sunset from behind the wire

sunset from behind the wire

Thursday, August 1, 2013

Clinton - Weiner 2016?

It's time for another 


I realize that I'm engaging in a bit of speculation here, but it is possible that we could see a Clinton-Weiner ticket come out of the DNC in 2016? Yes, I'm a bit giddy at the possibility but so long as Hillary doesn't erode Anthony Weiner's self confidence by saying "what does it matter" when he texts her with his latest photo, I think that it might happen.

The Democratic Party in Need

"The Democrats know that they’re fundamentally flawed. They are a party without a purpose. They are an ideology without ideas. They are a cult of personality without charisma. They are a collection of angry, conflicted trolls who are all competing to take the same piece of pie."(Price) And nobody has better name recognition than Weiner. He has the added benefit of being from New York, the same as his future boss, Hillary. They're hometown buddies. Add to that, Huma Weiner (Mrs. Anthony Weiner) is a close personal friend of the former first lady and presidential hopeful, Hillary Clinton.

With Huma Weiner at his side, Vice Presidential hopeful, Anthony Weiner could see his fortunes turn around. After all, I've heard many men say that they wish they had a Huma. Maybe that will make all the difference for the disgraced US Congressman whose career aspirations to be mayor of New York City are about to be dashed on the rocks.

Weiner Holder couldn't carry the weight.

During the last election cycle, a lot of people felt that the karmic combination of Weiner-Holder would make headway against the Obama juggernaught to capture the imagination of the Democratic Party. But it went limp and Holder wasn't strong enough to carry Weiner through the convention.

Would Weiner be worse than Biden?

I only have one question for your doubters out there. Would Weiner be any worse than Joe (Slow Joe) Biden? Think about all of the summers of recovery that Biden has presided over. Think about his advice that you step outside and fire two rounds from a double-barrell shotgun (thus emptying the weapon) in the air if you feel threatened, etc.

A Heartbeat Away
Aging presidential hopeful,
Hillary R. Clinton,
former First Lady

Hillary is long in the tooth and nobody knows whether or not she'd survive her first term as President of the United States absent any skulduggery on the part of her vice president. However, her age and deteriorating condition (look at the pantheon of ailments that kept her from testifying on the Benghazi matter) might work in Weiner's favor.

Absent God 'calling Hillary home', what if Weiner did a Vince Foster job on Hillary? There is a precedent for this -- ask Hillary.

If that happened, she'd end up "in the park" the way that Vince did, and Weiner would be leader of the free world with Huma by his side, running the investigation of the late president's demise.

I'm not saying that Weiner wouldn't be fair and thorough - after all look at the fair and thorough way that all of the Obama Scandals were investigated by the White House. No effort was spared...

Vince Foster?

I'm sure that none of you remember Vince Foster, Hillary's aid that decided to talk too much about the White Water Scandal and ended up dead in a park in an apparent suicide situation. 

Or am I being too obtuse?

I know that Hillary isn't worried about being haunted by Vince Foster's ghost because -> What does it matter? That was a long time ago. And Vince's suicide was a phony scandal -- even though he hacked himself to death with an axe and no axe was found at the scene. What does it matter?

Huma Weiner and her boss, former first lady, Hillary Clinton
"You could end up like me if you play your cards right"

Take the future of the nation into your hand...on voting day:

More hope and change than you thought possible!

Simunition (a perspective)

Back when simunition first came out (non-lethal ammunition that police and military people fire from their weapons in training situations that splatters rather than killing) the US Navy sent me to a USDOJ training class on hostage negotiation and rescue at Quantico, VA to better learn how USDOJ did it. The instructors, many and varied, told us that, "in a hostage situation, the hostage has no value". We went out for a practical exercise and I became the voice of the student negotiators to negotiate and demonstrate with the pretend hostage taker while being evaluated by FBI experts. Instructors explained that if we did a good job, the situation would be defused that the hostage would be released and the hostage taker could be taken safely into custody.
In the real world, "taken into custody", meant that the hostage taker would face a lengthy trial at public expense and incarceration for a long period of time at public expense.
In this training scenario, the hostage and hostage taker wore protective clothing and goggles. I had a bull horn and a handgun loaded with simunition. The scenario called for me to negotiate. The scenario's hostage taker had an arm around the hostage's neck and used him as a body shield. He said something. I replied, "I can't hear you." He stuck his head out next to the hostage's in order to speak more clearly and I shot him in the nose.

The FBI instructor was furious both because I shot instead of negotiated and because his buddy's nose was lascerated by the simunition round. The pretend hostage taker was far more concerned with his nose than with the hostage, he released the simulated hostage and the "hostage" ran free.

The FBI instructor asked, "What were you thinking, LL?" He said, "You were supposed to negotiate with him, not hurt him, you #%& Navy asshole."

However, I think that this instructor, like the rest of modern DOJ, is missing the point.  It's not about negotiation with criminals. It's not about pandering to jihadis, it's not about glorifying gang members who prey on honest citizens and martyring the honest and faithful who protect themselves. Shooting the hostage taker in the nose ended the negotiation.
The goggles only covered his eyes. His nose was only protected by a knit ski mask - they took more care to find appropriate protective gear after that - "lesson learned".
Shooting the marathon bomber stopped his bombing days. Killing bin Laden kept him from further plotting. Does anyone remember Christopher Dorner, former LAPD reject last year? He burned to death in a cabin in the San Gorgornio mountains not far from from Los Angeles, thus ending the negotiation after he killed several police officers in a rampage through Southern California.

I do not suggest that there is not a place in this world for negotiation. I'm sure that it exists. However, I don't think that hostage takers, baby rapers, jihadi terrorists or people of that stripe deserve much more than a bullet in the nose. Or in Dorner's case, a few pyrotechnic gas canisters through the window of a dry wooden mountain cabin where he'd taken refuge after murdering a police officer. The coroner was able to safely remove the carcass from the ashes, thus ending the psychological trauma of Christopher Dorner.