be a litmus test for healthcare service and it could very easily be based on the way you vote. Don't be shocked. That's how they do it in Chicago, home of Barack Obama and his coterie of parasites that inhabit the White House. This is the Administration that has recorded every e-mail you've sent and every telephone call you've made, asking you to trust them not to abuse their positions.

Kathleen Sebelius
the FACE of Obama Care
Kathleen Sebelius is Secretary of Health and Human Services (left). Is currently dragging-the-sack for private contributions to keep Obama Care afloat because there is not enough money to pay for it. The government has two choices if they can't pay for Obama Care. Raise taxes, because as you know, the US Supreme Court ruled that Obama Care is legal because it's a tax (enter IRS). OR They can borrow against the future in the hope that one day the books will balance.

The dirty little secret is that everyone in the mix understands that the reality of Obama Care will be a vastly expensive, underproducing type of insurance that people will be forced to buy as a condition of birth in the US.

Why wouldn't Obama Care be as rotten and scandal ridden as every other program that the Obama Administration has undertaken? The standard of Justice these days is Eric Holder, condemned by Congress officially and still in office upholding the programs that his masters direct him to undertake.