sunset from behind the wire

sunset from behind the wire

Friday, August 16, 2013

Egypt in Crisis/American Response

Since you won't hear of this discussion in the mainstream media, I'll pitch in to try and provide a little clarity on the situation in Egypt as it's presently stacking up. In the present situation the Egyptian people have noted, now verbally, how China and Russia seem to be supporting the secular government, while in their perception, the United States of America is supporting the Muslim Brotherhood/al Qaeda. If this perplexes you, you're not alone. One can not but wonder what's going on in the minds of those in high office in the Obama Administration.
From "The Blaze"

Since the Mursi (Muslim Brotherhood) Administration fell to popular secular outpouring of support for returning to the way things had been before the al Qaeda thugs took over Egypt, the Muslim Brotherhood has reverted to a strategy of local terrorism. The leadership of the Tamarrud (Rebel) Campaign - which supported the overthrow of Mursi -- urged Egyptians to form vigilante groups on Friday, 16 August, to protect their homes, mosques and churches against terrorism.

The pattern is not an unfamiliar one. If you want to protect your life and your property, you need to arm yourself and take those defensive measures personally or as part of a local group of like-minded citizens. (the difference between a 'citizen' and a 'subject' in the sense of government is defined by a sense of sovereignty over one's home/castle and basic rights)

Today, supporters of the Egyptian Muslim Brotherhood stormed and torched a government building in Cairo. Similar attacks occurred in other cities. That appears to be a consistent pattern in Brotherhood resistance efforts. The Brothers have no coherent strategy for attacks, but they remain determined to cause destruction. A Health Ministry spokesman said the number of dead is now over 630 and the number of injured exceeds 4,000.

The Egyptian people are collectively deciding the future of Egypt. The government appears to be succeeding in the political breakout. The Brothers have refused to compromise and that stance has led to clashes. More are likely.

Western mainstream media have not reported the formation of pro-government militias to fight the Brotherhood. The Western media treatment of events in Egypt appears incongruent with Egyptian sentiment about the Brotherhood. No peaceful protests took place anywhere in Cairo.

The Egyptian Presidency issued a statement to respond to US President Barack Obama's speech. President al-Mansour's remarks follow. In summary of those remarks, he said that the US President does not understand the situation, is not well informed and his remarks might have encouraged armed violent opposition.
"While, Cairo appreciates the US concern over the developments in Egypt, it had hoped that things would have been understood correctly and for all the facts on the ground to be realized. In this regard, the Presidency would like to assert the following: 
Firstly, Egypt is facing terrorist acts targeting its government establishments and vital facilities consisting of dozens of churches, courts, and police stations, not to mention several public places and private property. 
Secondly, the violent armed groups deliberately committed acts of killing and targeted the civilized features of the Egyptian state, including libraries, museums, public parks, and education centers. 
Thirdly, the Egyptian Presidency regrets the loss of Egyptian lives and is working hard to restore civil security and peace. The presidency also asserts it full responsibility toward protecting the nation and the lives of its citizens. 
Fourthly, the presidency fears that the statements, which are not supported by facts, will contribute to strengthening the armed violent groups and encourage their hostile approach to stability and democratic change, which impedes shaping the future road map that Egypt insists on achieving as scheduled starting with the constitution, parliamentary elections, and presidential elections. 
Fifthly, Egypt appreciates the loyal stances of the world's states; however, it firmly stresses its complete sovereignty and independent decisions, and enforcing the will of the people, which started on 25 January and 30 June for a better future for a great nation."
Egypt's Representative to the UN, Al-Hayah al-Yawm, said on Thursday that the Russian and Chinese representatives to the UN support the new Egyptian government's position. How ironic that the Russians and Chinese are viewed by Egypt as sponsors of the newly established secular government in contrast to the US, which is perceived as the supporter of Islamist government.

Why does the US Government consistently support radical Islam these days? I hate it when the Russians and the Chinese become the good guys. FRIGGING HATE IT.

Military Purpose Doctrine

The Posse Comitatus Act of 1878 generally prohibits military forces from performing ordinary civilian law enforcement functions such as arrest, surveillance, interdiction, search and seizure. This long standing rule was changed by the Obama Administration in early 2013 and those changes are reflected in new Military Purpose Doctrine that is worth noting.  The Military Purpose Doctrine provides that, "law enforcement actions that are performed primarily for a military purpose, even when incidentally assisting civil authorities, will not violate the PCA [Posse Comitatus Act]."

"Defense Support of Civil Authorities," Joint Publication 3-28, July 31, 2013:

The publication introduces a new addition to the DoD lexicon: "complex catastrophe." A complex catastrophe is anything that the federal government feels it to be. If you ever had a college accounting class, I'm sure you counted widgets with the rest of the students. A widget could be anything. A complex catastrophe is a widget.
A complex catastrophe (which may "magnify requirements for defense support of civil authorities") is defined as: "Any natural or man-made incidentincluding cyberspace attack, power grid failure, and terrorism, which results in cascading failures of multiple, interdependent, critical, life-sustaining infrastructure sectors and causes extraordinary levels of mass casualties, damage or disruption severely affecting the population, environment, economy, public health, national morale, response efforts, and/or government functions."
The big question is one of "what does this mean to me"? It means that the US military can now legally be employed on the streets of your town to combat anything that the USGOV feels is a 'complex catastrophe'. Between 1878 and 2013, it couldn't. In those intervening years, the various state national guard organizations handled 'complex catastrophes', managed by the respective US States. Today, its the Army and Marines.

Where once it was management from your state capitol, it is now management from the nation's capitol.

I have discussed this earlier on this blog in 2013 and (taking the tinfoil hat off for a moment) while it may be completely harmless, it is still a fundamental change in philosophy.

(replacing the tinfoil hat) Recent revelations about IRS and EPA targeting groups who were politically opposed to the President, domestic intelligence collection that would seem to violate the 4th Amendment are disturbing The amount (Senate filibuster) of effort it took for Congress to force the Attorney General to issue a statement that the USGOV had no present plans to undertake extrajudicial killings of US Citizens by drone aircraft, etc. gives one pause as to the intentions of the new law. -- the NEW NORMAL.